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Right now our Ethiopian pioneer named Ibrahim is now serving in Ethiopian jail for gifting around, but we still swear that no amount of intimidation and threats  will make us decamp or let go our ambition of serving our people and the environment through gifting. In fact Ibrahim was arrested while doing gifting  for the sake of helping our poor common people . Really  i like some of Don Croft comments  that  even though at times in Africa we try to boast  that we have attained our independent but its not. Really  the European  countries still try by all means to see their agents infiltrating  in  our continent and cause things  that we could not be able to understand.

For instance the purpose behind Ibrahim being imprisoned and imposition of higher fine as a criminal, i don’t even see , but all in all we have a greed in one accord  that our mission must get accomplished no matter what  they will do  nor say. Ibrahim was fine $700 and  currently we have managed to get $500 so we only need $200. It would have not been quite urgent but Ibrahim’s’ current condition in the jail is alarming , he was hit by Malaria in the jail and diarrhea  and his condition is growing bad time  after time. We sent to him two complete zapper by express means and we got  the information  today  that   already   the wife  has got the zapper, and straight away  Ibrahim will soon start using  the zapper.

Anybody can donate via this address dancanomollo2016@yahoo.com that is  the paypal account. Or Western Union through the name Dancan Omollo. Our prayer is  that Ibrahim to come out before Friday for his safety.

8 thoughts on “Ibrahim jailed

  1. Edward

    Hello. I bet the main purpose to keep arresting you guys besides intimidation, is to simply deplete your resources and break you guys financially. its the same with me except im not being arrested, just pestered to death with sabotage to my vehicle and other little things in order to keep us broke. Because they know once we become financially independent we can hurt their agenda bad.

  2. Frode

    Dancan’s old Paypal account got frozen over a year ago with 222.66 USD (money that people contributed to help free Lilian and Jane from prison). We did our best to send in documents, but they don’t use streets adresses in Kenya for businesses, so we didn’t get that money out. Despite Paypal’s claim that accounts are opened again after 6 months, that money is still frozen. When I try to withdraw the money, I get a message I need to go to the resolution center. But there is nothing there. I will try to send them a message, but I will probably get a canned response. I’m mostly posting this expose the bastards.


    Dancan’s new account works fine though, so I hope people will once again help them. The repeated crimes against them just because they want to help people is so ridiculous.

    I intend to set up a website for them to sell Bilo orgonite, but I can hardly get a moment’s peace myself. But it will happen.

  3. Frode

    Details for sending money to Dancan with Worldremit (www.worldremit.com):

    Dancan Omollo
    City/town: Migori
    Phone: +254 728934423
    Email: dancan.omollo@yahoo.com

    When making the transfer, choose Mobile Money Transfer. Thank you.

  4. Mrs. O Post author

    That email from wife of Ibrahim she say they still needed $70 then Ibrahim will be out tomorrow morning anyone can help him to be out of the Jailed

    Hallow Dancan Mrs O and some of your friends Who help me with money for helping my husband Ibrahim I say thank you so much Dancan sent me $700 I go they in the Jailed with money they told me the bill of my husband Ibrahim is $770 If I get 70$ my husband will be out tomorrow morning

  5. Mrs. O Post author

    Hi ; Thanks a lot, its with a lot of appreciation for the best effort that our brothers and sisters have done by giving their sacrifical donations to see our brother and a fellow gifter Ibrahim to be realeased from the Jail. In fact it had been our desire and wish to see our brother come out of the jail after he faced his arrest in Bole air port Ethiopia. My happiness is that he is now out and will join his family and also resume his daily duties. Thanks to all who joined the hands together to see him out. Dancan

  6. Mrs. O Post author

    In fact we are doing well Ibrahim is already out and hus friend whom he was arrested with still remain there in the prison. They still need $ 500 and we are still looking how to handle the matter. So still well wishers could still contribute , be well .Dancan

  7. Mrs. O Post author

    Yes Ibrahim is out of jail only that his friend is still in the prison and some money is still needed like $500 so we are hoping the best in all. Dancan


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