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This is a general call for posts to get EW re-populated with information about orgonite. My efforts to retrieve a recent backup are not working (no surprise there) but Francisco is working on getting data from a backup from last year. You’ll be happy to know that with our new hosting situation we have nightly backups and multiple local backups so we won’t lose data again. Don and I believe that Chuck was killed to simply remove the EW presence from the internet, because he was the only one who had access to the backups, but obviously that hasn’t happened. We have multiple admins on this site now and with several copies of backups it ensures that information won’t be lost. It also spreads out the access to the information so no one person will be a target for them to take down the whole thing.

What can you do for EW? Send us your gifting reports, confirmations and orgonite experiences. The emails of our authors (posters) are on the About EW page. If you have some time on your hands, go to and search on On the calendar that comes up click on the latest snapshot of the old site, then click the Forum link to browse through old posts. Sometimes the post won’t be available but I’ve found that many of them are. Find an interesting thread or post, copy and paste it, and email it to one of us. We’ll repost it. It’s a cumbersome way to recover data but right now my goal is to get some posts up on the new site to keep interest and activity going, especially for people who may be new to EW.

This really is a grassroots effort and we’d like for you to be a part of it. We’re also looking for relevant blogs to link to, so if you have any blogsite ideas, email them to for consideration.

~ Dooney

7 thoughts on “You can help EW!

  1. KatherineA

    What format works best? I presume txt files are best, or just copy/paste into the email body? I can do a few.
    BTW, “positive changes” would make a great stand alone website. 🙂

    1. dooney Post author

      Hi Katherine,
      For me, copy and paste into the body of the email is fine. A text file works also. If you have time, include the name of the poster and date of post for each post in the thread. I’ve only been including the posts that have information in them, not the “thanks” or “great job” posts. 🙂

  2. Jeff Miller

    Katherine, good morning – Jeff Miller, here…thanks for the positive feedback, and the suggestion. “It’s own website” has been suggested previously, and it’s just not in my nature. Rather, I’m part of the Phalanx that is this forum, this blog…the thread is part of what’s going on, here, it’s all woven together.

    And my vision has always been of others posting their own examples, with their own commentary, of course within the editorial boundaries of this “magazine” – example of the great, epochal positive changes that are occurring at every level of our reality, and that are increasing in speed and magnitude.

    Me doing it “by myself” is, to me, like Jeff Clark (also a Jeff, smirk), who surfed Maverick’s alone for 15 years before anyone would join him. He told all his friends, raved about it, nope, no one was there, yet. Now everyone surfs Mav’s, well, you know what I mean by “everyone”. I’m just an intermediate surfer, and am 53 years old, and can confidently say I’ll never surf Mav’s.

    Surfing Sunset beach on Oahu is my retirement goal; big wave legend Peter Cole is blind in one eye and 87 and still surfs Sunset. I’ve heard that, given that he can’t see very well, he just charges and everyone smiles and dives out of his way.

    Not alone, here…I’ve had many others chime in on this thread, already, and I don’t expect we’ll go much farther without a broader awareness of the subjects we’re discussing.

    1. KatherineA

      Hi Jeff! Nice to meet you.

      In the end, it’s up to you and Don how and where you publish. Funny though, I was reading your Joan posts and thinking “yeah, I can see a vision here that totally could use a separate site”. Then I saw your comment here. 🙂 There are, of course, costs to running a site, especially when the parasites don’t like it (experience!!). On the other hand, you could potentially reach other readers, who would otherwise not find EW, and help more people. I do think people are starving for real, positive news and solutions.

      Fortunately, with the structure of websites and the internet in general there are almost infinite solutions in between having an independent site and just having random posts on EW: sub domains, newspaper-like column, I believe you can even do separate blogs on one site. You could do outreach by writing articles for other peoples sites –maybe linking back to a special page on EW–and putting your vision into an an ebook or something.

      Again these are just suggestions from an observer. It’s all up to you.

  3. C

    I might be able to extract the data from the recent backup, who knows. Willing to give it a try, if you’d like me to…

  4. Jeff Miller

    If you can get the Positive Changes thread from the backup, I would certainly like that! I’m trying to view it as ‘it’s out there…at the least, it will be recovered in its entirety when the Bad Guy regime is finally toppled, and it is found on some server of theirs. Or someone from their side will leak it. Whatever the case, I’ve only got time to keep writing, moving forward, one post at a time. One new post better than one old post I copy and revive from a web log, say. And my other thread, “Rising Female Death Rate”, had a lot of groundbreaking stuff in it, from my perspective, so if it’s not a Herculean effort to extract it, I’d love to bring that to life, as well.

    As far as “publishing more widely”, anyone who wants to spread my stuff (unedited and credited, of course) is welcome to, with or without my knowledge. It would be like “I read this post on the Buick forum, this guy told about how he replaced his main seal”, that sort of thing.

    I like that people have to find their way to an Obscure Internet Forum to get to my stuff. Because, let’s all admit it, it’s not that obscure, at all. If your awareness has risen to where you know what “Orgonite” is, you will find it. And if you don’t know what Orgonite is, not to praise, not to damn, the thread’s probably going to appear nonsensical to you, at least when you get to my thesis as to WHAT is driving the great, epochal positive changes that are occurring at every level of our reality.

    If one is not ready to assimilate a concept, being presented with it will be deleterious. So, here, one person at a time has to ‘discover’ the thread, and perhaps say to a friend “check this out”. If it’s the greatest idea in the history of the world, it will be global in a veritable moment. Things go ‘viral’, in that way. Everyone was really close on heavier than air flight at the same time. A guy from Germany achieved it several years before the Wright Brothers, as the world’s foremost book on planes now documents, much to the chagrin of the Illuminist con-artists who put the Wright’s forward.

    I’d like the thread to live from its inception because it’s a body of work, proving a thesis, down through time. And when people begin to wake up more widely, the reference point to me saying the same thing four or five years previously will have a very large impact, a larger impact than it did upon first reading. Anyone trying to spin it will be hogtied by me saying three years previously that they’ would TRY to, do you see? They are the monkey with their hand in the monkey trap. Or, to use another metaphor,

    I control the high ground.

  5. C

    Sorry for the late reply Jeff. I’d love to give it a go and try to retrieve the Positive Changes thread from the backup. I love technical challenges and I love to help as best as I can. You can email me at cassandria (at) aquasoul (dot) org

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