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Another report from the archives. Lydiane is at ~ Dooney

Posted on December 30, 2016 by Lydiane

Hello hello hello world and all of it!
Yes even whoever is after me right now.
Typical, typical little schemy scummy sewer rats.
Two days ago I went for a ”visit” at my moms brought a dozen tb’s, used them all of course.
Shortly after having to close down her business, she got very sick. I remember the cold feeling I used to have
 whenever I would visit there, super spooky! As I saw my mom being taken away into some heavy dark spell I
was suffering from her refusing any contact with me, I let go of things and started boosting towards her direction 
and praying for her. Within 2 days she gave me a phone call, left a very long and loving message and was open to the idea 
of trying the zapper. I went there with my friend, we gridded the whole block and were received with so much love
and tenderness by her. She was laughing a lot, despite being physically quite sick.
As we left I was able to spot some nasty ”antennas”, the installation was very recent and I pointed out to my
friend and said: ” that’s where it’s all coming from! ”. He was astonished by my ”sense” for these things haha.
As soon as I go home I got a message from my mom saying that an electrical transformer broke right as me and my friend left.
I was in so much joy and excitement!
Yesterday night, I started having issues with sending emails, I would get a delivery failed notice. This morning I woke up to a virus detection in
my computer, an email from Etsy legal saying they had removed my HHG listing for intellectual propriety infringement (lol) and the package I had
 sent to Don was returned to me. The postman rang and left the package at the door step as I was approaching, I saw a blind soul in his eyes
and was able to feel some form of sorrow. The whole thing was just pathetic.
Yes parasites are pathetic and they always take the lowest path of resistance.
I’ve been boosting my internet A LOT lately and it’s been working good so far, I’ve also been boosting the internet period.
On my way for some more flipping.

Posted on December 31, 2016 by Don Croft

Welcome to the exclusive club of targeted people, Lydiane, and good work! I’m happy for you and your mother, too.  Thanks for sharing this wonderful report.
Doing good, selfless work and actively promoting healing attracts the attention of the parasitic order in a rather dynamic way–they’re getting pretty frantic, these days. We have a saying, ‘We’re not happy until they’re not happy.’
Fortunately for us all, outside of Africa, the enemy are evidently mandated to never overtly come after us but we have to be mindful that they’ve always favored such things as poisoning, exploiting our character weaknesses, slander, etc.  Since the advent of the internet all of this has become more and more difficult for them to carry out.
I think that one of the strongest appeals for this work is the way that we may achieve certainty.  We’re conditioned from birth to never achieve it and one of the things we become certain about is that the Old Parasite, which I sometimes call the established corporate world order, is now weakening and suffering exposure at an accelerating rate.  I think we can be proud to be among the tiny percentage of people who are waking up in advance of humanity’s general awakening.  We certainly earn it.

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