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Here’s a thread from the archives about gaslighting. These occurrences are typical types of things that happen to etheric warriors. I think all gifters have had similar things happen, even if they don’t realize it. ~ Dooney

Posted by 9-27-16 by Carlos Silva

I think this is small potatoes compared to some of the things in this thread but exposing it in public might help my case, so here goes :-)

Since yesterday afternoon I’m having problems accessing my own website and email account. Yesterday access was intermitent but today it’s completely out. I’ve found a way around to check and send emails if necessary but still it’s very annoying to know I’m the only one who can’t access the website (and process orders)… it would be funny if it wasn’t such a hassle.

Fortunately the staff where I host the site is very patient though they must have thought I was a bit crazy. This is a very “rare” technical problem on the side of my internet service provider. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s some clever sabotage. On to boosting.

Posted 9-27-16 by Carlos Silva

Ok, that was fast! Within 10 minutes the technician called and after hearing about it he decided to try something on his end that fixed it quickly. The way he described what happened was that somewhere along the route our home connection was being blocked (each connection goes through several hops or intermediate computers on the net) so I guess sabotage is not out of the question.

UPDATE: the problem was back within minutes to confirm an incident of targeted sabotage. I am again unable to check email via normal channels and unable to use the online store, process orders, post news etc.

So at this moment my connection is still being blocked somewhere along the way. All other websites are working for me and everyone else can still access my website.

Posted 9-27-16 by Cyclingflinger

Hi Carlos,

You’re not the only one, last sunday when attending the new boosting chat with Edu and Yu, my connection broke out half an hour before??? It lasted till today and the connection isn’t completely fixed.

The technician came by two hours ago and the reason was that my coax cable was a bit loose? So, when they replaced it last year they didn’t pinced it correctly to ground on the influx aspect? Last weekend they were working technical interferences on a mainhub four streets around the corner? It added to the electromagnetic influx and broke off the connection from the modem. The technician told me that it all added up in some way, to create a counter electromagnetic field to the already existing frequency. To put it simply, when your coax is not properly closed, it drips off like a liquid electromagnetic leak.

This internet provider has definitely some inside saboteurs. The not so funny thing is when you have to call them, you have to dial six times the number six, think its already clearly enough and the logo is a rectangular winking smiley face …

Lets continue our efforts with even more eagerness, boosting too!

Posted 9-28-2016 by Carlos Silva

Charles, thanks for adding in to this. Reporting sabotage often helps with the problem and is encouraging for others who might be going through similar experiences.

I can’t really comment on the technical explanation they gave you but for the connection to break just as you are ready to start the chat seems too much of a coincidence, doesn’t it? Over at this side things have been fixed since later yesterday so I can do business as usual again :-)

Posted 9-28-16 by Don Croft

Over the years, I’ve found that tecchies suffer a peculiar sort of denial when it comes to agency sabotage and they’ll spend incredible effort explaining it all away with technobabble.  Chuck (Azti on the forum) our site administrator who has kept the forum from being destroyed by these parasites for the past six years, is one of the few tecchies who openly acknowledges the problem of NSA/MI6/CIA/Mossadomite/Etc massive-scale hacking. Previous destructions were pretty overt and undeniable, incuding one case when the fiber optics cable under the street, just outside the server facility in Montreal was cut clean through and another when there was a fire in the Santiago, Chile, server facility.  A few months after Chuck took over there was a midnight fire on Christmas eve in his server facility but he showed up and was able to extinguish it before it destroyed any of our equipment.

The timing of hacks, also the timing of the end of the hacks (as Carlos mentioned), is a telling feature of the sort of interference we get from teh sewer rat agencies.

Congratulations, by the way, to Edu, Charles and Yu for initiating a new international, informal chatroom group for fighting the enemy in the etheric realm.  Typically, when we get hacked during such sessions it’s one of the many ways that we can confirm that we’re hitting the right targets Cool.

We started this sabotage thread a couple of years ago when sabotage had reached epic proportions and it’s been helpful for knocking it down to a bearable level, I think because the enemy are so incredibly sensitive to exposure, as all other parasites are.

