What’s the importance of crystals in orgonite?

Posted 12-5-13 by Don Croft

There’s a boatload of disinformation and misinformation about the function of crystals in our orgonite.  Most of that seems to be designed to cause the less discerning to assume that simple orgonite is no good.  This effectively stops them from making and tossing orgonite in a productive way.  Only a few people can afford to buy enough orgonite for field work to really make a positive change where they live.  To flip all of the death towers a city of a million, for instance, you’d need at least a thousand simple towerbusters.

It’s definitely true that the crystal isn’t necessary for the function of changing deadly and sickening energy into vital life force.  It rather seems to be the way the metal and organic matrix are combined that achieve that and it may be that the organic matrix has to be in crystalline form for orgonite. It doesn’t need to be crystalline for orgone accumulators.  My sauna is also an orgone accumulator, for instance, and it’s surrounded with layers of aluminum foil and plastic film.  Being in there causes my lungs to expand so I don’t need to be psychic to know that it’s improving my health.  I keep a bit of orgonite on top of it so that it won’t ever accumulate bad energy.  Otherwise, it feels pretty much the same as my earlier ‘coffin’ orgone accumulator did.  That one was very good for quickly reversing hypothermia after a long day of working in the cold as a signwriter.  I don’t spend much time outside in the cold, these days.

I experimented a lot with accumulators of various sizes and shapes in 1997 and 1998 and immediately saw the difference between orgone accumulators and oronite, or rather my 11-year-old psi daughter, who was living with me at the time,  did.

Also, I didn’t add crystal to my first orgonite experiments because I didn’t know it had a crystal in it; Karl Welz has always used powdered crystal in his, so his disgruntled orgonite customer who informed me about the basic components of orgonite after scratching away some paint wasn’t aware of the crystal component.  Welz gave me some powdered quartz when I visited him in 2003 and when I made a towerbuster with it Carol felt that the energy was too ‘hot’ to be as effective in our applications.  I’ve always assumed it’s appropriate for radionics, though, which is Welz’ forte.

People who have the sensitivity and insight to combine gems and other elements in orgonite may find this notion (that crystals are not essential in basic orgonite) hard to accept but Carol assures me that orgonite still transmutes bad energy to good energy without a crystal content and Nora’s initial observations confirmed it in the beginning.  The main benefit of all the ‘fancy stuff’ seems to be more in the realm of personal and social development and that’s probably because the people within the immediate area are affected through interaction with the subtle energy elements, whose effects orgonite magnifies.   I’ve always mainly been interested in promoting simple ‘field’ orgonite, rather, because this is what removes the power of the ancient corporate parasite that calls itself the New World Order. It’s a numbers game:  a million people with a piece of fancy orgonite won’t make much difference in this regard but a thousand committed people, each with a thousand humble towerbusters, certainly can.

After I made some experimental  orgonite objects without a crystal in early 1999 I cast a large crystal in a bowl of orgonite so that the point emerged, then I asked my daughter, Nora, to tell me where the energy went as I mentally directed it.  I had started working with crystals under the direction of psychics around the same time I started experimenting with orgone accumulators.  Nora had helped me in those experiments, too.   She saw the directed energy  as a bright, sky-blue beam coming out of the point of the crystal and as I directed the energy she described where it went.  I didn’t prompt her because I wanted clean data and I didn’t want her to be influenced by my expectations.  In that situation, telling your own child what you expect to see is pretty much guaranteed to skew the data because the kid may be afraid to disappoint the parent.  I’ve never pretended to be a scientist but, on the other hand, someone who uses simple rational processes can usually produce more results than a corporate lab full of institutionalized scientists can or will do.  I’m sure that’s why most of the greatest inventions are made by amateurs like us.

I also found, then, that the directed energy wasn’t limited by distance and that it could be used to affect the body.  According to what some of our psychic associates are finding orgonite’s influence even transcends dimensional limits.  This makes sense to me because I assume the death towers and other stinky corporate-order weaponry are orgone-based and affect ‘adjacent worlds.’  Maybe that’s why the Sylphs show up after a lot of death towers have been flipped with field orgonite.  The Succor Punch grew out of the use of crystals to send energy and we made our first ones for self defense.  Don Bradley and I discovered, later (while under aggressive box surveillance by several $#!+rat agencies in Los Angeles), that a Succor Punch blocks several kinds of surveillance technology.  I’m not a mystic but I agree with Dr Reich that it’s important to be aware of mystical processes. It’s all part of the new science, after all.  The Church of Settled Science, who educate all these scientists, do what they can to support myths like atheism and a mechanistic universe.

