One of the Best Stories I’ve Come Across in Years!

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Angel in Scotland is one of the stalwarts who are in the front row of this unorganized effort to undermine the tyranny of parasites with simple orgonite and thus allow the world to heal itself.  She sent me a personal account but wasn’t sure whether it would be suitable to share, publicly, and I assured her that it is.  I invited her to add that to this thread.  I also reminded her that stories like this, due to my close association with Carol and other reputable psychics, still draw a lot of people into this global effort.


17 thoughts on “One of the Best Stories I’ve Come Across in Years!

  1. Angel

    I wanted to share an interesting thing that happened last week. I’m not sure it qualifies for the forum, though, but I thought you might be interested in it anyway.

    Garry and I moved the CB from the attic to outside almost 2 weeks ago. Interestingly, the night before I had a dream that kept repeating itself. A very short one…it showed the CB without the pipes in it. The one I bought has 6 outer pipes and a pipe in the centre making 7 pipes total.

    So the short dream that repeated was this…

    It showed the CB without the pipes. And it showed a large red X on the centre pipe. So when I woke up, we got the CB down from the attic and put it behind a large tree behind our garage so it would be well covered. There is a clearing back there that can’t really be seen. I put the outer 6 pipes in and kept the 7th centre pipe out.

    That night when we let the girls out back to go potty there were literally about 100 slugs at the back door and that small area of steps to the garden!!! Now we do have a few slugs at night on rainy nights, but this was unheard of! The girls backed into the house and we shut the door! The same thing happened the next night so I poured salt on them and washed the mess away the next morning. I had to start letting the girls go potty in the front garden as it was insane how many slugs were hanging about the back door!

    On the morning of the 6th day it was a lovely sunny day so after I washed the slime mess off the back steps and that small area, I got my gear and the girls and I went out back. I began clipping dead roses…just to get out and get some sun b/c the slugs every night were beginning to gross me out. My neighbour comes out and said she’d not been feeling like doing gardening the last 5 days. The hair on the back of my neck stood up when she said it but I shrugged it off and just listened to her as I continued to snip dead roses by the shared fence.

    I looked up at her for a second here and there but never really “looked” at her. I never really liked her b/c she has a black aura and seems like a very negative person. Always sour-faced and not very amiable. But I talk nicely with her in order to keep a good rapport.

    But the hair on my neck kept bristling and finally caught my attention when she said the wind must have blown 3 boards off my fence. I looked over to where she was talking about (you can’t see the CB from where we were or even anywhere, but you can see the tree behind the garage) and it really irked me b/c I knew for a fact all of those boards were secure as I checked them recently b/c I’m going to pressure wash them and repaint them before the cold sets in.

    I told her we were getting harrassed by the local brats and they must have done it. Then she said, “Well, as I SAID I can’t be bothered working in my garden now.” Her tone shifted from friendly to being very agitated and I turned to look directly at her. When I did she shook her head and shoulders then shape shifted right in front of me!!! It reminded me of the characters on the TV series Grimm. She was purely reptilian with a huge gaping mouth, her tongue flicked out and her eyes were ginormous and black!

    My response was to laugh! I couldn’t even help it! It answered so many questions for me that I just laughed and kept laughing! It explained her black aura and ugly attitude. It explained why we always felt severe negativity. It explained why she never stayed out long when I was outside too! And I kept laughing b/c I knew she was trying to intimidate or frighten me and she didn’t even bring one ounce of fear into me.

    She made a shocked expression and went inside. I went to the fence and saw that one board was pried off right at the CB. The night before, around 2am, Eleanor began growling at the back door and I went outside and 2 teenagers were running off. I didn’t notice the boards missing at the time. So I brought the CB inside. Still chuckling every so often. I put the CB in the lounge behind the TV, right next to the shared wall, as we have a semi detached house.

    As soon as I brought the CB inside, the neighbour went outside and began working on her garden. Ever since then we’ve had no more nasty slugs congregating at our back door either. But 2 days later our neighbours left and some of their friends are now at their house with a vicious dog that tries to climb the fence and get to our dogs. And they make all sorts of loud noises and banging.


    The very same thing happened in the flat we lived at for 6 years before moving here. The minute we bought TB’s and spread them around the house and put one outside at our front door, we began having strange issues with our neighbours below us! The female shape-shifted in front of me there, too! And it began right after I set out the TB’s everywhere…24 in total. She became agitated and ugly. Screaming at me and taking a stick to her ceiling constantly. Banging on my door every time Garry left for work. Even reported me as being “anti-social” to the Council so many times that they came out to meet with us about our “reported” behaviours. They said the complaints were so minor and bizarre that they came out just to see if it were really true. By the time they left they encouraged us to file a complaint of harrassment on them so we did and they were forced to move! A very old woman moved in after them and we all got on great with one another.

