Kenya as a country has suffered a lot of setbacks especially when it comes to the electioneering periods. This has been a problem generated by the neocolonialism in African countries. After independence, the then African leaders who purported to have struggled for the same, took over leadership and instead of getting the various nations free to do what they rightly ought to have done, they reverted to be the current day colonizers. They grabbed land for their families and close allies. Nepotism had been the order of the day. Government job opportunities and businesses had been reserved for the close confidants. It is a man eat man society.

In order to protect themselves against the above scenario, the ruling class have tried to do anything possible to ensure that they remain in power. In the year 2007, Kenya went for the general election. The election was marred with a lot of malpractices, which saw its results bitterly contested by the people. The then rigged elections and bitterness resulting from the historical injustices set the country into a blaze, leaving about 1,500 people dead and approximately 60,000 people displaced from their homes.

In 2013, people were not satisfied with the election results and they were challenged in court. However, the petition were unsuccessful. Towards election of 2017, our team went around, despite various challenges, gifting everywhere, so that we could have a successful election. Election were said to have been rigged and many things happened. The opposition challenged the results in court and as a result of the same, the presidential elections had been nullified.

Kenya is going for another election in about one month and some days, and we are gifting everywhere to ensure that the country remains peaceful. Here in Africa, we do believe that our new Bilo Orgonite does everything that is a problem to us who live within. We therefore hope that we shall see peace at the end of the day.



  1. Don Croft

    When you posted photos of you and Chris with that big load of Bilo orgonite a few weeks ago, Dancan, I had a sense that you had a purpose in mind for it and now I think you all will have a good chance of influencing the national political machine.

    When the Brits ‘allowed’ independence they had already taken steps to keep control of all of their former colonies and some of us feel certain that this is the reason the kikundi have been routinely wounded, jailed, poisoned and murdered in a failed program to stop the spread of orgonite.

    I think the only country on the planet where there has been no interference with our common effort is Uganda, which is right next door to Kenya.

    There seem to be two main factors for this happy development:
    1) After a succession of particularly brutal, British-sponsored dictatorships a widespread, neo-grassroot effort was led by the current president (dictator), Musaveni, to destroy most of the Brits’ infrastructure of suppression and he had a lot of help from the Soviets. During my time in Uganda I heard a lot of stories about how bad things were before Musaveni took over in 86 and it was clear to me that the Ugandan people had simply refused to allow overt national tyranny, by then. The Brits and other European powers typically set up bloody dictatorships when they ‘grant independence’ but until the populace get wise to that agenda that’s not likely to change. America’s corporate regime does the same thing throughout Central and South America but these murderous neocons are losing their grip there, too.

    2) The AIDS Commissioner, a tribal nobleman with a lot of respect among the politicos, sponsored much of our work during Georg’s and my visit there in 2002/3 and Dr Kayiwa has quietly followed through in order to get zappers and orgonite into the hands of the most influential people, there. In recent years he’s even manage to accomplish that among the main warlords in Somalia, where he’s struggling to set up a national airline.

    The kikundi don’t have access to powerful people at the moment but they’re absolutely having a positive effect on the populations of every area where they’ve restored rainfall, restored agriculture and fishing, cleaned up bodies of water, reduced crime and brightened the atmosphere. Their reports are read throughout the continent and Chris has been deputized to visit several countries to teach people. These days, the enquirers abroad even pay his expenses.

    The infrastructure of parasitic tyranny depends on secrecy in order to be effective. Orgonite seems to have a powerful influence to expose these dirty secrets from two directions: their poisonous power base deteriorates and the population become less fearful and more curious. I can tell you from experience that nobody else in the world pays more attention to their surroundings than Africans do 😉

  2. Mrs. O Post author

    Thanks a lot Don, for recalling and airing all the things that the Kikundi have done. In fact many people had been trying to demoralized us from forging a head but we always swear not to listen to their provocative plans and demands. In fact we had even faced being jailed , involving in tough circumstances like risking to visit our people in the high security hazard jails but our ambition must go on regardless of the threats. Right now our Ethiopian pioneer named Ibrahim is now serving in Ethiopian jail for gifting around but we still swear that no amount of intimidation and threats that will make us decamp or let go our ambition of serving our people and the environment.


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