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Posted October 14, 2016 by Don Croft

[Doug in NZ has been kindly helping me batter down some NSA hacker barriers by CCing and forwarding emails between me and some other targeted individuals and when I had asked him whether he was the fellow on the South Island who had apparently enabled the (publicized) return to those waters of a species of large dolphin that had been considered extinct, he told me that it wasn’t him but he shared the following, which he is permitting me to post. ~ Don]

“I did get the kaikora south bay done where the local Maori have the Whale Watch cruise boats doing their touristy thing   i was cobbers with a dude who was taking some of his rugby team on a boozy fishing trip  so i conned him into chucking 50 tb,s into the bay while they were heading out to where they were fishing  but the real kicker to this wee yarn was i told him the dolphins were real whizz  at picking up on the thought processes of humans  and that i had been thinking about getting him to do this orgonite chuck for me for about two weeks  so don,t be surprised if you see a whole bunch of dolphins heading for south bay while you are driving up the coast   and bugger me whadda ya know  about 20mins from south bay where the road is practically right on the shore line there not 200 metres from the shore were upwards of several dozen dolphins probably a lot more cos  he got so gobsmacked with the sight of all these dolphins that he just lost it and a couple his teammates who were maori  they were buggeyed    how could that ol bugger know that they would be here :-) lol     doncha just love it when that happens yea!!!    suffice it to say they did the biz and the fishing and whale watching has been real good ever since

[He sent this in a following email:]

Just as a matter of interest that interlude with the Dolphins happened approx seven years ago  i didn,t give a time frame to you for it   also at about the same time i had one of my youngest sons visiting with his soon to be wife he was heading over to Akaroa  to do the cruise out to the open water from the harbour which they call the Dolphin cruise and i gave him a carry bag with 25 tb,s to drop over the side on the cruise up the harbour  which he did with a bit of difficulty due to lots of people on the boat  and i remember an article in the local rag a couple of weeks later commenting on the number of Dolphins that seemed to be in and around the harbour  at that time

[At the risk of appearing too repetitive: Carol and I discovered dolphins’ affinity with orgonite in April, 2001 in the Florida Keys when we stealthily tossed some in the holding pens of a dolphin research facility after hours.  At first, the dolphins were quite frantic and Carol had the distinct impression that they were worried about humans having this much power at our disposal but within a few minutes they apparently grasped the implications and potential and got happy.

The first time we tossed orgonite into the Pacific was a few months later and a vast dolphin pod showed up in those waters a few days later.  A friend of a friend, who lived at Redondo Beach, nearby, walked out on his balcony to photograph the event and though he took a lot of photos only one dolphin showed up in those pictures–it was essentially a time lapse record of that one flying slowly about fifty feet above the water, not far from the beach. Even though the waters were seething with cavorting dolphins and drew everyone’s attention none of those were recorded on film.  For several years I kept that photo on the homepage of the forum but I don’t know where it is now or how it disappeared.   If you’re tech-savvy and want to find it, please send it to me at

This isn’t directly related, except that the protagonists are Maoris:  A Maori woman who was flinging orgonite in Australia asked me in 2002 to correspond with her brother on the North Island of New Zealand because he wanted to ‘do something’ about Black Dart Beach, which was named for the UFOs that were always seen coming up from that beach and disappearing into it.  He and a male relative made or acquired some orgonite and took it to that beach and after that the UFOs were no longer seen, there.  Carol and DB had the impression that a reptilian hive used a portal at the beach to come and go from that area.  The Maori fellows had let the reptilians know that ‘We now have your scent.’ Cool

Westerners are pretty well browbeaten into ignoring and explaining away such things but many indigenous cultures take it all in stride and have a more pragmatic attitude.  Even the Japanese are more in tine with the unseen aspects of nature than people in the West generally are.  I remember when Tetsuzi Moriwake had just gotten started with his huge, successful (by 2010) campaign to earthpipe all of the faultlines in that country and when he was visiting an important Shinto shrine (in a major earth vortex) on the southernmost island he presented some orgonite to the priests and told me that they immediately recognized the energy and were very thankful.

The programmed materialism and closed mindedness of my countrymen used to make me feel claustrophobic and I craved to return to ‘third world’ countries so I could be around genuine, unshackled people again but so many Americans have been voluntarily waking up in recent years that I’m finally comfortable in the U[for now]SA. ~ Don]

Posted October 14, 2016 by Carlos

Don, I think this is the picture you are talking about. Maybe someone has a better copy? Really enjoyed knowing the stories of those brave gifters, thanks.

[I found this on my computer in my original Zapperman folder, where I collected all the stuff I got from Don the first few years. See? They can’t keep us from getting the really important info out there. 🙂  ~ Dooney]

Posted October 15, 2016 by Don Croft

Thanks a lot, Carlos!  I’ve asked Dooney to put that photo back onto our homepage and I’ll add some text with it. You tech-savvy and multilingual people are awe inspiring to me.

It’s probably a good time to mention our experience near Cuba a couple of years ago when Francisco and I were frequently mobbed by a big pod of dolphins. He took some incredibly good closeup film footage from the bow of the boat on a couple of those occasions.  If we stopped the boat they scattered so I drove it as slow as possible and then they all took turns leaping by the bow, within reach of Francisco.  It happened five times altogether (once on the way to Mexico and four times on teh way back to Florida), though we think two of the visits were from one pod. We stopped in St Louis on our way back to Idaho from Florida and I showed those clips to my mother, then by the time we got home all of the best ones, also some photos of the very bizarre cloud/fog phenomenon we passed through one night after some UFO encounters, were removed from the camera.

Posted November 7, 2016 by Phase

Thanks Don for sharing that beautiful story from NZ and the other ones too. That photo is just jaw-dropping. A friend here in the UK gifted Whitby harbour back in 2009; a few days later it was reported in the press that dolphins had appeared in the harbour soon after.

Earlier this year I established tele-empathic comms with a dolphin pod and communicated my intent to gift the harbour again, asking them to come and take the orgonite to where it was most needed. I live about 20 miles inland but can attest to the success of this little experiment; I’ve never met a dolphin up close but during my meditations with them I had a sudden and most pungent stench striking my nostrils. The smell can only be described as belonging to something which spent its whole time in the depths of the North Sea, kind of a very strong musky odour with a hint of seaweed. Yum. Unfortunately after gifting I was unable to monitor for any signs of dolphins appearing, but the whole experience was wonderful. Paula Stephenson has some very interesting info on her page about her interactions with dolphins and their tele-empathic abilities, I really recommend it for anyone interested in working with them.

Posted December 17, 2016 by Steve H

Interesting to see this topic. I’d like to toss some TBs into our local beaches. I’ve been concerned at the possibility of attracting sharks, as there have been a lot of them. However if dolphins sense orgonite, that puts quite a different spin on things. It would be awesome to see more dolphins close to shore. We get them once in a while, but not often.

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