Another sort of sabotage that sometimes goes along with hacking is the destruction and theft of packages in transit.  For instance, I was unable to correspond directly online  with Steve Baron in Toronto for many years after he and his crew distributed over 20,000 pieces of orgonite throughout that metro area by 2004 and most of the packages we exchanged were damaged or stolen during that time.

On that note, I had just about ran out of zappers a week ago and was relying on a new shipment of parts to keep a supply on hand.  One of the boxes from my supplier was stolen enroute and UPS offered no explanation for it Wink.  This was the first time a UPS shipment to me was interfered with in the 20 years I’ve been in the zapper trade.

Posted 10-1-16 by Edu

The timely interference was clearly to prevent our chat from being effective, but me and Yu boosted our attackers and Cyclingflinger anyway. We should make Cyclingflinger attackers our main target in the next chat if the group agrees.

Posted 12-17-16 by Don Croft

The title of the thread is ‘gaslighting’ so I’m going to add the following account from a zapper customer, who is a nurse in a hospital. I congratulated her for getting such overt intimidation because the enemy are essentially parasites, so they’re obsessed with hiding from us:

I may work in mainstream healthcare, but I have no faith in it. I am aware of the Flexner report (how the cabal ended up being in control of our medical/healthcare system). There are so many cures that are being suppressed. The people running our planet are amoral. I constantly try to awaken people to the fact that we live in a debt-slavery system. One morning I turned on my computer and (I don’t know how they do it…remote access?) a pyramid covered the entire computer screen and the words “We are watching you” showed up for a few seconds and my computer was back to its usual self.

Posted 12-18-17 by KSD22

Years ago, my site was hacked and here are the screen shots. I seriously doubt pro-Palestinians hacked a website exposing climate engineering and carbon credit tax scams. [Note: pics were not recoverable from the site. ~ Dooney]

Posted 12-18-18 by Gare

For Me many times in researching the page would come up blank except for a MEN IN BLACK image wearing a black hat, remember piercing looking eyes.  Also remember back in late 2001-02 with the old CRT type monitors somehow THEY were able to emit a high frequency signal out of those old monitors and aim it right at My temple giving a piercing headache leaving no choice but to shut down the computer so the ATTACK went away.  Has never happened ,that I’m aware of, with My flat screen monitors.

Posted 5-4-2017 by Edward

Don suggested I post this, I guess this is the right place.

Yesterday, in Harrison county on my way to get my wife from work , I got pulled over for no reason, he tells me it’s because I passed him and a stopped garbage truck, others already did the same but didn’t even slow down. I didn’t want to be stuck behind a smelly truck so I very slowly went around. Gives me the ticket for improper passing, which I will beat in court if I get the right judge.

And today, what do I experience? The foulest smelling garbage truck I have ever smelled. Like rotten garbage and rotting corpses combined. I was stuck behind it for 40 minutes on a 30 minute trip bringing my wife to work, the whole way. The van still stinks with the odor of that truck after driving all the way back with the windows down. Every time it would have been safe to pass, he sped up and rode the center line so I couldn’t. These are very curvy roads and in 25 miles there’s only like 4 places to pass safely that wouldn’t freak out my wife. The funny part? The company that owned the truck lost the contract for the counties and all the cities on the coast more than 3 years ago. I haven’t even seen one of their trucks in over 3 years.

A bunch of little stuff like this has happened since the accident, more so in the last few weeks. But they are losing. I see the light. 4 of the worst bond companies, and there are some more, have been shut down by the state. They wrote a lot of bonds because they were discounting them. They didn’t get busted, but shut down because the county finally got tired of millions of dollars of revocations that went unpaid. One of them I have been boosting like crazy because he is a mason, and I gifted his lodge with a 6 ounce hhg. The way it works is you have 6 months to catch them before you have to pay a bond. Then if you don’t pay it by the revocation date, the court of jurisdiction is supposed to send the revocation to the state and the state revokes your license.

Well Harrison county ms being one of the top ten most corrupt counties in the union, doesn’t send in revocations on their favorites. These companies have been illegally operating for years because of the bad bonds. They have millions in revocations, 1 $500 bond unpaid should get you shut down according to the law. I’ve been raising hell about it and told to prove it at my expense. Well  I guess the orgonite around their offices and around the courthouses and jails has started the process. They shut some others down also within the last few months for the same reasons. Looks like they are giving them a chance to raise the money and if they don’t, they are sending in the revocations to the state. I’m not trying to gloat or anything, and I wish no harm on no one, but honestly, I hope they stay closed. The one owned by a mason has literally stolen many tens of thousands of dollars from me by illegally discounting bonds. Anyway this was supposed to be gas lighting report, but here lately they go hand in hand!

