A Real Hurricane!

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This weekend, a real hurricane came ashore in the US for the first time in twelve years, since Carol, Jeff McKinley, and I successfully interfered with that then-escalating agenda in 2006.

Eric Carlson also spent a couple of days helping us. He showed up in a timely way because we three were about to go across the southern half of the Florida peninsula and bust all of the non-urban and small-town death towers and weather weaponry–also some of the urban ones along the coast. Jeff had taken care of all the weather weaponry on the eastern shore, including Miami and Ft Lauderdale. This enabled us to do it as two little teams in order to cover ground faster. We did the enormous HAARPicane Direction Center, south of Miami, a little later. I think the media whores call that one something else on TV.

On our short Florida orgonite-flinging campaign in late 2002, during the period we were fixing Atlanta’s atmosphere and ambience, we hadn’t done that weapon facility and as we were returning from the Florida Keys an enormous, very windy and torrential rainstorm with green lightning suddenly started as we were driving past it. It was preceded by green lightning and the rain was so violent that it stopped the heavy traffic on the freeway. Nobody predicted it but the local TV talking heads had a field day reporting it 😉 .

Carol had a vivid image, then, of angry (at us) men in gray, ‘Homeland Security’ uniforms underground. I imagine that they resembled SS uniforms.

Remember when there were a lot of ‘federal police’ in urban areas right after the feds blew up the Murrah Federal Building in OK City? The media whores were even showing us concentration camps and guillotines on national TV and I was seeing a lot of Russian military vehicle convoys in the Seattle area, where I was living.

I was kind of shocked to see those anti-lawful cops because they were dressed in black fatigues and slouched like Gestapo. They had a disgusting, ‘entitlement’ attitude. I saw some up close at the Seattle Ferry Terminal–only once. They apparently weren’t around very long. See why it’s a good idea to pay attention to our surroundings? The sewer rats also stopped painting their helicopters black, eventually, though I think the ones in Europe are still black.

I’m actually starting this thread because my old friend, Cal, has sent me some data that may expose how that storm was created and directed and I asked her to share it, here.


29 thoughts on “A Real Hurricane!

  1. Edu

    One interesting thing about these storms is that they are exposing FEMA plans for their concentration camps. Remember that Walmarts were shut down last year for solving “plumbing problems”? It just turns out they are exactly what everybody thought they were becoming, concentration camps. Now they test them with evacuees.

    It’s good idea to assume that every Walmart is a FEMA camp and it’s linked to underground installations (Plumbing problems he?). They all should be gifted

    Houston Evacuees Brought To … Walmart? Remember Walmart Closing Stores Due To Plumbing Problems?

  2. Don Croft Post author

    Thanks for mentioning the MalWart/FEMA agenda, Edu. The old order makes these plans and spends a lot on infrastructure but it ought to be obvious, by now, that they lack the ability to carry them out, any more. Like with those harmless chemtrails, their only remaining advantage is the steadily diminishing effect of their hypnotic fear porn. If they were as powerful as they want us to believe, we’d all be dead in this orgonite movement and very few of us, outside of East Africa, have been harmed for doing this work.

    My impression is that since MalWart is evidently a Chinese asset, though, and since China has a vested interest in increasing US people’s prosperity I’d be very surprised if any attempt is made to set up martial law. It’s clear enough that American cops and military would refuse to enforce it and that leaves China as the only possible enforcer, though even all of the People’s Army would probably only be able to enforce it in one or two major cities, even so 😉 . –a fully armed populace can’t really be controlled that way.

    1. Edu

      In the mean time, FEMA is doing it’s job:

      “A CALL TO ACTION & A CALL TO ARMS: What’s happening in the Keys is absolutely despicable. I’m currently volunteering logistical support with three rescue groups including The Cajun Navy & the US Civil Defense Force, we have 100’s of fully qualified, ( US Navy ) vetted & certified volunteers with teams of rescue workers who’ve brought their own resources, equipment & supplies.

      FEMA has stopped our teams & are currently refusing access into the Keys.

      We’ve received hundreds of calls & requests for help, we have tickets on our system(s) that are over 3.hrs old and FEMA absolutely refuses to let our teams in to help.

