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Thanks to a kind reader I found some posts from the EW forum on so I copied a couple of gifting reports to get us started. This is a long series of posts from this spring that really illustrate a wonderful gifting effort by this Anonymous Flinger and it’s well worth reading the whole thing. I’m reminded a lot of the gifting efforts and observations that Stevo and I have had over the years. Don made good comments along the way as well, so look for those in italics. Thank you Anonymous Flinger for your superb effort!

~ Dooney

Posted March 19, 2017 by Don Croft

Anonymous Flinger:

“I came across orgonite in 2014 while searching the internet for an antidote to EMF poisoning. I like weird stuff so it was natural that I wanted to make my own orgonite. I collected materials but wasn’t able to get any metal before winter set in. My EMF poisoning got worse when I was stuck in the house during winter, so I spent some money and bought a bunch of orgonite from CT Busters. When I spread it around my house it made me feel better in only 90 minutes. Weird stuff works!

When I first read about chemtrails I believed the city I live in to be ‘out in the sticks’ and not important to bother about. One sunny day in Feb 2015 when mailing a letter I saw a chemtrail plane. I was close to the airport and the plane would have gone over it, so right away I was aware that radar personnel, airport officials and the air force would have to be aware of chemtrail planes and allow them in our skies. On the way back from mailing my letter I started to cough. Just a small cough in the back of my throat. It reminded me that for many years I would develop this cough even when I was not sick. That afternoon in the office I noticed that everyone had this cough. No one had it yesterday.
Now I was angry. I looked out the window and saw chemtrails criss-crossing the sky. By the time I went home the sky was all white. What could I do? I had found instructions for making the orgonite cloudbuster/chembuster (CB) that is used to clear chemtrails. I had no metal for orgonite and I had no experience pouring resin. I had read about using cut up aluminum cans and metal scrub brushes. I was desparate enough to try that. I used my sewing scissors and started cutting cans while watching TV.

Some weeks later a Saturday was predicted to be warm enough to pour resin. It was still winter but I could make my first Tower Busters (TB) and learn about resin. There was snow on the ground in some places but the temperature was going up to 10C/50F. I set up a table on a grassy area. It was March and windy. My precious bucket of cut up metal blew off the table and dumped in the grass. I used 2 to 3 times the hardener and the first ones stayed sticky, the next ones cracked. When I finished I wasn’t feeling very confident about my 24 TBs. I left the sticky ones out all day on Sunday to harden them in the sun.

How was I going to clear chemtrails when I made such lousy TBs. Maybe I should buy a cloudbuster base from CT Busters. It would take a couple weeks to arrive. I would have to buy some copper pipes. I got to thinking about how the copper pipes directed the orgone up into the sky. I remembered a description of how a cone shape gathers energy and shoots it out the tip of the cone. What if I put a pipe over the tip of a cone shaped TB that I bought? Could that work like a mini cloudbuster? This I can try. I managed to set up one of my garden trellises on the frozen ground so I could tie the pipes to it. I set this up on Monday after work.

For confirmation, the next day, I had a huge sylph over my yard clearing chemtrails from the sky. I did my best to send my thanks and appreciation for his hard work. The following day I had a sylph with a rainbow arching through its body. This was the first rainbow sylph I had seen. I sent my thanks but at the same time I had questions in my mind, “is it working? Are the pipes getting good orgone energy up to you to use?” I was suddenly enveloped in unconditional love. It was like a warm hug. This must be bliss. By the time it faded and I went to get my camera the rainbow was fading.

Meanwhile, at work it occurred to me how to test my TBs. In the server room the energy always feels heavy and oppressive. I’ll see if I can change that. I brought 3 of my worst looking TBs and put one on a shelf out of sight. At lunch time I went into the server room and some of the heaviness was gone, so I put a second TB in another corner. Just before going home I checked the server room and decided to leave the third one there overnight. The next morning when I went into the server room it felt like a window was open and a breeze of fresh air flowed across my cheek. There is no window, the room is like a big closet. I was impressed. My lousy TBs actually work.
I explained what I had done to a couple of the guys in the office. Their faces were blank. They said the air in server room never felt different to them. I was astonished. I assumed if I felt the energy everyone did. No one cared so I left my TBs in the room. They are there to this day, as well as 6 TBs lined up under the front edge of my flat screen monitor and the very lovely buck-naked tower buster from CT Busters that is by my phone.