When Nora informed me that orgonite was having a positive influence on the body itself I started adding orgonite to my zappers.  I got a lot of positive and dramatic feedback from customers confirming that the orgonite had made the zapper a great deal more effective, especially in some of the ‘hard case’ sicknesses that plain zappers won’t usually cure.   At the time, I had been adding a couple of crystals to the zappers and was getting more consistent results curing genital herpes on account of that.  Adding orgonite increased the cure rate for genital herpes–that was my test disease (I often get enquiries from genital herpes sufferers) and the Terminator, which also has a mobius coil (added in early 2000) has essentially 100% success with that if it’s used properly. Carol and I got together in June, 2000 and she immediately began adding some proprietary subtle energy components that increased our zappers’ effectiveness some more.   We still add things to the orgonite in our zappers from time to time and this illustrates a productive and appropriate use for gems, etc., in orgonite. Carol’s orgonite products still set the standard for this in the industry.


Posted 6-6-14 by Don Croft

Gare Clement in Thailand asked me add a comment to a facebook discussion about orgonite and here’s what I sent him:

Thanks for including me in this discussion, Gare.  When I first found out about orgonite in late 98 (indirectly from Karl Welz) I wasn’t aware of the crystal element in it.  When I visited him in early 03 he told me that he puts powdered quartz in his orgonite.

My psychic daughter, Nora, was my tester 98′ and even though the combination of metal particles and catalyzed resin felt envigorating to me it was her observation of the energy that confirmed that this was a ‘next step’ beyond orgone accumulators, which we had been experimenting with for a year or so.

I had a hunch to cast the base of  a pretty big crystal in a little bowl of orgonite and we experimented with that.   We had been experimenting with crystals, alone, before that. The orgonite greatly magnified the effects of the crystal.

Later on, when Carol and I got together (June, 2000) we began to do field experiments with orgonite and she determined that a small piece of crystal in orgonite enabled the orgonite to have a slightly more powerful effect.  Carol is also a psychic who clearly sees subtle energies.  In fact the combination of metal bits and resin is what does the job and the simple crystals simply make it work a little better. The East Africans, who are arguably producing the most astonishing results wtih the orgonite they make and sell, use clear and translucent pebbles from local streambeds for the crystal component and the reason I like to repeat this is to show that there’s really no need to mystify this effort.

Disinformants commonly over-stress the crystal element in order to mystify the subject matter but that hasn’t seemed to slow down the dissemination of this empowering information because it seems to me that discernment is becoming fashionable and more and more people are getting tired of being lied to and misled.

That said, there are energy-sensitive people who specialize in selling orgonite for specific purposes, like protection. My wife is one of those and she started that industry in 2002 with the introduction of her Harmonic Protector.   She had made one for herself in those days because the then-new death towers were making her sick every time she went somewhere.  Within a few months we figured out how to use simple orgonite to turn those ubiquitous tower weapons into life force generators.

Posted 6-7-14 by Don Croft

After Gare posted my comment in the facebook thread he was blocked from posting here, also blocked from reading the reports so we figure this is a good confirmation that our comments on facebook hit the target.

I’ve been wondering about the usefulness of joining discussions on facebook ever since I learned, years ago, that Ai Wei Wei in China is making a huge impact against tyranny in that country with Twitter. He’s doing it in a way that the Chinese gov’t is unable to destroy or harm him.  They can’t even seem to silence him but he had moved to Twitter after the gov’t destroyed some activists who were using the internet to exercise their birthright of free speech.

Gare tried to help me access that thread on facebook, which evidently got polluted by trolls immediately but neither of the two passwords he gave me for his account enabled me to get in there.  It kind of reminds me of how I was locked out of the original Yahoo orgonite forum that I ran in 2001 & early 2002 after I posted the first instructions about how to disable the then-new death towers with simple orgonite.  In the same few minutes I was also locked out of our business website and all of my business email started disappearing. I think that was supposed to have put an end to this phenomenal, new movement and our livelihood, too.