      We are planing on rallying at Phantom Fireworks in Key Largo in the morning.. 1.st & 2.nd Amendment exercise. 7.am. In a show of force we plan on crossing FEMA’s roadblocks & checkpoints with or without FEMA’s blessings.

      We are inviting all 3% Conceal & Open Carry citizens to join us at the rally point tomorrow morning.. This is an open S.O.S. for the people trapped in the Florida Keys.

      There are people in desperate need of our help & we are not going to sit another day waiting for permission to assist. Americans do not need FEMA’s permission to exercise their first and second amendment rights. we will assemble & we fully intend to render assistance.

      We are currently holding ‘live’ USCF Action Team meetings on the android zello app in the Hurricane Irma Rescue & relief channel.

      We shall not go ‘Quietly’. They kicked us out of Hurricane Harvey they will not ‘kick’ us out of Irma.

      AJ has been in the channel ripping it up so we expect this Call to Arms to go live across many of the alternative media outlets in a little while but I doubt we’ll see this on any of the lame stream media.

      1. Edu

        There are news about the police and FEMA stopping people from helping the hurricane victims and about the red cross siphoning donations and sitting idly.

        The United States is a crazy country!

  3. Edward

    That’s awesome Edu! My prayers are with you guys. Will be boosting your teams and the shitbirds trying to stop u. Let us know when u guys will be crossing FEMA roadblocks and perhaps all the etheric warriors can boost and blast the shitbirds in question simultaneously!

  4. Don Croft Post author

    I think Edu is quoting an article from Jim Stone. I just got an email from a customer in South Florida whose personal observations are contrary to media and alternative media reports. I’ve just asked for her location but she evidently has direct knowledge that the damage reports about Key West are vastly exaggerated. Georg Ritschl published a much longer report from one of his customers in Sarasota and he claims that there was very little damage, there, from the storm and that it was very much downgrade from hurricane strength.

    Nothing from the media or the controlled opposition (‘alternative media?’) can trump personal observations by credible people.

    I used to refer to Jim Stone’s articles because they seemed genuine and were compelling but I’ve lately been more reserved about broadcasting his work because I’m not yet convinced that he’s not simply playing the ‘controlled opposition’ role. Like with the CIA’s montauk.com there are probably some things that Stone describes that won’t be found anywhere else, like details of the demolition of the Fukushima nuke plant, perhaps. After I started reporting that the sun was rising and setting in unusual places, montauk.com reported the shifting rotational axis of the earth. It was many more years before first-hand evidence from the arctic circle was published.

    The main thing that gives me pause about him is that he claims to be a whistleblower and former key NSA employee. Historically, anyone who publishes top secret info is very quickly killed or imprisoned and he’s allegedly been at it for years, also claims to be on the run. In terms of those oaths, there are no ‘former employees’ of secret police organizations, any more than there are former mafiosi.

    Phil Schneider revealed secret stuff about underground bases in 1996 for a year. During that time he survived many assassination attempts but he was really running, unlike Stone, and they strangled him in his apartment in Portland, Oregon, at the end of that period. The fellow who told Carol and I about it, Stephen J. Smith, was a close friend of Schneider’s in Portland and saw him the day before his murder. Smith was later also murdered a few years later, soon after he developed a free energy engine. NSA and other sewer rat agencies are competent when they’re determined to erase someone and they have endless resources.

    I think the only reason Carol and I and a few of our close associates are still breathing is that the sewer rats can’t risk overt murder with us because the growth of the orgonite movement would explode exponentially after that. They really messed up by murdering Chuck in July, which I think they realize now.

    Another way they messed up, presumably on account of their arrogance, was when they published our orgonite cloudbuster plans on one of their high profile disinformation websites in 2001. They apparently believed that they could erase this movement in its infancy by what they call, ‘blackwashing’and by aggressive infiltration by ‘legends in their own minds,’ who were skilled at obfuscation. Thousands of CBs were quickly built in a short time in the chemtrail-assaulted countries, mostly by flaky newagers who never lifted a finger, later on, to bust their local death towers. This spurt of unorganized effort negated the then-expanding chemtrail bioweaponry agenda, haha.

