Stealing my van keys to prevent me from leaving the island for good


i have been planning for a year a move from the island to mainland Spain. It has not been easy since renting from the distance is not as shopping on internet, the owners much prefer to meet the would be tenants in person of course.  I have also been doing my best to save some money for such move and due to sabotage on business on different levels and intensities, it is been hard. I would not have been able to do so with great helps from dear friends.

Contracting a moving service on boat and road is a bit costly and i chose to do it my own way, harder but would save money. I decided to buy a van and took a trip to Germany where i met Donovan , Stefi and their wonderful daughter. I also met his Syrian neighbor who had interesting stories to share.

With their help i found a VW Gem which used to belong to a special german police at the interior Ministry. It is a camper van project but for now it was a good idea to simply buy it and help me move out by boat.

Well, i found a house to go to and today was the day i had to board towards Barcelona. I do not have many personal possessions and not even taking furniture but the whole workshops goes in there. I had done boxes a few days ago but last night i did not sleep unmounting tables, packing and trying to leave this place decent for the owner.

As morning was approaching i realized there was much more stuff than initially thought and i was not going to make it to the boat so i changed my reservation for a couple of days to give me more time.  My body is sore from so much lifting.

The feeling i have had for a very long time is that parasites have been and are trying to trap me here on the island. We had seen that plan in the chat sessions and it is obvious i am easier to control, a sitting duck as Don mentioned  and they are scared shitless of all the good gifting i can get done in mainland as they should be ;-d

The van was in front of the workshop all morning and i left the keys in the ignition as i was loading it. I took a break and stayed in the workshop and when i went to the van to move it and park it properly the keys were gone. So they have stolen my keys which contained the workshop keys, motorbike and van. I have a copy of all except the old VW which coincidentally i enquired about a duplicate key at a shop 2 days ago but they could not produce it.

So i will have to break the security lock and jump start the van until i can get a original key once in mainland.

Thanks for the visit guys, it did manage to delay me a bit and it is an inconvenience but not good enough to keep me away from a new life in a new place with lots of terrain to explore so you are failing miserably and will surly let you know by dropping some loving pucks everywhere where it is needed.


9 thoughts on “Stealing my van keys to prevent me from leaving the island for good

  1. Edward

    It just shows how scared and desperate they really are to be so petit. They have stolen my bus and vehicle keys numerous times in the last year. It has happened so many times I now start my truck with a screwdriver. They are easier to replace. I hope your move is safe, pleasant, and profitable. I am praying for you right this second, boosting too!

    1. Don Croft

      Thanks, indeed, Ed–being streetsmart is a key survival trait for people who undermine the corporate world order efficiently 😉
      and I account you as one of the most experienced among us in terms of street wisdom.

      The reason I asked Francisco to accompany me to Central America, almost three years ago, is that the Spanish Gestapo had made overtly threatening moves to disappear him into the Gulag and that activity was gaining momentum. After our productive sea voyage the legal dogs backed down quite a bit but they’ve recently renewed their aggression .

      I’m sure that posting about the theft of the keys will be productive because the enemy loathe exposure. If they were genuinely powerful, as the Gestapo and the Russian equivalent were in the Hitler/Stalin days (which is the current Amerika/UK/Zionist neocon wetdream), we’d probably all be dead or in concentration camps.

      I was powerfully relieved, recently, when Francisco sent me a photo of his new digs on the mainland

  2. Cyclingflinger

    Hi Fran,

    Thanks for your article and update. Things are getting better now in Antwerp (Ambères), as we managed to get Ibrahim out of jail, which is another humble gifter. Having hands full on gifting with less fortitude and a big lack of ammunition, I decided to continue my “Brabantia” gifting campaign. Today it got on with Etten-Leur and Zundert.

    Many insights getting on about gifting the whole leyline called Bergen-op-Zoom till Eindhoven. (which means end of the local brabantian court) The reason I write this is that we have a lot of spanish history in our low countries and those were never for the best. I admire your giftings!

    You already threw so much orgonite on that island, the evil has definitely to come from down the sea, their biggest program the meditarrenean undersea bases. Next to the local state authorties on islands there are private ferry companies, just get them down with orgonite!

    Continue the good work!


    1. Edward

      Hey thanks Don, but i’m only marginally street smart because i am truly not a people person. So because of that i often have trouble effectively communicating in public. But I just operate on the principle that until proven otherwise, everybody is out to get me. So that makes me hyper-vigilant and i catch their traps most of the time, but not always. I am learning though.

  3. Simone

    I tried to get in touch with Fran for more than three days now, both through my email address and his website chat, but I never got an answer from him. It’s about an order made at his shop: the parcel got here with several missing items. I don’t think he would just ignore that kind of message for so long, so I’m getting a bit concerned about this strange silence.
    When he shipped the parcel I also didn’t get his confirmation email. After about 10 days from placing the order I contacted him to know what was going on, and he replied that he did send the confirmation message right after shipping and that my package was already on its way, so it’s quite likely someone is occasionally disrupting email communication to/from him. If this is the case and you’re reading this, Fran, please drop a note here and give me some peace of mind 😉
    My best wishes, whatever you’re up to these days 🙂

  4. Simone

    Update! Just got an email from Fran, he’s on the move and not having internet access most of the time, so this apparently caused the communication delay (this time…)
    My apologies for using the blog for what turned out to be a rather personal matter. It’s just that sometimes it’s hard to figure out the nature of the issue at hand, especially for people like me, still orgonite beginners, would-be dowsers, and stuff 😉
    On a general note, I believe it is very important, in this time of deceptions, for friends and allies to communicate more and better, possibly through different channels, and not to make up one’s mind too quickly about anything, since what things appear to be from a limited perspective can often be quite far from the whole truth behind


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