Posted 5-16-17 by Don Croft

Good job, Ed.  Our readers might not know, by the way that your good and thorough orgnite fieldwork has lowered the crime rate so ‘severely’ that your livelihood is now a bit threatened Cool

Before I report our latest household gaslighting event I’ll share this from Frode in Norway (new CIA logo): [Pic not recoverable. ~ Dooney]

When Carol and I got home from an errand last week the back doors’ deadbolts were in place.  We never use those locks.  The next day, after Carol made our breakfast of superfood smoothies she took off for Montana for the weekend.  I went to the post office and when I used the kitchen sink after that it was clogged, which has never happened, either.  Carol had used the sink earlier that morning.  I dumped a bottle of drain cleaner in it that evening but the next morning it was still not draining so I removed the trap underneath.  The water still didn’t drain because the blockage was above the trap. I had to poke at it with a straw before the plug came down and the sink’s water drained into the bucket underneath.  The plug was semi-solid and light colored.  I didn’t touch it, of course, and when I dumped the bucket it was left on the lawn.  I showed Jenny the next day but when Carol came home, later on, most of it was gone–either turkeys ate it or the fascists on steroids had removed it Wink

Posted 5-16-17 by Frode
Found that one on the internet. SmileHave to poke a little fun of them, because they are such obnoxious bullies.
Posted 6-6-17 by Edward

Some more craziness. This is also excerpts from emails to Don.

Now on another note the gas lighting has ramped up. Lots of weird stuff happening again like it did when I still had maniac mansion. Both vehicles out of commission within 2 days of each other. With the van I think it was just time for a new computer, they do go out sometime after 150,000 miles usually. We have a little over 250k on it. But my truck, definite sabotage. And just to let me know, same garbage truck again trying to make my wife late for work. But this time I was in my truck and passed him at an intersection where we were stopped for a red light. I ran the light to get around him because I knew My wife would definitely be late if I didn’t.

Anyway back to the weird stuff. In the past I would have just assumed the devil or one of his minions was screwing with me and I would have done some spiritual warfare to get rid of it. And if it were a spirit it would leave of course. But often it didn’t leave, leaving us confused as to why. Now I know why. Invisible technology being used by the shitbirds.

Yesterday when I was working on my truck scrambling to get it running as I was supposed to have left 15 minutes prior to go get my wife from work, something sliced my knuckle right where the pinky meets my left hand. I looked everywhere where my hand was there is nothing that could have done it. Not to mention the razor sharp precise cut. If I had gouged my knuckle on some rusty piece of metal under the hood the skin would be torn and shredded and the wound would be an ugly mess.

I swear it looks like I got stuck with a surgeons scalpel the cut is so precise. It even is shaped like I got a puncture wound from a scalpel. My hand was pointing down, and it must have been thrust up from below into my knuckle. It literally almost scalped my knuckle. I was bleeding like a stuck pig. Whatever sliced me went in about 5/8 of an inch scraping the top and side of my knuckle. It was a deep puncture. Thankfully I bleed freely and I coagulate well. I cleaned it thouroughly and super glued it in several places leaving some openings so it could drain. I’m guessing maybe 15-20 stitches (I exaggerated, really only 5-7 stitches would have done it)would have closed it) depending on how close they put them. The gash is about an inch long across the top and down the side of my pinky knuckle.
I couldn’t fix the truck so I called my mechanic who is also a friend, he worked on it a couple hours last night, and should finish it this evening when he gets off work. Another friend who lived near where My wife works picked her up for me and brought her home.

Oh, while the mechanic was here we were using the battery out of the bus as backup for the truck battery connected to the truck with jumper cables. Now this is a big battery, it weighs about 90 pounds. It was sitting firmly on a flat surface on top the radiator, no danger of falling even if bumped into. The mechanic and I were just walking back around to the front of the truck when we both saw that battery jump off the truck. It looked as though it was forcefully shoved off. He looked at me and said “I’m starting to believe what you been telling me more and more” it blew his mind.

