Christine : Ibrahim airport gifting attack

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Yesterday i got the report  that one week ago, Ibrahim  while escorting one of his friend to Bole international airport Adis ababa , then  on his way back he thought it wise to use the opportunity to reach  the area with the orgonite, but unfortunately  the air port security officers in civilian sported him and arrested him and he is in jail.


8 thoughts on “Christine : Ibrahim airport gifting attack

  1. From Dancan

    From Dancan

    Ibrahim was attacked while doing gifting with one of his friend at the air port in Ethiopia. They were later taken to jail and the fine is $700 or 18 months in the jail.

    That is Christine’s post from the EW .

    Yesterday i got the report that one week ago, Ibrahim while escorting one of his friend to Bole international airport Adis ababa , then on his way back he thought it wise to use the opportunity to reach the area with the orgonite, but unfortunately the air port security officers in civilian sported him and arrested him and he is in jail.

    From Dancan

  2. Mrs. O Post author

    From that severe attack that hits our friend and colleague Ibrahim, we can only see how we can help his family as we still see ways on how to settle that matter, for they need a lot of money that we cannot raise as per now.
    Any well wisher can can contribute through Dancan’s paypal address
    Mrs O

  3. From Dancan

    Hallow My Friends
    Thanks a lot my friends i hope you are doing well. In fact one of our friends by the name Ibrahim got arrested last week when he was doing gifting around the air port in their country of Ethiopia. He had been taken to court and they fined him $700 or equivalent of 18 months in prison. Here in our country we had been living under fear and havoc due to the disputed election result, and even tomorrow the supreme court are give their final verdict . Even now we can more police officers streaming in our areas under the pretext of maintaining peace and order. In Kisumu which is our home town they had killed many people. I Ibrahim is a family man he is having 5 children who go to school and a wife. So any well wisher can donate via Dancan papal address or Western Union or money gram
    Christine have posted about that attack in the EW

    Mrs O

  4. Don Croft

    Our readers may not know that the Bilo orgonite which Dancan has recently shown in his report was created in order to finance the kikundi’s emergency needs, such as the $700 bribe to get Ibrahim out of jail.

    There’s a very generous supply of this miraculous product and the profit from the sales will likely cover the cost if our readership has returned to a reasonable volume by now.

    Just order from Dancan at the email address he provided and payment is made the same way.

    Most of us can’t actually go to Africa but you can get some of the Real Thing (potent, African healing/protection magic) from there, at least.


  5. Don Croft

    The kikundi, which is the Kiswaili word for ‘team, ‘ among other things, have come a very long way since David Ochieng and Mrs Omollo first emailed me in 2003 and were soon joined by Christine Oginga in S Sudan and her late husband, Salva Kirr, then by Dancan, Chris, Nicholas, Ibrahim and friends in Ethiopia, Nancy and Lilian in Uganda,

    In those days, most of them were earning a subsistence by farming, fishing and street vending. Their common interest was a profound passion for the restoration of the vitality of their climate, the resurgence of agriculture and fishing and increasing the harmony of their communities. They seemed to know that orgonite could accomplish this and they’ve since provided exemplary reports to confirm it. I once asked Jeff Miller to find published statistical evidence of their regional progress and he did that quite easily and included it in his now-extensive Positive Changes compiliation.

    The creation of Bilo orgonite for sale has the potential to move our friends entirely away from the charity-dependency mindset that became so commonplace in Africa during colonization. For several years, their local and regional orgonite production and sales has been taking care of their basic needs and has even allowed them to experience some prosperity and I think the sewer rat agencies in the West routinely imprison and wound them in order to drive them to seek charity. You’ll note that their only appeals, these days, are for emergencies. In the early years they actually needed a lot of help just to afford to make orgonite, then in 2009, soon after the apparent murder of David, his wife and Salva, the market demand for their orgonite suddenly became established and their good reputations started growing throughout the nations of East Africa.

    I think that before long, God willing, they won’t need charity and will be able to pay for the emergencies on their own. I suspect that the sewer rat agencies (MI6, CIA and the Jesuits, mainly) will stop molesting them this way because it will be seen, even by these slow-learning felons, as counterproductive.

