Dancan: Gifting in Nyamira

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It has taken  us many times to see  that the areas of Nyamira received a good and a lasting  change  that would make the native people in that place to be comfortable with  their achievement. My friend Billy had been the man in the forefront to see the area  is having a good achievements. In fact his determination  there has  made the are to be habitable. Previously the area was highly attached by the wizards and  the night runners and life could not be manageable but after his proper visitation by through gifting now  the place is good and admirable for agricultural production.

I managed to visit several   places from yesterday evening  and i know  i will do the work till tomorrow, and i know am going to  do something worth  that would help in changing even  the ecological situation  of the place. The photos bellow shows  the areas which had been very dry and now are recovering.



2 thoughts on “Dancan: Gifting in Nyamira

  1. Edu

    If you look the picture for a while with attention you can see the face of several good nature spirits on the trees! There is one very visible at the center of the picture. I think anyone can see it once the eyes know what to look for. Whomever took this picture unconsciously photographed it.

  2. Mrs. O Post author

    That is in Nyamira where we had been doing gifting since this year. In fact these areas had never been good but now you can see the good features.
    Mrs O


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