He already has admitted in the past it looks like someone has been screwing with my truck. Other than myself, and once when I mistakenly let my cousin work on it, he is the only one I let touch it because he is honest and gives friends a huge discount. What would cost 500 in labor in a shop he will do for about 150 or so depending on how long it takes. He charges roughly the same per hour as the shops, but only charges you the actual time it takes to do it. Not the overly bloated book times the shops use.

Had $400 evaporate without a trace from the bank account again. Happened right after the van crapped out. Had $300 disappear from my personal money I keep in my pocket but put on the table when sleeping. Same day. So I went from thinking I had 1500 to put into the bus, to having nothing. I already spent the difference in parts and labor and gas trying to get the vehicles fixed. I have just enough left to pay The mechanic for the labor to fix the truck, hopefully! The money in the bank that evaporated belonged to the insurance company, it was their cut on the bonds I wrote; so I had to replace that out of my pocket. I’m so pissed off right now it’s not even funny. I need to revise how I pray and defend myself if they are able to physically attack me without me seeing them. Need to spread more orgonite.

Posted 6-10-17 by Edward

This is also an excerpt from an email to Don.

I can see how posting all this and becoming involved in this effort has made me a harder target. It definitely has empowered me and I absolutely do not feel overwhelmed or like a victim at their mercy as I sometimes did prior to orgonite. Despite the latest bullshit I actually feel like I’m winning this war. There was a definite shift for the better after that accident, and that hasn’t changed 1 bit. If you have heard of anything at all that will counter or render ineffective their invisible tech, please let me know!!

In the last email I forgot to mention some of the strangest phenomena. I went to ALL the national auto parts chains looking for a computer for my wife’s van. None of them had the correct part in their computer. They all claimed “according to our computer there are 10 different computers for that year model with that engine and the computer you have isn’t one of them. WTF? Really?

I already knew ahead of time from my mechanic and a guy I trust at the junkyard that the computer I had was the ONLY one that worked for our year model and engine. And I verified it at the dealership too after the parts stores gave me the run around.

My wife thinks I’m nuts because I suggested “maybe someone hacked their computers knowing I would go to one of the 4 major parts chains” she says I’m crazy, but I retort “you think they cant do that? What has happened to all the money that just vaporizes from the bank from time to time?” It’s not that hard to do, if I had their equipment I could do it after a few hours (or days) of brushing up on network security and programming.

10 thoughts on “Methods of sabatoge – gaslighting

  1. Fat Robert Albertson

    I have a story for you. If you don’t believe it, that’s ok. I can hardly believe it myself, and I’m the one that this HAPPENED to!!! Me and a handful of friends have been making and gifting orgonite for a few years now. We’ve devised a way to place holy hand-grenades on top of telephone poles! You’d be surprised what you can do if you really TRY!!! one night, We gifted this really “evil” looking old lodge type building. When we got back to the “office” ( that’s what I call the old bungalow we use as our base of operations ), we were suddenly stormed by cars!!! They were all old red Volvos!!! Their windows were blacked out ( even the front windshields!!! These cars seemed to swoop in from right out of “nowhere!!!” They all had a strange insignia on their front doors. After about 2 minutes of swarming the lot surrounding “the office”, they quickly and peacefully left. I can only assume that “they” were snapping pictures of us and the facilities. These people never even rolled down their windows. The last one to leave the lit did roll down his window, and that old car was inundated with some seriously space age looking sh-t!!! The man behind the wheel’s eyes were like blacked out sockets ( It was pretty dark outside. Maybe he was wearing shades. ) Anyway, I looked in the dictionary of symbols, then the dictionary of OCCULT symbols. I found none that matched the symbols on the front doors of those old shiny red Volvos!!! We tried to take pictures, but out webcams would not work. Even Allen’s old snap-shot failed to work properly. I’ve never had anything like that happen before or since that night. Very very STRANGE! The next day, none of our vehicles would start!!! And no mechanic can explain why those vehicles STILL will not start!!! We had to save up and get new cars. Fortunately, they were all ensured, and our insurance didn’t mysteriously get cancelled.