I wonder whether trolls are relatively ineffective on facebook, twitter, etc.  It’s impossible to do anything worthwhile with forums on the internet unless the administrator vigorously excludes the sleepless army of agency employees and their well-programmed, neurotic Greek choruses (sycophants), which is too bad because then the agencies may paint the administrator as ‘intolerant,’ as they’ve tried to do in my case, now and then.

Capt Azti will fix Gare’s log-in problem shortly, as he’s had to do for several other substantive folks in this forum on a routine basis.  I’ll probably be seeing the Capt soon so I can finally learn to administer the new, more secure forum setup and do these things on my own, again. Before he improved the security, last year,  there was a lot more strangeness than now. I suspect the log-in blocks by the sewer rats are happening from the posters’ end but we’ll find out, I think. Meanwhile, every act of sabotage can be understood to mean that the person being slammed is on the right track and is damaging the corporate world order.

Carol’s in Europe again and she’s happiest on these surgical/cultural gifting missions when the sewer rats (she calls them all ‘KGB bitches’ over there, though she figures they’re mainly MI6, also Sion on this trip) crowd her in the field.

~ Don

Posted 6-7-14 by Ilka


thanks for posting this again. For us newbies this is really helpful. Does the amount or the size of crystal matter at all? In my head – and I am not psychic, so I don’t see the energy – I always thought that the orgone is neutral good energy , the crystal is almost like homeopathy giving the energy a specific quality/information , while the coils can focus and direct energy – which of course a crystal can too,but somehow in a different way. Am I very much off in my way of perceiving this?

The chips come in so many different sizes, that I am sometimes not sure if a piece is “too small” for the purpose – so usually then I add two of them. If the crystal only supplies the information to the energy, then the size should not matter that much…., does it?

Also is there an easy way to crush the crystal chips?

And if I may just share some experience I have gathered with making my batches, that may be helpful for other newbies reading this – most of the videos show the teflon muffin baking forms to make the TB and I burn mine within 3-4 batches, which only adds another regular expense. I found silicone is good, but  glass works best and if one gets the 4oz wide mouth mason canning jars, one can leave them in the 12 can cardboard box it comes in and it is like a baking form, but they slip out beautifully and none of them get distroyed in the process.  Also since they are a tad larger, it is very easy to make a surface with no metal sticking out and still have generous 3oz TBs. I know people say it is ok for metal to stick out – but when I look at the cuts on my  hands from following that advise, then I would think all the wild animals will differ and appreciate a smooth surface.


Posted 3-12-16 by Don Croft

Ilka, that’s a brilliant suggestion, thanks.  Resin always shrinks a tiny bit, after all.  The cheapest boat resin apparently shrinks the most, so might be most suitable for glass casting.  It’s also the most compatible with silicon molds but when orgonite is above a certain mass it generates enough heat to damage the silicone.  I learned that the hard way by making molds for Carol’s various-size products.  Her 5 fluid ounce (25ml?) Crystal Harmonizer may be the size limit because those molds are 12 years old and still good.

Gare, I admire you for facing down the Monarch-programmed lockstep horde and paid cadre of trained sociopaths who troll all of the public venues.  In the three years before EW was finally set up the only way I could make headway on the CIA/MI6-sponsored ‘orgonite’ forums was to dodge their slings and arrows Cool and that was always just  a temporary measure. Maybe one can succeed on Facebook and such even though these agencies own them.  The same agencies are afraid to overtly censor their YouTube website, after all, and have to content themselves with filling it up with disinformation (including a boatload of misleading stuff about orgonite). I suspect they’re easing up on censorship of Facebook by now, since so many people are talking about it.  Talking about the tyranny of parasites is more effective for disempowering tyranny than shooting the buggers could be,  by the way.  Their demise has to start with plenty of open public discussion, which I personally believe is partly why we have the internet.

I constantly mention that our East African mentors simply put a small, translucent pebble from any local streambed into each towerbuster-size piece of orgonite they produce.  I don’t think one can get farther away from the risk of confusing people with abstruse, misleading claims for crystals in orgonite.   People finally seem to grasp this, now.  Some of the old timers, including world-class field workers, still don’t understand this significant point.

Otherwise, Edu’s photo shows what I add to my towerbusters.  Shredded aluminum foil is an adequate substitute for people who can’t find waste material from machine shops or metal recyclers but we’ve always found that this waste is better. Carol pays a machinist quite a lot of money to cut her titanium and copper for the pendants and the Crystal Harmonizers but that’s only because she needs the consistency.  She gets rougher, less attractive titanium, brass and copper from recyclers for her pyramids and other products.  Dr Reich, who I’m sure was energy sensitive at least, was fond of combining different metals for his orgone accumulators, which by nature are all interactive orgone devices, after all.

