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On July 3, 2002, we held our first  online chat session because DB contacted Carol and I, frantic about what he perceived was a plan to detonate a dirty nuke near Chicago’s very crowded waterfront during the annual fireworks display.   Carol also got a sense that this was in the works.  At the time, I think there was one other psychic working with those two.

Over the course of the next seven years or so several more psychics, in N America and Europe, joined the weekly chats, usually to foil similar mayhem ageandas.   Several non-psychics, including me, added force to the effort by ‘boosting,’ which you can read about on donebydooney.com.  It’s a potent self defense technique, as well as a proactive way to deal with predators.  There were several incidents that produced almost immediate evidence of our effectiveness in obituaries.  We just figure that predators who receive powerful love from our own hearts but can’t assimilate the energy are committing suicide by choosing to have shrivelled up hearts, no longer capable of receiving love.  It happened often enough to show us that we were on the right track. It doesn’t ‘prove’ anything but warriors always operate on ‘battlefield intel,’ after all.  We don’t feel obliged to prove ourselves to anyone else in order to move forward. I personally figure that more objective science will eventually catch up.  The first electricians were considered sorcerers, for instance.

For that matter, have you noticed that the more university education one has, the more immersed that person has become in a weird sort of mysticism?  They’re more inclined to accept abstruse, complex theories than to simply apply rational analysis to what they’re observing.  Isaac Newton’s first love was alchemy and his biographers are embarrassed to draw attentio to any of his alchemical ruminations, which are quite silly by any standard, today.  He’s a primary institution of materialistic science.   I think this fundamental imbalance is why conventional science is sometimes called, ‘The Church of Settled Science.’  They certainly have a version of the Spanish Inquisition: anyone who expresses a belief in a creator or insists on the existence of the ether is savagely blackballed and sometimes even imprisoned, for instance.   What was done to Dr Wilhelm Reich is a clear example and there are many others, even today.

Our friend, Mark, who recently retired from a prestigious position at a state university as a philosophy professor, used to refer to going to work as ‘Going to North Korea.’  The institution despised him because he focused on teaching Socrates.  I really enjoy visiting with him because he was a professional psychic healer . before a health crisis inspired him to pursue an academic career in his 40s.

The reason I included Max Freedom Long’s book about Huna magic in the links page is because Mr Long had a very broad and open view of science and he considered the accomplishments of the Kahunas of Hawaii to simply be a much older form of science. This understanding really puts infantile but overweening materialism into focus for me.  I titled the link, ‘The Science of Magic.’   While we’re on the subject, please consider buying some of the Bilo orgonite from our East African cohorts.  African magic is even older and more highly developed than Hawaiian magic, in my opinion, and according to Long’s evidence, Huna magic originated in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  I see that Maji Marefu of Tanzania, who crafts the magical element for this wonderful product, is now considered to be one of the kikundi (team) and I hope he’ll post reports, here.  I’m really looking forward to meeting that remarkable and accomplished man.

Carlos Silva of orgonite-portugal.com (one of this blogsite’s capable administrators) kindly made a PDF of a book I  had shared with him about Gypsies.  This is also one of the links because I think it can help the materialistic reader overcome the deep, programmed prejudice that has prevented Europoids from accessing this empowering and fascinating subject matter.  Orgonite is pretty clearly ‘etheric’ technology, for instance.   It’s a first hand account, written by a Frenchman who had been adopted by a Gypsy tribe in his youth, during WWII.  Carlos and I feel that it provides remarkable evidence of the practical  use of magical tech and that it also helps dispel the fog of disgusting theosophy programming that so many otherwise-intelligent people in the West have blindly embraced .  Later on, we found a series of articles written by a scholarly Hungarian Gypsy that traced the Gypsies’ origin to a group of Northern Tribe Jews who had been taken by the Assyrians to Scythia in the 9th Century, BC.

Dooney has spent countless hours building this blogsite after Chuck was murdered and the forum website was subsequently destroyed, last month.  She and her mate, Stevo, are visiting us this weekend and she’s been schooling me about the architecture of this blogsite, which is why I’m posting something in this category, now.  She said it’s important to post something in all of the categories and the psychic work is one of my favorite subjects, though I don’t write much about it, any more.  Carol and I are keen to go to work on the primary, national satanic court-energizing CIA sites in Colorado before summer is done and I feel happiest when I’m with her in the field.   I just re-posted that data and also added as a link:  The Satanic Foundation of America’s Courts.    I’d love to dedicate that campaign to the late, brilliant and beloved Chuck Tellechea.




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  1. Angel

    I’m so very sorry for the loss of such a wonderful person, warrior, friend, and family man. I pray that we are all kept safe and protected.


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