Can Cloud Busters defeat hurricanes, tornadoes and wild fires?

This is a question from alert reader D.S.:

Dear Dooney,

I have read your website and that of Don and Carol Crofts. All of you have used the Cloud Buster orgonite devices to deal with not only chem trails but also heavy weather. How effective are these devices in combating hurricanes and tornadoes?

If they are effective in defeating these types of weather what if we created an army of people that would deploy over a wide area covering the projected path of the storms, do you think that would have an effect in breaking up the storm?

What if we deployed anywhere from 500-1000 Cloud Busters and other orgonite devices across the path of a hurricane, tornado or a wild fire. Do you think that the combined energy of so many cloud busters would defeat a storm like “Harvey”, “Irma” or even “Katrina”?

Your input and comments Β on this would be appreciated.Β  Maybe we can do something about this after all.

That’s an excellent question, D.S.! I do believe that if enough people built and deployed CBs, and used them intelligently and proactively, these so-called “super storms” could be averted. After all, Don and Carol stopped the hurricane agenda by gifting the Florida coast and the Bahamas. As you probably know, I’ve been posting on my blog about a nearby forest fire and the steps we have taken to dampen the energy of the fire so that it’s not so devastating. Several times in the course of the fire high winds have been predicted and have not materialized after we point our CBs in the appropriate direction, or rain clouds have appeared. If that were to work only once it might be coincidence, but it has worked so many times in the recent and distant past that we no longer question it. Even one of Stevo’s patients noticed it when Stevo excused himself in the middle of an appointment to go re-position one of our CBs to calm a windstorm. When Stevo came back into the office the patient said “What did you just do?” because the wind calmed right down.

So my answer is yes, I think many cloudbusters pointed at a hurricane or tornado would affect the energy of the storm. After all, I think a lot of that violent weather, maybe even all of it, is artificially generated by HAARP towers and arrays. We saw and felt evidence of that here when we saw HAARPy clouds in the days before the nearby forest fire blew up really big. We haven’t had that kind of HAARP cloud cover since we gifted all the weatherballs in Montana several years ago. If you check out my blog, you can see a really wild picture of the fire blowing up and a Lemurian cloud ship right over the fire.

I don’t know what it would take to coordinate the kind of effort you are talking about but I’m sure the results would be dramatic. With our three CBs we haven’t been able to stop the fire completely but it hasn’t become a the hell on earth that was predicted. Part of our success is also due to the 108 devices that Don made for us during our last forest fire crisis, and part of it is due to boosting by us, friends and concerned readers. It all makes a difference.

~ Dooney

22 thoughts on “Can Cloud Busters defeat hurricanes, tornadoes and wild fires?

  1. Dan Stanton

    I have been watching a number of YouTube videos talking about the current hurricanes, Harvey and Irma. They seemed to have access to weather services that published live real time charts of the worldwide weather patterns. They pointed out that there were outside influences driving the weather, ie. creating hurricanes and tornadoes. They claimed these outside influences were from the HAARPs set up all over the world.

    It seems that if we got organized into a private army equipped with one, or more, cloudbusters each we could put up a defence against these artificially created storms. We would have to coordinate with each other so that we could deploy our cloudbusters and other organite devices over a large area. This could be on a statewide deployment, such as in Texas ie. Hurricane Harvey or, if we have enough troops, we could deploy up and down the East or West Coasts to set up a proper barrier of protection to nullify these storms or drive them back out to sea.

    Since you have demonstrated the effectiveness of these devices it is time to get organized and start thinking like professionals. We need to come out of the closet and strike back in an organized fashion.

    Also, with Yellowstone, acting up threatening a Super-Volcano eruption, there must be something that can be done to neutralize what is going on there.

    If we can attract people who can sponsor us with the equipment needed to outfit an army of cloud busters so that we can coordinate our efforts nationwide we can start to be really effective in fighting back against these aggressive weather warriors attacking not only the US but also other countries as well.

    It is time to rally the troops and strike a blow for the planet and for humanity.