  2. Edward

    that is very weird! but thats how they do things. they seem to make damn sure YOU know whats happening, but if you try to explain to someone whats been happening, you sound nuts because of how bizarre everything sounds. So as time goes on, unless someone really takes the time to investigate what you are saying, they slowly start believing you ARE nuts. Then everything you say is dismissed by them as more of your crazy. That’s part of the purpose of gaslighting. to make you look like a crackpot,

  3. edward

    More stuff has happened prior to today, but i didn’t post it in time and now i don’t remember the details. So i’m just posting what happened an hour ago and 1 other thing. So in the last couple of years or so i hardly ever get good bond calls from the city of gulfport anymore. Sometimes i will go 2 weeks without my phone ever ringing for business. Often times for months at a time i will get half a dozen calls every single night that are worthless. Either someone who has already failed to appear, or someone from another state halfway across the country. In both cases I must have collateral to do the bond, and the only collateral i take is cash or bullion, either gold, silver or platinum. So that being said 99.9% of these calls are just useless and designed to keep me awake all night but without the income to make it worth my while. On occasion someone wants out bad enough that they get a relative to put up the full amount in cash and i can do the bond. But that’s rare, most street people will just sit in jail until they go to court in these cases. The fact that i will go with no calls for so long, and then several months in a row my phone rings off the hook for useless calls is evidence to me that it is gaslighting. Especially since i almost NEVER get any good calls. It’s obvious to me that all these people that no other bondsman will even consider bonding are being told to call me.

    So every 2 years we have to get re-licensed and post the new licenses in every jurisdiction with all the courts and police departments. We just had to do this again this year at the end of september. Even though it’s technically illegal, every jurisdiction has a “list” of approved bondsmen. If you aren’t on that list you cannot execute a bond there. Of course many jurisdictions use this to limit competition to their favorites.

    Anyway, today i get a call from a kid in gulfport that after doing the necessary checking i realize this is a good bond most likely(i mean I never really know for sure unless God tells me, or i get the collateral). I meet his mom at the police station to bond him. i execute the bond and was there maybe 30 minutes waiting on him and his mom to finish their applications. We were just about to walk out the door when i got called to the desk and told i couldn’t do the bond because i wasn’t on their “list”. BULL**** i saw the new list in october because i went around everywhere in harrison county and made sure i was on the new lists because i have been burned too many times in the past this way. Adding it all up it has cost me tens of thousands of dollars as a result. Money that could have made a huge difference in my life because i don’t write that many bonds.

    The woman working the desk at the police station pretended to be nice to me as she twisted the knife in my back. This woman knows exactly who i am, she knows i was in there a few weeks ago and did a bond. Before they screwed me in gulfport too, i used to do most of the bonds written there at night because everyone else was too lazy to answer their phones at night. i made a decent living for a couple years just writing bonds in gulfport until someone took notice. Then for about 6 months gulfport quit allowing people to bond out at night. That was to shut me down and no other purpose. When they started allowing bonds again i NEVER even got a call from gulfport for about 2 years or so, Until they started telling all the people they arrested for failure to appear to call me. which was right after i deployed the orgonite everywhere downtown, and wrote a few bonds out of gulfport.

    Man i’m so pissed off. When i left the police station and stepped outside i was taken aback for a few seconds. with the rage i was feeling inside of me and the intense emotion i could see the energy everywhere intensely and in vivid colors! Since i have calmed down it has subsided. I have heard others say from time to time that their metaphysical abilities seem to be stronger with extreme emotion. I hadn’t yet tried to see if that was true for me. So i have been paying close attention since reading this on the internet. What i have noticed is sometimes things just automatically happen in the etheric when i’m that pissed or any intense emotion, not just anger. I can even do things i cannot normally do, and it happens automatically without my conscience knowledge.

    Today I was acting a fool somewhat i was so pissed, most cops would have at least said something to me the way i was acting, and many would have just arrested me on the spot for disorderly conduct because i was loudly speaking my mind in a police station. I was on the verge of a disorderly conduct charge so i got the hell out of there in a hurry. But what i realized once outside and seeing all that energy so intensely, was that i was boosting that cop and the B**** that wouldn’t let me write the bond and i didn’t even realize it at 1st. What else i noticed was while i was still in there he was having a great deal of trouble fumbling around with the handcuffs trying to cuff the kid i was there to bond and seemed to be in great distress. And she was standing there with her mouth gaping open like she wanted to say something but couldn’t. lol. I’m pretty sure the boosting is why i didn’t get arrested as i’m sure that was the intent, to push me to the snapping point as they tried once in D’iberville but didn’t succeed in that case. They almost succeeded this time, i didn’t quite snap, but was close to it and was loud enough they should have at least said something to me.