    So if anyone were to ever tell me that these TB’s and CB’s don’t work, I am here to testify that they surely do!!!


    I forgot to mention that I think we had so much negativity this past year b/c that CB had 7 pipes. Once I took out the centre pipe and we brought the CB back into the house and even into the lounge/living room, the feeling of the house went from being very stressed, negative and oppressed, to feeling calm, peaceful and light! Even our bodies began feeling a bit buoyant…we felt like we’d float if we didn’t keep conscious thought about being a bit more grounded to the floor!
    Crazy but true!

  2. Don Croft Post author

    Thanks for sharing that, Angel, because I want people to know that the incredibly weird, fun stuff that happened to Carol and I so often in the early years still happens and this is quite empowering for those of us who experience and witness it.

    Regarding the seventh pipe: I sketched the plans for our orgonite cloudbuster on a napkin in Denny’s in December, 2000, while carol dowsed the parameters with her necklace; not as auspicious for some as it would be if I’d said that a disembodied spirit directed us to inscribe the plans on gold plates, I suppose, but I’m still astonished by my wife’s etheric genius on a regular basis and I’ve always had a sense that you’ve got that skill, too,

    There was a spate of sabotage in the early years in the form of ‘improvements’ to the basic cloudbuster. Those alterations typically degraded the function of the device but a small mob of sycophants (I referred to them as ‘The Peanut Gallery’ and ‘Greek Chorus’), each time, enthusiastically promoted them and it threatened to derail this unorganized movement, as did a few other operations at the time. Fortunately, this little forum/blog effort still sets the standard, against the odds, which is probably why the enemy killed Chuck and then destroyed the sites, again, recently. I think they already see that it was counterproductive but we miss Chuck.

    I think that you exemplified the nature of this unorganized effort when you had the vision of the X on the center tube and then removed it, then got the requisite, rather dramatic confirmation. This is the dynamic that many of us feel is the core and spiritual heart of our global effort. For the religious people among us, it also demonstrates he importance of the individual’s connection with the creative source, so it also shows that blind belief in arbitrary authority and accepting/disseminating man-made, glamorous dogma is a dead end.

    Scotland came closest (except for Southern Sudan, which actually did secede from Sudan) to secession a few years ago. If the votes had been honestly counted Scotland would be a country, now, we feel certain. The savage economic reprisals on Scotland by the Babylonian City of London that quickly followed the referendum and are still happening are certainly a confirmation to many. I assume that Angel has been under attack because the enemy consider her to be a particular threat. They always attack psychic etheric warriors the hardest and this is good evidence, to me, that the liberated form of science, which Reich practiced, values psychics as accurate instruments, much finer than Geiger counters, tri-field meters, etc.


  3. Edward

    Wow! Don was right that is a great story. You should tell us more of your experiences with orgonite. I’m wondering why removing the middle pipe made such a difference? Maybe it has something to do with the geometry of the pipe arrangement? I dont know. Perhaps someone will be able to tell us.

    1. Edward

      Well don’t I look stupid, Don already answered it and posted right before I did and so I didn’t see his response. Lol

      1. Don Croft Post author

        There’s no egg on your face, Ed, don’t worry.

        I don’t think anyone can authoritatively answer the question about the center pipe but all of this work is based on empirical evidence, after all, and when a design pans out it’s usually better to just keep to the design if one isn’t really inspired or otherwise qualified to improve it. Even then, the modification can’t be said to be valid unless it’s proven in the field.

        I think this speaks to Dr Reich’s advice to be aware of mystical processes without being a mystic.

        The flower of life promotion from the 90s is a case in point, I think. After 20+ years that design is still being eagerly displayed by well-meaning newagers but not a single person has actually done anything productive with it yet, as far as I know, and the author outed himself, many years ago, when he admitted in front of witnesses that his merkaba meditations were designed to allow the practitioners to be remotely controlled by him (which is to say, by his employers). This is the inevitable result of taking baited mystical hooks, I think. Both the flower of life and merkaba probably have their uses and may be keys to understanding the physical universe but until they’re no longer the mind control aids for the Old Parasite we might not figure that out. it reminds me a bit of the frenetic waving of national flags to distract people from the problem of irreversibly-corrupt governments.

