Chris: Orgonite gifting in Lake Malawi

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The whole work which  i did in Lake Malawi this time is of greater value to the fishermen who live and work around  that place  had been benefiting and now they are going to double their harvest. This time i got an opportunity  to reach some new members and i did a  good work which enable them to double their harvest. To the old members what i got from them was nothing but the good harvest which really impressed me a lot.

Through this visit , this time i got a another chance to recruit other members who are willing to cooperate and for sure we are going to have a good work where by at  the end of the season the product is going to double and all will be well.


1 thought on “Chris: Orgonite gifting in Lake Malawi

  1. Mrs. O Post author

    In fact Chris have done a great work in Malawi and Zambia and i am very sure that this time we are going to penetrate and reach the wide scope with the gifting mission.


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