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Our team had been gifting in a couple of weeks around Nyandarua Region, especially in Nyahururu town. Nyahururu town is an old town situated east of Nakuru  and is located in located in Laikipia County. The region is placed on the leeward side of Mt.Kenya, and so it is mostly cool and dry. Due to change in climatic pattern as a result of global warming, the region has experienced a lot of snow falling from the sky instead of rainfall. The farmers around this place do complain a lot because their crops lack water and the temperature is extremely cold.

We sent one of our young woriors as a result of the above situation some three weeks ago to do field gifting around the region. He took with him a lot of Tower Busters to burst the cloud around there.

As at now, we have got alot of congratulatory reports, appreciating us for the great job tat we have done around that place. We are told that for the last four days, it has rained like never before in the evening hours and that it is always warm during the day as a result of severe sun rays. The sky is now clear. We are going there this weekend to see it for ourselves. Sky is the limit.

This was the situation there before.

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