The gifting of the capital city of Brasília

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by Edu, former EW Forum poster

It all starts with a prayer. Please god place me were it needs. Them out of the blue came the opportunity to travel to Brasília, our country capital for watching the presidential inauguration with most expenses paid. Divinity really empowers those who are willingly to do commit.

The last election clearly split the country in half bringing forward also much hatred and regional prejudices. Of course both sides are puppets of the world odor. This government has a pacifying role for the poor masses while silently indoctrinating the “Collective Soul” of their “Educating Fatherland”, but it discretely fears a coup.

Brasilia was prophesied by the Jesuit priest Dom Bosco in 1882 and it was built in 1960, inspired in every detail in the ancient Egyptian city of Akhetaton, built by the pharaoh Akhenaton. It’s cut by infamous the parallel 15 south, known for it’s UFO activity and it’s very likely to be linked to a Reptilian Hive. It was built from nothing exactly in the geographical center of Brazil, just like Akhetaton was built in the middle of the Egypt, and it’s architecture is full of pyramids and Illuminati symbols . The parallels are many and have been summarized by the book “The Secret Brasilia: Enigma of Ancient Egypt” by the Rosicrucian historian Iara Kern. The city was obviously built with occult purposes in mind.

Gifting Brasilia during the morning of January 1st, 2015 was a great experience. The night before I was attacked at the hotel for discouraging me and making me think I wouldn’t be able to make any difference. When They can’t stop you they try to make you stop by hitting you with fears. But morning came and 63 TBs and 1 HHG were deployed around the Ministry Esplanade (Esplanada dos Ministérios), were the most important brazilian federal government buildings are, and around Brazilian government Central Bank (BACEN). The area between the Brasília bus station and the “Praça dos Três Poderes” (Square of the three powers) is over-gifted, covering many important government and public business head offices, influencing decisions and disrupting black magick at a national level . Most orgonite contained Lapis Lazuli together with plain Quartz. This indigo blue energy makes people more insightful to lies an deception and plots by the parasites that puppeteer the politicians. Many towers were around the place, probably for keeping the leashes over the government officials and politicians.

As soon as the gifting run started, sylphs showed themselves in number, quickly cleaning the sky, lifting the veil of sickening Deadly Orgone Radiation (DOR). They were very helpful, purposefully showing the boundaries of the gifted area and also the DOR hot-spots. A huge blue hole quickly formed, surrounded by the usual white chemical haze. After that many chemtrail planes tried to cover the area again but in vain, for no matter how much they spewed, it quickly disappeared after planes.

The afternoon had a beautiful sky with puffy clouds that remaining during all the time during the Presidential Inauguration. I’m really curious what effect it had, with all the media attention and juju for the nomination of many public officials by the president, that day. It couldn’t be a better day for gifting actually, because the streets were mostly empty, the entire city was empty for it was just after the new year celebration holiday.

UPDATE: More that two years after the gifting, much happened in Brazilian politics. It didn’t got any better, actually it got worst, but one thing is different now: it’s pretty clear to anyone who looks at politics with a detached mood that all of them are exactly the same crap. Widespread corruption among all parties is the main source of misery for an otherwise rich country and all the attempts to divert from this only look like silly ploys. Political alliances are nothing but exchange of self-interested favors and justice is a selective tool for the persecution of adversaries. Corruption “scandals” are monthly shows. The last government was blatantly unlawfully removed from power only to be substituted by an even worse. Current government has the lowest popularity in history, showing a complete failure of the mass media in creating any popular successor. It does not matter, they already rule against the will of the people and made it pretty dam clear they don’t care. They will appoint some one from their hand picked puppets to continue the puppet show and give more access to the country’s natural riches for the rest of the world, in detriment of the local population.

Democracy is an exposed farce and it’s only up to the PJs start paying attention to the obvious. There is no longer any plausible facade of morality covering the actions of any party, only short-sighted emotional militancy can still find interest in this irrecoverable system. Any opposition is just a simulation for the sake of appearances. It’s curious that even PJs now start to get acquainted with “conspiracy theories” , even if still misguided by left-right dialectics, as last government’s impeachment showed all the signs of being managed by the mass media and the anglo-american-israeli axis of power.

In the light of all of this I consider the gifting successful as nothing more is capable of staying hidden. They will act as they ever did, but now have to fake some accountability. It’s now a continuous corrupt hunt, where every now and then they have to sacrifice one of their own in order to keep the illusion of law. There is no peace for their kind, now that the frenzy has begun they will eat each other until the end.

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