  2. Edward

    I hope you don’t mind me commenting Dooney, but I read somewhere on the old sight or maybe Don told me, I can’t remember; but 3 days before Katrina made landfall, someone who had been in contact with Don and Carol put up a cloudbuster on the north shore of Lake Ponthatrain in Mandeville Louisiana. Keep in mind Katrina was barreling down on New Orleans for a direct hit and Mandeville is pretty much due north of New Orleans. I believe that’s what caused Katrina to shift east at the last minute and make landfall in Waveland, Mississippi instead of a direct hit to New Orleans as they predicted and planned. After all, where was Joe Santori? Mississippi got the brunt of Katrina, not New Orleans. Although the news portrayed it differently New Orleans only flooded because the $#!+birds blew the levies with explosives in the poor neighborhoods and ghettos. The garden district and other low lying rich areas never flooded. Parts of the French quarter and the downtown business areas did but they were bordering the Ms river and the blown levies were part of the reason for that flooding too. Calculated losses I guess. I believe this same cloudbuster is the reason Harvey didn’t move any further east towards south La than it did and stalled out and dumped a ton of rain on Texas. That’s my take on it, take it for what it’s worth.

    1. dooney Post author

      Thanks Edward! This is exactly the kind of stories I was hoping to hear from others who have used cloudbusters to good effect. πŸ™‚

    2. Khufu

      I’m in Houston and I can tell you that my cb was effective against the storm . The first mistake I made was to not pay enough attention to the approach of the storm days before landfall. I would have pointed it sooner. I achieved mitigation after I pointed it in the direction of our local television stations antennas because they are in on it. This calmed down the wind but the rain poured. Our drainage here is excellent so it really takes a lot for it to flood here

      1. Khufu

        ……after the fourth day I noticed the media kept saying that the storm was stalled from moving east. I pointed east because storms move west to east and soon they began to say it’s eastward movement speed started to in increase. That’s when I realized something had been blocking eastward movement and as soon as I did it a hummingbird came from nowhere, buzzed around my cayenne pepper and flew away. I knew then that had Harvey moved on. Almost immediately after the other birds began to sing……true story.

        1. Khufu

          So far, I have done this to Katrina, Rita and Ike. I have learned all of this stuff from you and the Crofts. Thanks Dooney.

  3. Edu

    Notice that both Harvey and Irma have been launched from the same area southeast of Puerto Rico. I think they learned with Harvey and fine tunned the process with Irma. I bet they are using undersea bases there to steer these storms. Dropping more orgonite for the cetaceans in the area might be a solution.

  4. Edward

    I did notice they started in the same area, with another behind Irma last I heard. I have to check out what u said about skipping the same area.

  5. Edward

    It looks like whoever can do it needs to gift that area where these superstorms are forming, and also heavily gift the area around puerto rico and the other smaller islands there. i notice the hurricanes all start weakening severely when they approach the bahamas and the other areas Don and company gifted. Also i have notice they are having a much harder time pinning down the track of these storms since there is so much orgonite along the florida coast and the carribean near the bahamas.

  6. Don Croft

    The reason we’ve put our main effort into busting death towers and weather weaponry is that after most of that infrastructure was suddenly thrown up around the world in late 2001 we were profoundly frustrated by our orgonite cloudbusters’ sudden ineffectiveness to dampen storms.

    Pretty soon, we figured out that simple orgonite disables the new weaponry but the task of traveling around to do a thorough job was pretty daunting at the time.

    In the first year after a high-profile disinformation website published our orgonite cloudbuster plans thousands of these were home-built in the chemtrail-assaulted (developed) countries, except in China where direct internet surveillance is a big problem. It’s taken this long for orgonite to start spreading in China, in fact, but it is spreading there now.

    The angst that some people are expressing about these new storms is in spite of the fact that the recent one, at least, was not a hurricane when it reached shore and there were no reports of wind damage; only flooding from excessive rainfall. I assume the next storm will be the same and that the new agenda is to create damage by floods, just as a new agenda where we live seems to be to burn up all of the forests in the westsern US and Canada.