    They wouldn’t let the kid call another bondsman, and were taking him to the county jail. Punishment for calling me of course. It often takes many hours to get out at the county jail because they are such hateful $#!+birds. This isn’t the 1st time something like this has happened, or the second or the third or the hundreth for that matter, but it’s the 1st time i came that close to snapping on the assholes. I really needed that money too. 150 bucks isn’t much in the scheme of things, but what just happened is those people will NEVER call me again, and this was the purpose of it all. funny enough, i WAS on the list in booking, that’s where the kid got my number.

    All these times they pull this kind of bullshit is part of why my phone never rings for good bonds anymore. Other bondsman have even commented to me that people on the street know they might get screwed with if they call me. I was so pissed off i was thinking as i was driving away “And the cops want to know why they are being murdered by thugs all over the country for no apparent reason.” Because i promise you they mess with the people they arrest like they screw with me, just in a different way. It’s not necessary to de-humanize or demoralize someone just because they got arrested for something. If they weren’t so satanically hateful they could be part of the solution instead of a big part of the problem. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of these people that think people shouldn’t pay for what they do wrong, i am in fact ultra conservative, but the way people are being treated by so called law enforcement is pure evil hatred stemming from the rituals they take part in, Nothing more or less. I have had a bit of an insiders look in the last 12.5 years, and I have seen 1st hand how they treat people, it isn’t necessary and in fact is quite counterproductive. i guess i will post the other thing in the next comment because it is unrelated to this incident.

  4. edward

    Ok, so for the last 9 months or so i have been looking for my external harddrive. It has a lot of stuff on it and even my journal i did electronically for several years. Also a book i was almost finished writing, but hadn’t finished because i needed to learn some things before i could properly finish it. It only lacked a couple of chapters and it would have been done, It was relative to our times and probably would sell well if i can get it published.

    So anyway, l know exactly where i put it about 9 months ago. I put it in the file cabinet drawer that i keep felony bonds in because i hardly ever write felonies and this drawer has a lot of space. I went to get it about 8 months ago because my wife wanted me to print out our wedding pictures finally. They were supposed to be on it too. So i couldn’t find it anywhere. I even looked in all my office computer stuff in storage and in any other box that went to the bus then to storage to make damn sure i didn’t stick it in one of them accidently. I didn’t, i couldnt find it anywhere I know where i put it because i asked my wife to remember and made it a point to remember myself.

    Anyway i was in storage yesterday getting some angle iron and plywood so i could build the bed frame in the bus. I noticed the box my office computer was in was knocked over, the styrofoam that holds it safely in the box was gone,(i packed it in with the styrofoam protector, i always keep them) and the computer and keyboard had fallen out partially. I immediately went to check it out and noticed the computer was busted open, and while looking at the damage i see my external hardrive on the floor next to the computer box. I reached down to get it and see it is completely busted open and unrepairable. i can only hope a professional can get the info off it. Now, keep in mind my keys have been stolen numerous times in the last year since being at my aunts, and sometimes reappear right where i left them days or weeks later, and keep in mind also i took everything out of that box and looked in it specifically for the harddrive about 8 months ago when it disappeared. i Also noticed all our personal stuff had been rummaged through and ransacked somewhat; a few expensive tools were missing too. time for new locks i guess. More money i have to spend on something i already bought. This truly gets old.

  5. Edward

    Oh, I forgot to say it took me roughly 3.5 hours to make the above posts because I kept having so much trouble while writing it. The cursor on the laptop kept skipping all over the place and typing in the middle of finished parts, & kept randomly deleting large paragraphs and I had to keep re-entering everything. Major pain in the a$$. I did this post on my I phone, no trouble but I hate using it.