  6. Don Croft

    When I was in Namibia I had several days to read before getting busy with Gert Botha in the desert so I visited a bookstore in Windhoek (the capital) that was owned by black Africans and picked up some incredibly informative books about African culture and history. That was in December, 2001, a couple of years before I was in contact with our East African cohorts and it was a few months after Carol returned from working in the AIDS-decimated village that happens to be quite near Kisumu and Migori. Carol used to go to Kisumu to do her email, in fact. the lake was so polluted and poisonouss that there were signs on the beach, warning people not to wade in the water 😉

    The crime rate in Kisumu was sky-high, too. These two problems were among the first that the kikundi ‘fixed’ with strategic orgonite placement and, as we know, the fish became so abundant that people were hauling in nets from sore that were literally too heavy with fish for one person to drag onto the beach. Before, fishermen had to travel quite far from shore in order to find fish.

    Coach Dooney advised me to keep my comments short but it seemed important to me to share them here. I’ll get it right before long, Coach.

    I was shocked, but not too surprised, to learn that western scholars who typically write about African culture and history are in deep denial and fail or refuse to discern most of the important features of this subject. African scholars aren’t hobbled that way and, at least in the books I read, they were quite objective.

    ‘Conventional wisdom,’ and ‘common sense’ are oxymorons. I think you’ll agree. Simple reasoning dictates that if one wants to learn about a culture it’s probably going to be more productive to consult people who are part of that culture than to consult people who are not. We in the west are well programmed to avoid simple reasoning and objectivity and the Church of Settled Science (who still weirdly deny even the existence of the ether) exemplify that intellectual handicap. Most scientists are foolish mystics, more attracted to abstruse, unfounded theories than to simple, observable dynamics. I was surprised to discover that pretty soon after I got into the zapper trade in 1996.

    I said all that in order to introduce this:

    Before colonization women typically ran the economy. In those days poverty was not common and the institution of charity wasn’t a foundation of African life until colonization caused it to be, later on. I think they had to establish misogyny in order to destroy the economy and make Africans largely dependent on foreigners. If I’m not mistaken, we’re going to witness a return to more traditional cultural dynamics throughout Africa before very long

    Many Africans sincerely believe that in order to get ahead (past subsistence livelihood) one needed to get a leg up from missionaries or non-governmental agencies. To overcome this deep-rooted assumption is as challenging, for them (I imagine) as it is for Westerners to overcome our weird assumption that it’s alright to be governed by sociopaths.

    I call that exercise ‘the matching game.’ I got that term from the renowned Canadian scholar and peace worker, Ruhiyyih Rabbani. She used it to answer prejudicial statements about other races and cultures.

    Our amazing friends are on the threshold of self-reliance and it will have been a hard-won accomplishment over many years of hard, strategic effort against grievous odds that would cause most of us in the west to feel defeated. I tell everyone that the kikundi exemplify this global healing effort and I feel very proud and honored that they’re posting their reports here.

  7. Chris

    Chris: Thanks a lot Don for such a good comment, in fact in real sense we the ” Kikundi ” have come from very far and even some of the hardship that we have came across along the service are so sever, we had even incurred some the death and the death threat but our ambition must continue to meet the demands of our people . All that we have incurred in our pursue for the good of the others must continue despite the interception of the sewer rats whose aims is to disrupt our success.
    Since the invention of the bilo orgonite i know we are going to face a new era of success in our fight to rehabilitate our highly devastated and waste lands. If we could get the support that would enable Ibrahim and his friend our could be very good. In fact if we could get those who could order bilo orgonite can use Dancan’s address and though the sale i know we are going to raise a good money to offset such like bills.
    For sure Ibrahim is not going well in the prison and he is one who had been personally looking for the well being of his family. Any wisher could just donate for Ibrahim’s release.

  8. Mrs. O Post author

    That is the message of Ibrahim’s wife i got that message in my mails this afternoon. It was like that they could take the cash bail before judgement but now they need the total amount which $400

    Hi Mrs O and Dancan,

    We really appreciate your friend Tomas on the money that he had sent to help my husband Ibrahim. Now previous they need cash bail 7000 Birr Ethiopian currency. Through good we managed to get this money but when we went to pay this money they refused and said they could only allow this money before judgement. And since the had already been passed and my husband is already in prison, now they need the total amount for his release. The total fine is 16396 Ethiopian Birr. Since we have got 700 birr we now remain looking for 9000 Birr.

    I was there and his condition is not good he is sick and i hope God willing he will be out before he suffered much in the cold place. Mrs O and Dancan you can help in that and you can even talk with your friends.



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