    If the enemy of our species manages to succeed in molesting North or Central America with an actual hurricane it only means, to me, that it’s time to get busy with boats and orgonite, again. It’s been twelve years since this has happened.

    Thanks for mentioning that CB on Lake Pontchartrain, Ed–at the time, there wasn’t yet much orgonite activity in your region. I wish we’d met you in those days! Your area was apparently the alternate Ground Zero after Katrina took that bounce. That was an ordinary CB, by the way. Your more recent activity in the region has been producing gratifyingly dramatic results and thanks for sharing them for the record.

    The last time Carol and I drove through your area there was evidence of a lot of people (or a few with a talent, resources and energy for carrying out a regional strategy) having done this work along the major highways, at least, and Louis Onder had flipped most of the weaponry in a huge territory of Alabama and Georgia, farther north. At the time, I think three years ago, we were wrapping up our two-stage continental campaign to smack down the US air force’s tornado mass murder scheme, which had been escalating before we took down the northern tier of their weaponry in 2011. A Canadian handled the USAF’s weapon facility in Alberta that we weren’t able to reach on that trip.

    Most of the people who built or bought CBs in the first year or two weren’t interested in flipping the then-new death towers but a lot of people took the intitiative to do that and the evidence is that smog was disappearing from all of the major cities outside of China at a fast rate. I think Tokyo was one of the first cities to clear. Atlanta was one of the last and Carol and I did that one in early 2003. I look forward to seeing the Chinese cities get clear of smog very soon, now that orgonite is finally spreading in that country. I’m actually glad that most of the people who do this fieldwork in the world don’t seek recognition because it demonstrates that this is an unorganized, non-centralized effort. The recent shift of the sewer rat agencies to more overt suppression of our online effort is probably counterproductive. I suppose we’ll see, pretty soon, if that’s so.

  7. Don Croft

    Dooney advised me to keep my comments short so I’m dividing my response.

    We have several specialized CBs, including one rather complex one that had generated a lot of unseasonable rainstorms in the desert during our little exile in Arizona when the Idaho gov’t threatened to shut our business down and federal hackers quietly removed all the cancer cure testimonials from our website. That CB is still in our motorhome, which we keep in Arizona for safety. I wish it had been available for Steve and Dooney last week when they were advised to be ready to evacuate. I even added a feature that Credo Muttwa had recommended for CBs after Georg Ritschl in Johannesburg gave him one of his. I hope to retrieve that CB next month on our planned trip to disable the CIA’s satanic-judges national infrastructure in Colorado, near the USAF Academy, which is a CIA mind control lab.

    Dooney’s visiting us, now, so that she and Carol can build some other specialized cloudbusters.

    I made a small, fairly streamlined one for my airplane in order to point it at any federal helicopters that might be in the air with me but in my ten years of flying I’ve never seen one so now it’s on my car’s roof rack, pointing backward to discourage surveillance. It works great!

    The one we made for our boat during our hurricane suppression campaign in 2006 had diminished a lot of storms in our path in those days but it didn’t much effect the nasty stuff they were almost constantly throwing at Paco and I, three years ago, on our trip to and from Belize from Key West.

    Thanks, Edu, for mentioning the altered path of those storms in the vicinity of W. Cuba, where we had tossed a huge load of tumbatorres (towerbusters) including several hundred that Gare Clement had very generously donated from Thailand. The energy was quite nasty before we did that but we were mobbed by several dolphin pods on our return trip through there. Somebody had already flipped all the death towers and weather weaponry along Mexico’s coast but we found some evidence of noxious underground activity in a couple of the more remote Mexican coastal areas where there were no death towers or roads.

    Maybe someday there will be organized efforts to use CBs but in order to have any organized effort that isn’t populated and castrated by federal moles we’re perhaps going to need to discard this parasitic, irredeemable federal behemoth, then of course there won’t be a destructive storm agenda, any more πŸ˜‰

  8. Don Croft

    It’s easy to sidetrack people with talk about specialized equipment but for long-lasting results it’s still necessary to intelligently and diligently distribute the simplest orgonite muffins, of course. That, to me, is in line with the notion that the meek are inheriting the earth. The fancy stuff tends to attract unaccountable chest pounders and sycophants but the humble towerbuster still reigns in the field of long-term results, as exemplified here by our courageous and resourceful African cohorts.