Someone in Germany who makes and sells orgonite and courteously credits Carol and I for starting this global industry asked me about the time and circumstances of my first addition of crystals to orgonite and here’s what I answered him:

When I learned indirectly about Karl Welz’s orgonite in late 1998 I didn’t realize it had a crystal component. I only learned that when I visited him in early 2002 and he showed me the powdered quartz that he adds.

I had already been experimenting quite intensely with crystals and orgone accumulators for a year and a half or so and my young daughter, Nora, had been assisting me by observing the energy and answering my questions.  Before that, I was briefly married to a glamorous CIA honeypot who was adept at making and using flower essences and that was my introduction to subtle energy dynamics and elementals, which I think certainly prepared me for my introduction to orgone technology and crystals.

I was mixing metal and resin and felt very encouraged by the effects at the time, compared to orgone accumulator effects.  On a whim, I cast a large crystal in 10ml or so of the stuff, then mentally directed energy from the crystal. According to what Nora saw (and we both strongly felt) the energy from the crystal was greatly magnified by the orgonite and this has a lot of healing potential, among other positive things.

~ Don

4 thoughts on “What’s the importance of crystals in orgonite?

  1. steamer

    Hi Don: Just came across this orgonite info and am highly excited that there are solutions happening behind the scenes. I ran across this while researching shungite and C60 fullerenes. Ive just listened to many of the interviews by Nancy Hopkins at Cosmicreality.net and was wondering if anyone has tried shungite in these devices? How about magnets? She has developed a number of products including both and is an energy sensitive like your wife and daughter and says the effects of shungite (which embodies the characteristics of all minerals) are greatly enhanced by the inclusion of magnetism. (maybe try dropping in nyobium magnets and using silver wire and shungite and we can blast them bastard Dracos on their own planet). Be interested to hear from you or anyone who has tried any of the above as I intend to start making some in my shop. Ive become a believer.

  2. edward

    Obviously, I’m not Don, but i can say for sure that the neodymium magnets placed with the north facing side of the magnet placed facing up will definitely increase the power of the orgonite. i put them in all HHG’s and personal pendants i make now. I haven’t used any shungite yet, but i’m sure it will impart it’s subtle energy characteristics to the orgonite as other minerals and crystals do.

  3. Kike

    I made some orgonite wrapping aluminium and plastic foil around metal tin. Use a crystal inside.
    Have to cleanse crystal from negative energy every week.
    Don’t know if I should use crystal inside or not.
    I am very sensitive to energy and get depressed when the crystal is not being cleanse each week.
    Have no education in thing’s like this, I just use my intuition.
    Having the tin under bed has cure nerves damage I have had for year’s.
    Plus I write affirmations on pice of paper in stick inside the tin.
    My affirmations have come true.
    I tried with Karl Welz free transfer test and my affirmations didn’t work with his orgonite test.
    That’s my experience anyways. Maybe orgonite is best if one manufacturs it one self.
    Maybe it’s better to have layers like Reich.
    Have no clue I just experiment.
    If anyone have some good advice to give me I would be greatful.

  4. Don Croft

    I didn’t get enough from your description to know exactly what you did but it looks like you made an orgone accumulator, not orgonite. Orgonite has metal particles embedded in resin and accumulators area layers of metal and organic material (resin works for that). Orgonite can’t be corrupted but we don’t know why/how it works, exactly. Welz uses powdered quartz and very fine metal particles in his orgonite and it produces a slightly different dynamic from ours but I’ve always assumed that his works very well for radionics, at least. Carol says that using powdered quartz instead of a distinct stone makes orgonite ‘hotter.’

    Orgone accumulators won’t distinguish between healthy energy and poisonous energy but if you put a simple piece of orgonite near your device I think you’ll find that you won’t need to keep cleansing it. Thanks for sharing the concept–I’ve never heard of using a crystal like that but it’s obviously doing something for you. I wonder if a Succor Punch in place of that would do more. If you’re in the US, you can get one from Andy at ctbusters.com.

    My sauna is also an orgone accumulator and it’s quite invigorating but if I didn’t have orgonite near it the feds probably would have loaded it up with poisonous energy 😉

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