Dancan Gifting Lwanda Kotieno pier, L.Victoria

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Lwanda Kotieno is a pier in L.Victoria and is found in Central Nyanza. While crossing the lake from the southern part of Nyanza from Mbita pier, the ferry lands at Lwanda. The main economic activity doing around this place is fishing. Fishermen have suffered a lot from the infestation by water hyacinth. This has resulted to a number of boat accidents happening and the government could not help much.

The water hyacinth do emanate from the Ugandan side towards the Kenyan territory. As a result of this, some fishermen get stuck in the middle of the lake, surrounded by the bushy hyacinth. They say that at times they can stay around such places for as long as one week, if they are lucky without eating anything.

Because movement of water currents is also limited,  the water remains very dirty and  this endangers the lives of the fish around this place. The fish has since migrated to other regions, leaving these fishermen with almost nothing to take home, despite this being the primary economic activity.

We therefore tried our Bilo Orgonite at this pier and its environs and the result is marvelous. The water hyacinth has not been seen around this place for quite a number of days and the waters around here is becoming clearer and clearer. Fishermen now expect a handy catch and this is a good sign according to them. Now the fishermen who had migrated to other places are now going back to their home, Lwanda Kotieno. This is as a result of our great




gifting  work done around the pier.


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