    1. Edu

      [Edu, thanks for being helpful but I never mention the names of disinformants or people who attack us unless they actually do harm, as Dr. James DeMeo (a.k.a. ‘DeMento’) did many years ago when he publicly tried to persuade the Mozambique high court to convict Georg, Tino, Carlos and Prophet for dropping orgonite into a reservoir on the Zambezi River.
      The fellow I mentioned above actually tried and failed to harm one of our associates who used to do psychic work for him and withdrew but it was energetic and not overt, the way DeMento’s public assault was. ~Don]

  4. Angel

    Hi Ed, I actually do have a few other orgonite stories to share but not sure how to go about it. Maybe you can give me a bit of guidance on that, Don?

    And yes, Don, you are 100% correct on the votes being tampered with. Most people here are being beaten down so badly now, though, that many are in submission, which I find very sad and very aggravating. So many people these days are happy to do nothing and just “hope” that some mighty Saviour appears to magically save the day. The problem with that is, EVERYONE is accountable. EVERYONE is needed to fight this fight. But here we are…billions needing saved and only a precious few willing to stand up and actually give it their best shot. So in Scotland, we have millions wanting saved and precious few of us are willing to move to action.

    Divide and conquer has never been more alive.

    But more and more people are awakening to what is really going on. I just hope we get more warriors out of the deal. The suicide rate, drunks, drug addicts, diseases of all sorts, and deaths by the droves are at an all-time staggering high. Each weekend is filled with drunks who yell at the top of their lungs, fighting, vandalizing…our house is hit a lot…go figure. I see a once proud nation being brought to it’s knees and, at first, I dropped into a state of depression as my own mind and health were violently attacked on a non-stop basis. But the last month or so I began going into a deep state of meditation.

    I raise my vibrations higher then stay there a bit and raise them even more until I come to a place that is misty. It’s like this super thick fog where you really can’t see a whole lot, but you can feel the dark energies off at a distance. Then I do a series of deep breaths in and out while I build up this sense of Love. Once I feel it so strongly that my heart begins to pound, I open my chest up and shoot it out like a massive tsunami wave. My whole body literally braces as it is incredibly huge and powerful, this wave. As it goes out, I think of every “powerful” controller…I try to see their faces or even just focus on their last name or their position. At times, I just focus on dark energied beings, period, if I’m unable to think of anyone specific. And I just stand there and shoot this wave out for as long as I can.

    In the beginning I was alone in this mist. Now I see others who have joined me. I don’t know who they are but I see them doing the very same thing. The last time I did it there were enough that we just needed a few more and we could hold hands if we wanted to. My goal is to have so many that we stand shoulder to shoulder as we blast these parasites into oblivion! I’m just not sure how to achieve it, but it’s a goal nonetheless. 🙂

    1. Jack

      Hello from Canada…it’s a great day when I Love the negative energies for their gift of pushing me/us to connect more and more with the Light and Love energy…in thought, emotion and deed.

      More are active in this call back to the Light than I can know in my home town. So I suspect this is the same everywhere.

      To you in Scotland and all here on the forum…I believe we are winning. I believe the negative energy only looks bigger to our limited eyes. It is actually puny and impotent. I suspect the majority are on the cusp of seeing this clearly.

  5. Edu

    Nice story! I would place the CB outdoors again, as it will benefit the entire region. Or perhaps just point it at the neighbor’s house, why not?. If the lizard don’t like she can always move to another place. She can do gardening somewhere else. These creatures feed on humans every month so I would not have any pity on them.

    You can keep the slugs away with a 9V battery powered electric fence by the way:

    Whenever the dark side attempts to influence us to do something, do the opposite. That’s how we regain terrain and set some healthy boundaries.

  6. Don Croft Post author

    Angel, I don’t think you need to feel discouraged by the fewness of committed people who stand up to the tyranny of parasites. The fact that so few of us have had such a profound effect, so far (as has been documented over the years by Jeff Miller) may be the best indicator of how weak the corporate order actually is. If they were really powerful they’d have been easily able to murder or imprison all of us. What do you suppose constrains them other than their fear of exposure in this case?

    I can list a lot of examples of how humanity progresses in spite of the enemy’s best (worst) efforts to prevent it. One example is that race hatred as become faux pas. When I was a kid it was openly expressed. People are communicating with each other as never before, too. Never mind that most of that communication is sort of moronic 😉 because now the few of us who determine to improve our world can finally meet each other through the ether and network in a real way. I once heard Danion Brinkley observe that cellphones and internet may be an intermediate step toward species-wide telepathy, like many of us feel that the dolphins practice.