    Eventually, the core of this worldwide movement (committed effort) became characterized by more accountable, balanced people but it all started with that popular CIA disinformation site.

  5. Don Croft Post author

    Here’s what my customer wrote and you’ll notice that it’s very unlike the strident news reports:

    Hello, Don,

    We are starting to get back to normal down here in South Florida, whatever that means. We lost power at around 5:00 pm on, Sunday, Sept. 10. We ran the generator we used for Jeanne, Francis and Wilma [2005] (the three sisters). It kept it bearable. The temp was in the 90’s during the day. Power was restored yesterday on the 13th at around 2:30 pm. Had wind gusts up to 80 or 90 mph but sustained winds were at or much below 70 mph. We had no flooding or damage to our home, just a few big pine tree limbs broke off and fell to the ground and thankfully did not hit anything. Our entire county fared very well. Key West’s Duval Street is still there and Tampa was spared. Some trailer parks in the Keys were a total wreck but hopefully everyone was insured. The land is still there and few people lost their lives.

  6. Dan Stanton

    In studying what private people can do with your tools, let’s not forget to include the use of the Power Wands and Succor Punches. If a person owns one, or more Cloud Busters plus a Power Wand and Succor Punches they can create a wall of scalar waves or orgonite energy to turn back big storms such as these.

    Judging from the YourTube videos I saw that were following the track of Harvey, Irma and Jose, they showed that there were outside energy influences that were driving these storms, HAARPs? The source for one of these was located in the Canary Islands. Whoever these opponents are that are doing this we can play too.

    For those of your clients who are into witchcraft there are a number of weather spells available online that both create rainstorms but also to stop them. Use spells such as these, or even prayers and combine them with the Power Wands and you should see some effects. These Power Wands use the scalar wave energy and can be directed from anywhere. It is worth researching. When you combine the energy with multiple Power Wands and Cloud Busters we should be able to get positive results in either diminishing the power of the storms but also be able to turn them back out to sea.

    I hope these thoughts stimulate some ideas in your clients so they can use their orgonite and scalar wave tools in a way they might not have thought before.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Cal Smith

    There is a new movie coming out Oct. 20th called “Geostorm”.
    The world’s leaders gather together to create the global climate, but the system goes awry.
    Is someone using this to gain implicit permission to modify global climate?

    Cal Smith

  8. Dan Stanton

    Here’s a thought for all you “outlaw” orgonite gifters and cloudbusters: Why not try to combine the various orgonite tools with the cloudbusters and add the Power Wands and Succor Punches. Add these to your bag of tools in fighting bad weather and wild fires. Since the Power Wands have an unlimited range and utilize Scalar Waves and orgonite combined with the power of thought and visualization a bunch of you could get together with these combined tools and create a wall of energy that can defeat these mega storms that are being enhanced using the HAARP and other weather warfare technology. For further info on Weather Warfare there are now a number of YouTube videos on Weather Warfare plus updates on the hurricanes.

    It is true that Irma and Jose did not pack the projected punch the Fake News Media was projecting. It is true that when the storms were way out at sea they did get up to Category 5 but they lost energy when they came ashore. I saw some highway surveillance footage of a number of highways in South Florida in areas the Fake News Media said was being inundated with storm damage and the footage I saw showed dry roads and no wind blowing trees over. There was little storm activity at that time. At a time that the Fake News Media said that the same area was being destroyed by the storm. So, do you think some of this loss of energy can be attributed to Don’s gifting program? Who knows? All I know is that if we had an army of Gifters with their Cloud Busters and Power Wands out there working together we could save us humans a lot of storm damage.
    For those who are unfamiliar with Power Wands they are an effective tool that uses orgonite as scalar waves and is enhanced by the power of thought, prayer, spells and visualization. Its range is unlimited as are its uses. Familiarize yourself with its uses and develop your own uses. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe he can achieve. Napoleon Hill.

  9. Don Croft Post author

    Thanks, Cal!
    Dan, you might not have considered that all of the orgonite and fancy orgonite devices in teh world are already working that way. Some of us assume this is the case, though of course it’s impossible to prove.