  9. Don Croft

    Dirk, thanks for sharing the old EW forum posts about round weather patterns because this is a really fine, if rare these days, way to locate the more noxious weather weaponry.

    The round weaponized storms in Australia happened around the time it began raining abundantly throughout the Australian desert, which was achieved when a coordinated effort was made to flip all the weaponry around all of the accessible coastline. The only stretch of coast they weren’t able to reach was in the north, where swampland and sparse population made roadbuilding impractical. I see that those weather weapons were located quite far inland.

    Dirk is running the Etheric Warriors facebook page, by the way, which Chuck set up some years ago but was never used.

  10. Dan Stanton

    With hurricane Irma tearing up Florida and soon the East Coast up to New York we need as many CBs, Howitzers, and other orgonite tools, that are effective in neutralizing major weather systems like hurricanes and tornadoes, set up along the East Coast and Florida. A line of orgonite tools spread out up and down the coast every twenty miles, or so, should put up enough positive orgone energy to make a difference. We need concentrations of these CBs and Howizers placed in groups of 4, or more, pointing towards the storm fronts. That should put up enough energy to bust up and neutralize these storms.

    It is time for people to recognize that these storms are not going to diminish on their own. Chance are, they may have been artificially created via HAARP, or other weather war tools. So, we use artificial tools to combat this. These orgonite tools, that we have available, access scalar wave or chi energy and can affect things on a multi dimensional level. This is what we need to learn about, is how to be effective in using these tools that are available to us. We need to learn as much as we can on how to use these tools. The future of humanity and this planet may depend on us, and groups like us.

    If you are able to participate in this struggle by providing the tools purchased from the current manufactures of this equipment, or you are available to become manufacturers of orgonite tools or are able to organize groups who can acquire these tools and then place them in key areas in an organized fashion you are needed, now.

    Thank you for your interest.

  11. Jeremy weintraub

    First of all….

    Thank you for everything you and Carol (and others) have done to help florida. I have been tracking the Hurricanes ever since my friend taught me about and how to make orgonite in 2008. Every year I observe a deflection, but every year the hurricanes seem to come closer to the shoreline, and I was wondering if your wife or any other psychics did a clairvoyant survellance of the locations of the orgonite to see if we were still protected. I can’t believe I can write to you, I am so honored to be able to know who has helped keep florida safe for all these years

    Kind regards, jeremy

  12. Dan Stanton

    In addition to the use of the Croft’s designs for Cloud Busters which are turning up all over the place. I even found a bunch of them for sale on as well as your vendor in Africa.

    Today, I found a website that was quite critical of the use of Cloud Busters as a means of weather alteration. It seems they were referring to the old designs of Wilhelm Reich which had some flaws in their design. The devices were throwing off too much bad orgone and making the operators sick.

    This brings me to the website of Neil Slade. He teaches people to just use their minds to bust clouds. His method is quite old and very effective. I has been on the Art Bell radio show back in the late 1990’s discussing and demonstrating the effectiveness of this simple mental technique of cloud busting. He even did a demonstration where he mobilized and used the radio audience of an estimated 10 million listeners to concentrate on ending a drought in Florida. Sure enough. The weather satellite maps showed that withing 3 days of the demonstration Florida’s drought was ended and they got over 10 inches of rain.

    Now, if a large group of participators could be mobilized and focused on their intent like that, not only could they end droughts but possibly they could neutralize and defeat hurricanes like Irma.
    Something of this nature needs the combined mental efforts of a group of meditators focusing their mental and spiritual energies.

    If we combined meditators with those with Cloud Busters and Power Wands we could generate a combined force strong enough to break up and dissipate hurricanes. This is a method that can be used. We need to set up a group that can combine their efforts and do this on a regular basis.

    We have the spiritual, mental and physical tools to do this. Our time has come.