    Your meditation exercise resembles what we call ‘boosting’ and your connetions are quite real, in my opinion. When we first started doing regular, international group exercises to undermine the tyrants and neutralize their genocide agenda in 2002 we soon learned that a large number of other informal groups were also doing this. It seems like a natural extension of one’s commitment to fix Big Problems, which could be another name for the corporate, parasitic order. The pajama-clad, vast majority of people have never been a problem; they just want to get along with each other reasonably well and to be comfortable.

    The enemy tried their best to con everyone on the planet into believing that ‘humanity is a virus on Gaia’s surface that ought rightly to be eradicated,’ but they only ever managed to convince a small minority: college-programmed europoid, middle class kids since the 1970s. Since these kids were scared to procreate they’re an even smaller minority, now. The Church of Settled Science, which still aggressively promotes this and other bizarre myths, is finally being exposed as a medieval institution, thanks to our rising general awareness.

    Edu, it’s funny that you mentioned pointing the CB at an offender’s house because my initial vision for the device was to set it up across the valley from Ashland, Oregon, where I was living, and aim it from high up on a mountainside at Ashland’s city hall, which is miserably corrupt, as nearly all city governments in the world are.

    I got this idea when I was first experimenting with orgonite in late 1998, then Carol and I developed the specs for it a couple of years later, in Florida.

    A consideration in places where there’s a lot of crime is that the pipes would be stolen and sold for scrap, of course. This was a problem in Kampala after we left. Fortunately, a CB works well through a pane of glass 😉

    Angel, I believe that you’re a good candidate for seeing how dramatically orgonite distribution can lower the crime rate.

    Carol and I have several 108s on our property, including one under the bed and one small one, each, in two of our vehicles. Carol used to be scared to walk from the house to the shop at night on account of the gauntlet of ill-wishing entities that lurked along that short route and a small 108 under the front porch & larger one behind the shop took care of that. We don’t have a clue how it works but we’re grateful.

    One reason I’m grateful for not having the psi gift is that I’m blissfully unaware of most of that horror around me, nor do I get headaches. Practicing psychics I’ve known would rather have their throats cut than to lose their etheric vision, though, and we’re deeply grateful for their contributions to this wonderful effort.

  7. Don Croft Post author

    Angel, all orgonite stores are valuable because reporting the subjective content powerfully supports others who have felt or observed similar or identical effects but may have a hard time believing.

    An example was when Jeff McKinley assumed that the dark lines he saw parallel to flipped death towers were support cables. When Carol told him that he was rather seeing an energy dynamic (the boundary where deadly energy was being transmuted into healthy life force) he was powerfully encouraged. He later saw the target when we enroute to it, about fifty miles off the coast from Tarpon Springs, Florida, where the government had dumped a massive load of biological weaponry which was killing all of the sea life downstream along the coast, all the way to the Everglades. it was in the exact spot that Carol dowsed on the chart. The vitality of the sea was soon fully restored after we dropped a ring of towerbusters around that dump site.

    I’ve been encouraging our associates to re-tell their fieldwork accounts here. Retelling is a good thing since most of our present readers probably weren’t around for the first telling, years ago.


  8. Angel

    Hi Edu,

    Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately I am not able to utilize either of your ideas. The electrified fence is not allowed as it’s a shared fence, so no go there. And, as Don mentioned, crime is high here. Copper gets a high resale price on the black market and if we put it out again I have no doubt the pipes will be stolen. Word was out as I heard 2 guys talking to one another when I was working at the place where the CB had been. One said, “Is this the place where the copper was?” The other man said, “Aye mate, but it’s not here any more.” The other said, “Nae bother then, let’s find some place else.” And they walked away. I had heard copper was being stolen in England but had no idea it was happening here too.
    As for my neighbour who shape shifted in front of me, they returned a few days ago but I see them even less now. But the CB is much too heavy to move about so I’m happy where it is by the front window. The energy still feels really good inside and that’s the most important thing to me.

  9. Angel

    Hi Don,

    I’ve not been too despondent about things so no worries. I recently started a small group where we focus on one person or place needing help for 2 solid weeks and evaluate the progress. It’s my hope it will grow over time and we can help more people and places. It’s in the experimental stages right now but I’m very excited about it.

    I’ve done healing work all of my adult life and wanted to expand. So I decided to ask a few friends to join me as a unit to see if we might, as a group, make even larger and better results. They don’t see themselves as healers, so I asked them to just pray for the person or place for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks we will see if there’s been any improvement. Then either continue for 2 more weeks or move on to another person or place.