    If I’m correct, then when we follow our hunches we’re actually participating in a minutely-coordinated but hidden agenda to completely undermine the tyranny of parasites and fix he problems that they’ve created over the millenia. For many years, we’ve referred to these unseen agencies as ‘The Operators,’ as in the old TV ads for mailorder products: Operators are standing by to take your call! 😉

    Nobody seems driven to find out who/what they are but those among us who can see into the etheric realm say that they’ve seen a wide variety of sentient species (including cetaceans), time travelers, elementals, departed spirits, etc.

    Many of us have discussed this privtely and we marvel at the timing and comprehensiveness of this evident, global plan in which we feel privileged to participate. I’ve shared a lot of examples over the years but for those who have already committed it’s not necessary to hear those stories because we’re each driven by inner guidance–there’s no need to be psychic in order to access this.
    For those of us who have personal faith that’s based on religions this sort of faith is already familiar but I would say that most of the people in the West who have acquired this dynamic faith are not religious at all.

    This faith is typically born when one has committed to doing orgonite fieldwork and begins experiencing the rather addictive confirmations. I don’t recall that handling fancy equipment can accomplish this, though of course there are uses for the fancy stuff, too, and Carol and I have and use a truckload of such items.

    The East Africans who share reports, here, exemplify the faith aspect. They also exemplify what can be accomplished on a very large scale with simple orgonite. I don’t think there are more than half a dozen orgonite cloudbusters in East AFrica, compared to many thousands, each, in Europe and North America where fewer people on each continent are accomplishing grand-scale results than in East Africa.

  10. Edward

    So after days trying, I finally see a satellite image of nate since it is now close enough that local radar can show it. I am sick of the fear monger if and hype over this non event! It is barely circulating, looks like a tropical low with no organization to speak of yet they claim is a hurricane and will be category 2 when it hits in about 12 hours. They have been hyping this storm since it was in the carribean. The 1 glimpse I got on the news then it looked like a regular thunderstorm with absolutely no organization. Now it has crossed the gulf and still is only barely organized. If it makes landfall as a hurricane at all, much less a category 2, I and many other locals will be VERY surprised. All they succeeded in doing was running off all the rich people that were at the annual event”Cruising the Coast”. Hot rods and classic cars galore. Thereby depriving me of some DUI bonds which always show up for court.(rich people I mean not DUI’s) Anyway they succeeded in scaring off the non natives. Usually money flows quite a bit during this event. But they scared everyone off earlier in the week with their fear porn about how bad Nate would be when it hit the Ms gulf coast head on. It’s not a non event, but it’s not as bad as they are saying.

  11. Edward

    The 1st feeder band is here!! It’s s tiny bit breezy and it’s raining a little. Yet I’m under a curfew and can’t leave and go watch the waves and extra high tides. What bull****!!!! I’m pissed. The only real effects are that there is a little bit of coastal flooding in low lying areas, and higher tides. They are really blowing this out of proportion. Like a grain of sand into Mount Everest type of exaggeration. Everything closed at 2-3 o’clock today. It didn’t even start raining until about 2 hours ago😡

  12. Edward

    Here we are an hour or so from the center of nate making landfall, strongest GUST not sustained winds I’ve seen is about 20 miles an hour, if that.
    The guy from NOAA just admitted the maximum sustained winds RIGHT NOW with it still an hour off shore, are only 72 miles an hour, then 20 seconds later contradicted himself and said winds are around 95 sustained! THEY ARE LYING TO US. This actually is a NON event. It’s raining and it’s a little windy, this is NOT a hurricane and the weather service guy from NOAA just said as much then quickly scrambled to lie and say it was when he realized he admitted the truth live on tv.
    By the way, I’m about 5 miles west of where the center is supposed to come ashore. So this is a 1st hand account!

  13. Edward

    They are threatening everyone on the news with” if you are out and about, you WILL be arrested!” WTF welcome to the united police states of amerika!