  13. Don Croft

    Dan, I don’t think there was anything wrong with Reich’s design and when one was sensitive enough to subtle energy in the atmosphere one got astounding results with these, as Trevor Constable later proved.

    One simply had to be very careful handling the pipes in addition to being energy sensitive in order to stay safe, as Reich constantly warned. This is why Carol and I incorporated an orgonite base to our version and an orgonite cloudbuster certainly lacks the punch of Reich’s–it’s essentially a local weather balancer, which is what we intended. Several thousand of these were made in 2001 and 2002 and I think that every community on the planet is going to have one before long. Lots of Chinese are even building them, now, and the gov’t confiscates them when they can, there.

    For bigger results one really needs to get around and bust all the transmission weaponry, of course, and put orgonite in bodies of water, also put earthpipes in teh ground when there are unerground sources of poisonous energy (that also affects the atmsophere/environment negatively).

    Bear in mind that most of the material that Google/NSA send enquirers to is disinformation and some of it is incredibly clever and includes grandiose, unfounded claims for orgonite cloudbusters. Genuine, empowering information typically needs to be ‘excavated’ from the web, rather. That’s how people eventually find us. It’s up to each of us to use our sense of smell rather than our minds to discern such things, I think.

    Around 2004 a group of chiropractors quietly went all around the Houston metro area and busted all that weaponry, also did so along the coast in the vicinity of Corpus Christi, then went out in a boat or boats and distributed orgonite up and down the coastline for some distance. There are dozens of orgonite cloudbusers in the immediate area, too. This sort of systematic, thorough distribution of simple orgonite is what we did in Southern Florida 11 years ago, immediately after the last hurricane came ashore until Irma got to the Florida Keys last week. I’ll be interested to see whether the sewer rats can keep generating these storms or whether it just requires too much energy to keep up the momentum. Before Irma got near any land the winds were 200mph, by the way, then it rapidly diminished as soon as it approached the first landfall, where there is a load of orgonite in the sea, thanks to Dave Emmett, who was living in Barbados at the time.

    In satellite imagery one can see how the sewer rats managed to stall a massive rainstorm right over Houston to create the flooding and the edge of it was apparently dragging water up into the atmosphere from the Gulf, nearby. After many days, the storm moved in a natural way and began to dissipate immediately.

  14. Jeff Miller

    Dan, I have subjectively concluded that Art Bell is a controlled-opposition Illuminist shill.

    As I see it, Neil Slade, or Art Bell saying “you don’t need simple, inexpensive Orgonite devices, use your MINDS, instead!” is about as bald as it gets, in terms of what a stooge would say to try to blunt, slow or defray the Orgonite movement.

    And I’d ask readers to note that you laid in a “I support Orgonite technology!” post immediately before, which plausibly forestalls an objection such as my own if tabled, at least as it regards your own personal beliefs. But you’re still bringing it forward, the “let’s just use our MINDS!” thesis.

    Jeremy, from my perspective, the “every year the hurricanes creep closer!” – “are we still protected?” thrust is hand-wringing, fear-inducing. My study of hurricanes over the past few years has shown a slow, steady diminution, mirrored in a drop-off of tornado activity, yet yours has shown closer-creeping doom, and an increasing loss of safety. Suffice it to say, we have different perspectives on the matter. I’d also note that your post opens and closes with Croft-fawning, with the hand-wringing fear stuff positioned in between.

    To the readership I would note that the black art and science of the “intel” trade is finite, repetitive, formulaic, and completely discernible.

    Fortunately for us all, White magic is stronger than Black, and simple truth is stronger than complex, wicked wordcraft.


  15. Edward

    I heard a news report tonight at the gas station that all the power lines in Puerto Rico were knocked down and the entire island was without power. They said the only people with power were running generators. That’s interesting since i have a friend from Puerto Rico that moved here about 15 or so years ago. After Katrina hit we were talking about how he couldn’t understand why the power lines here were not buried underground. He told me that in Puerto Rico ALL the power lines across the entire island were buried underground, and had been for many years. Somebody is lying, I wonder who?😀


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