Overt hacking of my business email account, again

A couple of weeks ago, NSA bridge trolls were preventing me from logging into my own email account for three and a half days. I was on a trip at the time.   I’m planning another, shorter trip today and not a single email has reached my email account since yesterday so this time it’s even more overt.  I’m posting about it to ‘encourage’ these secret police sociopaths to back off and allow me to do my business online without being sabotaged.  I bet half of these miscreants who do the NSA’s dirty drudgery live in their mothers’ basements 😉

4 thoughts on “Overt hacking of my business email account, again

  1. Simone

    Dear Don,
    I can confirm that yesterday, after trying to send you a message twice, I got 2 email failure notices, so I was wondering what was going on. Hope this impasse gets sorted out soon.
    I seize the opportunity to share with everyone a bit of my personal story (with minor editing) from my email correspondence with Don…
    Yes, to support a corrupt government more privileges are to be given to those who accept to do the dirty work. “A Clockwork Orange” kind of integration through domesticated violence. Blackmail, fear, convenience, ignorance, greed, egoism… the tools of this perverted system.
    Back in 1998-1999 I was hosted by a family in the USA as an exchange student, and I went to high-school there like a regular junior kid. Funny that in your adventures you also mention the little town I’ve been living in […]
    Back then I had no idea whatsoever of what the shadow government had in store for us (or that there was a shadow government at all!) but I was so pissed off by my Italian high-school here that I was willing to take my chances. It was an interesting experience, and I’m still in touch with the family that hosted me, although there’s a big cultural gap between us, a rebel-vs-pajama kind of dichotomy, if you will 😉
    I had been in India for about 5 months (visiting Osho International Resort and travelling around) when the WTC was demolished. Shortly afterwards I got back to Italy, and it took a very short research for me to figure out that the official version was just a big joke, but I couldn’t convince my US family, since they would just give unconditional credit to the official debunkers. At some point I understood that it was too much for them to even consider that something like that could have been orchestrated by their own government, so I gave up.
    After reading Orwell’s 1984 I became sick for about a week. To me it was such a crude and extremely accurate picture of our world. Some of my host-family members had also read it, but to them it was just a fictional book like any other.
    I’ve been experiencing this kind of disconnection throughout my life. Sometimes I would just decide to give myself a break and focus on something else for a while, but every time, sooner or later, the sea of life kept washing back ashore the debris of its current predatory wrecks.
    Perhaps the most tricky part in this global scam is the cultural bias, what people think they know. If we were like blank sheets it wouldn’t be hard to understand what’s really going on, but so many people seem to have invested so much in this or that piece of the puzzle (like financial security, career, respectability, political/social/religious opposed affiliations, etc) that they think they would be lost without all that, so basically supporting the status quo becomes a way to protect the ego’s toys.

  2. Don Croft Post author

    Thanks a lot for sharing that, Simone. Readers outside the US may not know that 1984 has been required reading for American high school students for a very long time–perhaps since the heyday of the nazi-esque ‘military industrial complex’ of the 1950s. Another weird choice that is ‘required’ for high school students is Lord of the Flies and let’s not forget Catcher in the Rye. Miles Mathis did a good and thorough job exposing the bankruptcy and sociopathic engineering of nearly all popular culture and art through history . Before I read all that, I didn’t quite understand why essentially every substantive person who improves our world and reaches celebrity status gets assassinated. It makes celebrity undesirable, like getting a Nobel Prize after Henry Kissinger, Dr Gallo (developer of the AIDS vial weapon) and several other world-class miscreants and repeat offenders got theirs.

    Nearly everyone who starts to learn about how the world is run by parasites and openly objects to it experiences a break in most of our personal relationships because the vast majority of people work pretty hard not to recognize this. That’s why some of us refer to them as Pajama People. I love the PJ folks in my life and some of even them teach me important life lessons and are more savvy in the ways of people than I am. That’s why I never call them ‘sheeple.’ I think that term is degrading and judgemental. PJ folks will readily agree that they don’t want to know how the world is run so I’m not insulting them.

    Thanks, also, Simone, for introducing me to Andrea, who has that exemplary orgonite blogsite in Italy. We’re already conspiring together 😉 and his timely appearance in my life is a wonderful confirmation of Coach Dooney’s stated beliefs that the blog format is the way of the present/future and that Chuck’s sacrifice has led us directly to it.

  3. Don Croft Post author

    I’m very happy to report that Dooney didn’t do anything except boost these NSA felons on Wednesday evening with us in her chatroom. So I’m counting coup on these child killers by making the claim that we forced them to stop molesting my email account, then.

    Please consider or remember that you and I are more powerful than the criminals who presume to govern us.

  4. Edward

    Glad it’s working again! Lately the things they do to screw with me are so petty and insignificant it’s not even funny. It’s sad how desperate they are becoming to keep me broke. Lately the things they have done just further galvanizes me and causes me to more actively fight them in the spiritual realm.

    They have screwed up though. They have gas lighted me so much in the last several months that the people around me, especially my wife, are really starting to wake up to what’s going on. Soon i will have a local group of people helping me fight them. hehe

    If they had only marginally screwed with me as they did for years after my divorce, my new wife probably would have not waken up, at least not so soon. And the few friends surrounding me would have just continued to think i was crazy, but no more! They are genuinely interested in what im doing now and some of them even want me to gift their churches. anyway, glad your email is working again.


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