  14. Edward

    Actually I’m at the epicenter, it seems to have drifted to the west a tad. I’m six blocks from the beach. In about 20-45 minutes we will see the worst of it. The storm is so unorganized, that the wind is gusting at only about 5-10 mph currently. One of the local weathermen has admitted it has no eye, what he actually said was “eye wall ‘like’ structure”. I’m pretty sure tropical storm Cindy that blew through here a couple months ago was stronger and better organized. They bArely mentioned Cindy, nothing closed, and it was business as usual. So why the extreme exaggeration and lies about nate? The only thing I can see different is this caused all the cruisers to go home. Cruising the coast brings a ton of money into the local economy. I even usually make good during cruising the coast. But it shut down 3 days early. This was the biggest weekend though, with a musical festival and all. Dozens of events got cancelled over an unorganized tropical storm that may drop 3-5 inches of rain, if that; and a little wind.

  15. Edward

    Now a different weatherman says “we are not necessarily gonna see that ‘classic’ hurricane look” while looking at a zoomed out radar shot of nate showing ABSOLUTLY NOTHING on the south west side of the “eye wall ‘like’ structure” and then he says we ‘appear’ to only see “half a hurricane” and quickly zooms in so no one catches on to the lie that this isn’t a hurricane. The “eye wall like structure” is pushing ashore as I type this, we are supposedly in the worst of it or will be within 30 minutes It’s raining pretty good, but the wind isn’t blowing hard at all maximum gusts near 15-20 mph, GUSTS, not sustained winds.

  16. Edward

    Current maximum sustained winds 5-10 mph, gusts 25-30 news men blatantly lying about strength of it. Still have power and don’t expect to lose it.

  17. Edward

    They are claiming we are having 75 mph sustained winds right now. They are lying!! The strongest gusts I’ve seen so far was about 30 mph. It only lasts 1-2 seconds. Sustained winds still 10 mph or less.oh according to news footage the storm surge is less than 2 feet so far, this should be the peak of it. You can plainly see where and how much water right on the news! This is the reason for the curfew!!!! They don’t want us taking pictures of only 2 feet of storm surge at the peak of this storm. And it’s high tide! They are claiming an 11 foot tidal surge! What bull****. The head of civil defense in Jackson county just said the maximum gust they have had, measured with calibrated instruments, was 44mph GUSTS, not sustained winds.

    They are within the area that the news is claiming should be experiencing hurricane force winds sustained. I promise you it’s only blowing about 10 mph here, with gusts higher near 30.

  18. Edward

    One of the weathermen just showed us a graphic with maximum sustained winds in Biloxi are only 30 mph and about 25 mph where I am. I don’t think it’s that strong , but it’s near it. But then right after his report the head weatherwoman comes on still claiming we are going to have 90 mph winds and still calling it a hurricane still claiming the worst is yet to come. Yet the worst is hear now. My bus only shook twice from gusts. During tropical storm Cindy it was rockin back and forth like crazy for several hours.

  19. Edward

    The worst is over. Maximum sustained winds here were 25 mph, in Biloxi 30. Now the weatherman that was telling the truth earlier, he’s now lying too. Claiming areas 20 miles north of us are “about to get those 85 mph winds” I guess he wanted to keep his job. He’s in lock step with the rest of them now. Maximum storm surge 3-3.5 feet. This is based on live local news footage in Biloxi. It was only about 2-2.5 feet here.

    After heading straight towards us, at the last minute roughly 25-30 miles offshore, Nate turned drastically to the east. We experienced the “eye wall like structure” as the weatherman described it, but there was no true eye. It was still breezy even when we were supposed to be in the eye. It’s still a little breezy, but this storm is over here, as I said earlier there is absolutely nothing south of the “eye wall like structure”. I’ve seen dozens of storms that looked just like nate on radar, but they weren’t called hurricanes, they were called tropical storms. Even if the one weatherman and myself are wrong by 10 mph on the low side, then the strongest sustained winds were 40 mph, and even that’s a far cry from a hurricane. There’s some coastal flooding because it was high tide when nate came ashore, but it’s not 11 feet. So they claim 85 mph sustained winds and 11 feet of storm surge. Reality is 30 mph winds and 3.5 feet of storm surge. I promise you tropical storm Cindy was stronger and lasted longer. But it was low tide so flooding was minimal. And it was looked at as a non event. They are still warning everyone about the dangerous wind in hurricane nate. Right this second! It’s already over on the coast. They keep feeding the lie and fear porn! Nate was not nor ever has been a hurricane!! Do they believe we are that stupid?