  6. Edward

    I tried to post this yesterday with a laptop, same problems as last time and when I hit ‘post comment’, the browser closed and I lost it altogether. I’m on the iPhone now.
    The following is nothing major, just an example of the day to day BS I put up with around here in the bail bond business. So when I got all my paperwork certified at the circuit clerks office back in September, I brought my debit card to pay for the certified copies they make. I don’t keep money in the bank anymore and only put it there to pay something when I need a record of the transaction, like paying back collateral. so I had to make a trip to the bank 1st to deposit enough for the copies. I get in the circuit clerks office September 27th and tried to pay for the copies with the card. We were told in a letter from the circuit clerk not to bring cash, or at least I was. While there I’m told they don’t take cards, only cash. They let me owe them the 3 bucks (how nice) and gave me the copies. So I go back a few days ago to get another copy to bring to Gulfport because they claim I never turned in paperwork, and I go to pay what I owed from September and the dollar for the new copy and I brought cash. The same girl tells me they don’t take cash and never have, that they only take cards, or a company check. WTF so I paid her with the card. I wouldn’t have been able to if I had not just deposited collateral money so I could return it to someone. So I had to make another trip to the bank to cover what I used. It’s so petty it’s not even funny. This is typical of how I’m gaslighted on a daily basis. I swear if I didn’t love Jesus and try my best to live as he taught, there would be a lot of dead @$$holes around here.

    Back in the earlier part of this year somehow (mysteriously) the screen on my cheap LG tablet got broke. I went to replace it with another really cheap one and put it on the same plan I already had as they told me when I orginally got it that if anything happened to it I could do that. Well the lady we like dealing with at c-spire wasn’t there that day, so stupid me instead of going back when she was there I let the manager handle it. The POS told us that I would have to buy a new separate plan for the new tablet and continue paying for the old plan at the same time. Well I knew better so I told him what a piece of shit he was and we left with my mad wife not understanding why I spoke to him that way. I figured I would just go back later. Well I had to use the tablet money for something unexpected, can’t remember, probably when they sabotaged the truck, and since then Ive never had the extra money to get another tablet.

    Originally I had an unlimited plan, prior to the tablet incident when we went to renew the contract the same manager screwed us out of that claiming they never had unlimited streaming plans and now suddenly I’m stuck with only 20 gigs of streaming to share between 4 phones and a tablet, For more money. Since my agent in Hattiesburg never wrote any bonds because of how hard it is to get them, I cancelled the Hattiesburg number and reduced the new bill to about the same as it was with 4 unlimited phones and a tablet. Since then maybe 6 months later they claim we only had 10 gigs, then last month they reduced it again to 6 gigs. Now because of the overage charges, I’m paying more for 3 phones with 6 gigs than I was paying for 4 phones and a tablet that were unlimited streaming. I’m truly sick of it. Well yesterday I go to pay the bill, I started boosting the @$$hat in question before I went in. I get to the door and he opens it for us and gives me a shit eating grin because he knows I know he’s screwing us over. I looked him straight in the eyes and told him “if you knew what was good for you, you wouldn’t even look at me you scumbag piece of garbage” he looked away instantly and quit smiling. My wife got so pissed at me but I don’t even care. I’m tired of these @$$hats screwing with me. Mostly it causes division between my wife and I, and nothing more. One day she will wake up, hopefully soon.

  7. Edward

    Oh, forgot to mention, once when I was at cspire paying the bill I saw the lady we like to deal with. I asked her about how it works if you break a tablet and want a new one. She explained it the same way that I originally understood it, which is buy a new one and it goes onto the same plan as the old one with no additional expense other than buying it. So I added the @$$hat manager in question to the list of $#!+birds I boost regularly.

  8. Edu

    I understand what you feel but keep it easy, they are goading you. You don’t want to loose your wife because of a scumbag. Anger lowers your vibe and make it easier for them to psychically attack you. I’m an angry person too, I think the PJ world sucks. Sometime this hurts me pretty bad.

  9. Edward

    Yeah, I know your right, believe it or not I don’t stay mad long, maybe 15 minutes, then I’m just as happy as if nothing happened. But man during that 15 minutes.
    Here lately though I have really been letting it all get to me and haven’t been letting it go as I should. Abject poverty sucks, especially when you see your counterparts in the same business making thousands of dollars a week because of their connections, and im not making that much in 2 months.

