Illinois’ 7th state record fish in 2017

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The article that follows tells of the 7th state record fish in Illinois in 2017. That maps against many, many other examples in this thread of records being broken for fish all over the U.S., and all over the globe.

The talking head from an Illuminist-bloodline family who gets quoted in the article, Illinois fisheries chief Dan Stephenson, tells us “Normally we average roughly one state record per year so 2017 is definitely an outlier!

Outlier: a statistical observation markedly different in value from the others of the sample

While what the shill has said is technically, factually correct, wouldn’t you think a top-rank fish-enthusiast such as himself would be well-acquainted with the fact that fish records are suddenly being broken all over the globe? Certainly moreso than a layperson such as myself,

I’d ask the reader to notice that he doesn’t make any mention of all the other fish records in all the other states, nor does he offer any suggestion as to what is causing the amazing, historically-unprecedented phenomenon.

This fish is described by the reporter as a “doozy.” Fish-expert-man says, generally, with purposeful vagueness, that the record was broken “by over a pound.” We’re given the old and new records, but there’s no mention of the fact that it’s 7% larger than the previous record. I had to do the math. Such records are usually broken by tiny margins.

There’s no mention, by anyone, as to what, precisely, is causing the historically-unprecedented growth. They can’t even manage the stock excuses “boom-bust cycles accompanying Climate Change” or (shake tattered voodoo doll), or “increased fishing participation.” Nope, nothing. Which is cheering, in that it shows that particular offense is collapsing, has collapsed.

Reading three, or even two successive examples such as this – examples employing identical, formulaic methods and tactics – is enough to prove a pattern, a larger Conspiracy. And this thread includes dozens upon dozens of nearly-identical examples. “If there were Some Big Conspiracy, someone would speak up, someone would notice.” Yes!

Only a committed, willfully-ignorant Coincidence Theorist could or would suggest otherwise. Which is just what the folks who cooked up the Snake-Oil religion that holds that “Poor Mother Gaia is Dying, Crushed by the Virus-Like Burden of Mankind” fervently hope.

These repetitive, formulaic tactics and verbiage are not all-powerful. In fact, they are only marginally powerful. They’re certainly not going to forever hold back the simple truths I’m elucidating and repeating here.

The ages-long, Death-energy-based assault upon Nature, upon all life by the barely-closeted Death worshippers who have ruled us from the shadows all the way back to Babylon, and before has been found out, and having been exposed, will not withstand the light of day, of larger, wider awareness.

If you haven’t done so already, please consider spreading the word in whatever way you feel appropriate, won’t you?



June 20, 2017 – Illinois’ 7th state record fish in 2017: Latest is hybrid striped bass

The most astonishing year for records in Illinois fishing just keeps going. The latest is the Illinois record for hybrid striped bass.

And it is a doozy.

So far in 2017, Illinois has had record fish for whitefish (three times), burbot, hybrid crappie, brown bullhead and hybrid striped bass.

Here is the word from Illinois fisheries chief Dan Stephenson:

“We have a new state record hybrid striped bass by over a pound. It’s official weight on a certified scale was 21 pounds 7.2 ounces and was taken by Robert Vericella from Lake Bloomington. IDNR fisheries biologist Mike Garthaus certified the fish. It was 33 3/4″ long and had a girth of 26 3/4″. We did not do a genetic test since pure striped bass have never been stocked in the lake or any nearby waters and we haven’t stocked pure stripers in the state much since 2000, for various reasons I won’t go into at this time. Also the meristic and morphological characteristics are that of a hybrid not a pure. This makes the 7th state record to fall this year (3 lake whitefish). Normally we average roughly one state record per year so 2017 is definitely an outlier!

David Gjelsvik caught the previous record striper (20 pounds, 0.32 ounces) on June 20, 1993 from Lake of Egypt.

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