  20. Edward

    I was still looking at the news a few minutes ago and I saw one of those round energy signature around the radar station just like shown above in Nate is already NE of us and well inland, yet on the satellite image it looked like it literally sucked energy from the radar station in La and formed a defined eye. So it actually appeared to strengthen over land. I think that’s a 1st.

  21. Don Croft Post author

    Good work, Ed! Nothing trumps eye-witness reports by reputable people.

    When there were still genuine HAARPicanes in 2005 the media/academia whores didn’t need to lie this way 😉 and now that there have been a series of falsely-reported storms I expect to see a righteous backlash of calling out the liars, as we’re already seeing around the CIA massacre in Las Vegas.

  22. Edward

    I said from day 1 Las Vegas was a CIA op. The local Christian station here had a man on that was an eyewitness, he served 2tours in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan, and he said what he heard firing was NOT an m-16 style weapon or civilian ar-15, essentially the same but civilian model not full auto. He heard a SAW firing. Which is a “Squad Automatic Weapon” and it’s belt fed. Hence the reason there were several hundred rounds fired between reloadings.
    He also said there were no muzzle flashes coming from the area of the accused’s room, none whatsoever. I have had heard a SAW firing, the gun shots I heard on the news sounded more like an ar-15. But I guess it’s possible the national news dubbed out the real gunfire and dubbed in the sound of whatever weapons they planted in mr paddocks room.

  23. Edward

    It’s amazing how many people I have spoken to that believe the lie about nate. They saw the same news reports I did, they experienced the same 25-30 mph sustained winds I did, yet they believe we were hit by a category 2 hurricane. I just don’t get it. I think some people are complicit in their programming.

  24. Don Croft Post author

    Good one, Ed! I’m gratified by the way the truth comes out so quickly after these CIA ops and false flag attacks, now. When the feds blew up the World Trade Center I was shocked by how readily almost everyone accepted the lies, then, and how few people voiced any critical comments–I sure as hell did! 😉 The present, more rapid response to blatant, corporate terrorism is very encouraging.

    Thanks again, by the way, for your masterful eye-witness accounts of what truly happened with the storm called Nate, last week, and contrasting it with the bold lying of the media around that event. The fact that Pajama People where you live rather believe the TV than their own senses shouldn’t be discouraging.

    I figure that if one person in a medium-sized city is properly rational and observant that may be enough to defeat the enemy because we few are capable of decisive action that disables the enemy and now we can all talk to each other around the world and are starting to do so, finally.

  25. Edward

    Hello EW! This is a call to arms so to speak for any etheric warriors living in the Mexico Beach area of the Florida panhandle. This HAARPicane was a real event. I have in law relatives that live panama City Beach right on the water. It is bad there; not quite as bad, but similar to how it was here after Katrina hit. They have no jobs to go to, there are no restaurants open, and no grocery stores. So from our standpoint this means 1 thing and 1 thing only. The Florida panhandle needs more orgonite! I would say the area from Jackson county MS all the way to Appalachicola Fl needs more orgonite. Seeings that the last several storms barreling down on the MS gulf coast all weakened drastically as they made landfall and took a hard turn east and went ashore between Biloxi Ms and Mobile Al. My take is that there isn’t enough orgonite in the area of Mexico beach to create the wall of good energy that causes these HAARPicanes to dissipate. This one wasn’t hyped up, it was the real thing and very bad too. Mexico Beach is wiped out. Completely devastated according to people there helping with cleanup. even a week later many of the roads were still blocked with trees stopping the crews from getting in to help. So we have a job to do to finish what Don and Carol started in disabling the hurricane agenda. It’s possible a bunch more infrastructure was built after they hit all the existing stuff. i know 1st hand here that after i flipped 99% of the towers in Harrison county MS, with Don and Franscisco’s support, that they built a bunch more, and the existing ones got major upgrades. So this probably happened in the panhandle too and no one re-gifted the necessary areas. that’s my take on it. What are y’all’s thoughts?


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