  10. Edward

    Hello EW, i havent posted about me in awhile but here is the story on the current round of gaslighting. So since last summer when they sabotaged my truck and possibly the van too, i have had some electrical problems with the truck. Once in awhile it would hickup like the power was shut off and back on quickly. It only did it once in awhile so i wasn’t too concerned, but no longer had the confidence to jump in it and drive halfway across the country looking for a skip.

    Since the AC dont work in the truck and we had the jeep we werent driving the truck often anyway. In the last 6 months both the truck and jeep were broke down, the trucks problem related to the electrical problem. 1st i replaced fuel pump relay when i got stranded on the side of the road awhile back because it was clicking very loud and i figured thats what was causing the problem, and it did get me home and ran fine for a day or so. Then the same problem again and again i got stranded on the side of the road. So because my mechanic was and still is in the hospital he tried to help troubleshoot it over the phone. He said it was either the ECM or the fuel pump sending unit causing the problem. Since my gas gauge didn’t work because something was wrong with the float on the fuel pump assembly i decided to replace the fuel pump assembly 1st, it contains the float, the sending unit and a new fuel pump.

    The truck ran fine for a couple days then started the same problem again and i got stranded again. Well this time i decided to start checking all the electrical connections, when i reached for the ignition control module that mounts to the side of the distributor to check the connection, it pivoted on one bolt. it has 2 tiny bolts that take a special security bit to remove them. the bottom left bolt was missing, and the top right one was the only one holding it on. i had to tow it home because i couldn’t get it to start this time after it cooled because the connection on the control module had been broken and it couldnt get it back until i put 2 bolts back in to hold it on.

    I get it home and try to remove the bolt. Nothing i tried that should fit did fit, so i took a picture of it with my wife’s smartphone to see if i could figure out what kind of bit to use. I couldn’t tell. i ended up having to pull the distributor, and use an easy out to back the bolt out. it had been buggered up so it couldnt be removed with the bit. I got it out, and got 2 new matching bolts to put it back together with and did so. i put the distributor back in and it cranked up but it ran rough, i was off 1 tooth, so i pulled it and stabbed it back in again, i got it right on the 3rd try, thank God, because i didnt want to pull half the front of the truck off to get a half inch breaker bar and socket to turn over the motor and get it at top dead center on the number 1 cylinder on the compression stroke. its much easier to mark the distributor and put it back the same way. i didnt mark it but did get it right pretty SO anyway, it runs fine another day or so, actually better than it has in about a year. then SAME PROBLEM!!! left stranded on the side the road again. Now only 1 thing it can be but to be sure i put it on the computer and they told me the codes and i had to talk to a ford engineer to find out what the codes meant. Just happened to be a retired ford engineer working at autozone that helped me. the people that told me the codes had no idea what they meant because they didnt have books that went back far enough for my year model truck. Well guess what. It was the ECM. Does anyone remember the story of what happened when the ecm(computer) went out in my wifes van? the story is above. Well SAME thing. NONE of the parts stores had a computer in their computer for my truck. Im currently working on where to source one. Haven’t been able to find it yet, but may have a lead i need to follow up on tomorrow when the guy gets to work. Still no transportation of my own. Have lost several bonds in the last weeks because the car we can borrow doesn’t have any headlights or taillights so we cant drive it at night. This problem happened AFTER we started using it to do bonds because the truck and jeep were down. Even though it has been better financially this week since Sunday and we are slowly digging out of the hole we are in, please boost us and our masonic tormentors. More bad news as i was typing this, I have to move our bus from where it is, and have no Idea where we’re gonna put it. It will cost a pretty penny to make it road worthy, so i have no idea what im going to do. They dont want me to finish it because then i will have a place to live thats paid for and could pack up and drive away from this God forsaken place. Having a place paid for with bills that would run less than 500 a month for all ammenities, plus be in some nice place to boot, is the last thing they want me to be able to do. They wont be able to screw with me as much if i dont have to pay at the current level, money would go farther, at least their screwing with us would have less impact. I think they are bombarding my wife with thoughts of selling the bus. That seems to be her new trip lately, that we need to sell the very thing that will finally give us financial independence. It boggles the mind, after all the bus was her idea, at least she thinks it was.


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