Dancan’s Post Gifting in Kisumu

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In Nyanza province where we stay, Kisumu is our biggest city where most of our people were killed by the police during the  post election disputed result, so its our desire to see  that we gift thoroughly in this town to stabilize lives of the people . In fact for the last few days our residents in this town at the far end of Lake Victoria had been living  under severe Punic. So i had been  in  this city for the last two days. I have manage to comb almost the sensitive areas and more so the city center  and other suburb areas and am very sure the business  will resume its normalcy.

I also manage to supply some shop keepers with the orgonite because as much as  they keep the orgonites in their shops and more the Bilo orgonite the security of  the areas will be highly enhanced. I also convinced some big hotel owners and i had to convinced  them on the effectiveness of the bilo orgonite. I managed to give them some of the orgonite with an intention that as the  customers come to eat in these big places , through their knowledge and without their knowledge they will be charged by the bilo so that in case one might have a bad intention, the bilo orgonite will automatically diffuse that bad plan.

In that disputed post election fracas injured one of our Kikundi Nicholas in Migori while trying create harmony by gfting in town.


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