    Everyone has their own ideas on what they can do. I realized that many people are doing the very same things but not knowing others are doing it too. That’s what gave me the idea to expand. Because we’re all in different time zones it made it nearly impossible to have everyone do it at the same time, so I opted for the “at your own pace” option rather than give up on the idea. I’m hoping we can make a difference. Just like in “Boosting”. I had no idea how to do it, and yet I now discover I’d been doing it all along…lol.

    Every little bit helps. And every good intention creates a wave. So I’m hoping my energy tsunami, mixed with everyone else’s prayers, does some good. 🙂

  10. Angel

    My memory is pish and I had my orgonite stories in my head the other day but got side-tracked and forgot to wrote them down. I’ll spend a bit of time remembering them and get them written down to share.

  11. Jeff Miller

    Don, thanks for the good word, and Angel, nice to meet you, I was thinking what Don said when I read what he said.

    In your post, you noted “The suicide rate, drunks, drug addicts, diseases of all sorts, and deaths by the droves are at an all-time staggering high. Each weekend is filled with drunks who yell at the top of their lungs, fighting, vandalizing…our house is hit a lot…go figure. I see a once proud nation being brought to it’s knees and, at first, I dropped into a state of depression as my own mind and health were violently attacked on a non-stop basis.”

    Re: the attacks, I would recommend you to study Dooney’s boosting techniques, and, ideally, schedule time with her. When, via a web chat, she confirmed she could see the positive energy I was sending her, I knew that I was ‘doing it correctly’.

    Only we can repel these attacks, and it’s our responsibility to learn the techniques, raise our energetic level where those attacks cannot exist in our space, as it were.

    I’ve talked a lot about the suicide rate in my Rising Female Death Rate posts, so I’m with you. But it’s within a larger context that’s jaw-dropping, e.g. crime as low as it’s been in history, that sort of thing. One must keep one’s eyes raised, and on the bigger picture, and where things are going, the direction things are moving.

    War deaths dropping decade upon decade, used to be able to actually own slaves, can’t anymore, etc. Organic food exploding. Did I mention the Bad Guys just lost Catalonia and Zimbabwe, in less than a month?

  12. Don Croft

    Good point, Jeff, because this points up the weird sociopath dynamic that the very prolific (and potentially prolific) orgonite flingers in Europe are specifically subjected to for long periods. Angel has the dubious distinction, apparently, of being a target of this tactic. Other notable targets have been Silvio in Italy and Frode in Norway. Frode, at least, finally managed to leave the urban environment and has overcome this problem, at least.
    Gangstalking is another dynamic that’s favored as a tactical hindrance but that won’t work on most of us because we don’t hesitate to confront the culprits, most of whom are no doubt recruited from prisons.

    The present neo-global corporate regime resemble’s Hitler’s this way, I think. After WWII, when the German Gestapo had become INTERPOL, the latter were recruiting from prisons and they kept transfering their agents on a regular basis so that they wouldn’t be able to develop their own off-hours, local criminal networks.

    I don’t mention this much, any more, but in our experience, reptiles are often used for the kind of work that Angel and others are subjected to. I haven’t seen a full-blown reptile in a long time but I still see people who exhibit what I’d call low-grade reptilian behavior, which feels different to me from low-grade human behavior. I just learned from Carol that her first sighting of reptiles was when she was 25 and someone in the disco club she went to gave her magic mushrooms. At the time, she was fully psychic but did her best to suppress it but after she ate the shrooms about ten percent of the people in the club in Spokane, Washington, looked like lizards. That seems the typical ratio in Spokane, where she grew up and isn’t far from us.

    In later years, Carol got a lot of personal training in order to manage her psi ability. She didn’t eat magic mushrooms, again, but it seems to be very easy for her to spot non-human sentient beings that live among us.

    Angel probably also has the skill to make this determination in her situation (the enemy seem to be very afraid of psychics who won’t work for them), which might provide some comic relief for her, at least, and it would be nice to know whether her tormentors are mainly or entirely reptile automatons–the low-grade ones (like low-grade humans) essentially live from their little ‘lizard brain’ (medulla oblongata) after all, and their highest aspiration is the gratification of physical desires, so are very easy to manipulate remotely. It would be good to post more info about it because all forms of exposure are effective against the enemy. We’ve also encountered nice and indifferent reptiles, by the way. The ratio of nice reptiles is presumably the same as for nice humans. I think Icke’s fear-porn campaign about reptilians has been breaking down, finally.


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