Bilo orgonite attack

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Hi our readers, its quite unfortunate that we sent bilo orgonite to one of our friends Don Croft and so farΒ  the items is not received yet, so its likely that the attackers might have been intercepted and interfered with its delivery. So am requiting for more boosting for it to be released and delivered to the owner. I have gone to the post office to check its current location. They assured me that they going to work on it.

Mrs O

2 thoughts on “Bilo orgonite attack

  1. Don Croft

    Thanks, Mrs O. Many times, secret police in several countries (including the US) have interfered with the delivery of our customers’ packages and we were usually able to cause them to be delivered by boosting the packages, sometimes after several months in ‘limbo.’ It worked more often than it failed. Posting about interference also helps because parasites prefer to work in the dark and they avoid exposure more energetically than they avoid bullets, I think πŸ˜‰


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