Further to my copper pipes in the garden, after the loving encouragement I received from a sylph, I set up 4 more so I had 6 pipes in a row. Whenever I saw a sylph I did my best to communicate my thanks. One day when I thought perhaps they do not understand English thoughts, it occurred to me I should try to send a big ball of love to a sylph with my thanks. I started by using my hands to catch a basketball sized globe of love flowing out of my chest, then I threw it up into the sky. It felt successful. This exercise is easiest to do on a sunny day with blue skies full of sylphs. Now whenever I see blue skies I can feel the love forming in my chest. This turned into my mainstay response to a psychic attack. When I say in my mind to send the attack energy back to the psychic I attach a big ball of love and imagine it surrounding them.

The first 24 Tower Busters (TB) I made did not look very good but I proved to myself they work so now I had some field TBs to gift. I kept an eye out for cell towers easy to gift that were near me and started a mental hit list. I need to say that reading about people gifting since 2000 made me think everything had been done and it’s rather late to be joining in. I found a couple articles from people who did a few towers in my city. But I saw that chemtrails did not disappear completely, they still spread out and filled the sky. So more orgonite is needed. Looking at a clear sky the first 30 degrees up from the horizon had a shiny, silvery look to it, aluminum? I better get to it.

Good Friday, April 3, 2015 Even though this was a holiday from work and the alarm was turned off, I woke up at 6:10am. I rolled over but could not get back to sleep. It occurred to me there would not be very many people up early on a holiday morning. I should get in the car and do my first gifting. I had painted my TBs black so they would be hidden in shadows. This made them look like hockey pucks. So if you ever see a hockey puck in a ditch or under a bush, leave it there.

Reading gifting stories, I had bought a succour punch. After a cup of coffee I turned on the succour punch and spoke my intention to it. “If other people see me they would not be interested and just ignore me.” OK that was not a great way of putting it. While driving to the first cell tower there were only a couple of cars but one almost ran me off the road. He changed lanes right on top of me, as if I wasn’t there. So at my first tower stop I took the succour punch in hand and changed my intention to this. “My car would flow through traffic safely and when people saw me outside walking they would think I was just walking a dog.” No, I don’t have a dog, but people often walk their dogs along the gravel roads that run parallel to the main highway. It is a good excuse to be out there early in the morning walking by a cell tower.

I left a gift and drove to the next tower which was beside a small electric power transformer station. I will leave 2 TBs either side of the fenced in transformers and one on the far side of the tower. While walking up to a line of small spruce trees I saw a plastic container in the branches of one tree. Curious to see if it was full of orgonite I opened it and found I had discovered a geo-cache. I knew about this hobby. I could use this hobby as an excuse for snooping around where I shouldn’t be. I closed it up, put it back, and moved much farther up the line of trees for my gift location.

Next on my list were 2 new traffic lights on the highway drivers did not seem to have the patience to stop for. The bad orgone in the electromagnetic field surrounding the traffic and street lights would be converted to good orgone and soften everyone’s mood. After driving several miles to gift another cell tower and big intersection, I headed home. 8 TBs gifted is not much, but on the spur of the moment it was a start. I am sorry to say I forgot to watch the sky for changes.

When I got home at 9am I could hear some robins chirping away in the back yard. I headed back there. It was awesome. I counted 21 robins in 4 trees around me and they were chirping in unison, yes unison. They all chirped at the same time. It was loud. I felt this concert was for my benefit so I got a lawn chair and sat to listen. After several minutes, I noticed one of the guy wires on the garden trellis holding up my temporary cloudbuster pipes was lose, so I walked over and stepped on the tent peg to push it in the ground better. Tent pegs are plastic now, and in the cold a piece snapped off with a load ‘crack’. The birds stopped instantly. Concert over.”

Posted March 19, 2017 by Don Croft

I was happy that this person agreed to share her field reports and was very pleased to see that she has experimented and improvised to achieve specific results.  For long term improvements there are no shortcuts and one has to be thorough about busting the death towers, etc., but the short term stuff is wonderfully empowering and encouraging, meanwhile.

Any pipe with some orgonite by it will produce observable positive effects in the sky, for instance, and her psi protection & self defense technique, which she came up with on her own, is essentially the same one we use and is described on  There was an Indian fellow near us, in Montana, who had been earning a living making rain for ranchers and all he did was to stick some pipes into streambeds, aimed at certain areas of sky for a limited time.  Without putting the ends of aimed pipes in moving water or by or in orgonite one can get a bit stung by touching it, of course.  One fellow may have died from touching Reich’s CB in the desert and it was presumably hooked up to a water source.  The first time we set up our first orgonite CB I experienced a lot of pain in my arm when I touched the pipes but the pain went away in a moment when I put my hand on the orgonite base.  We rarely encounter that much DOR any more, anywhere we travel.

The rainmaker in Montana could evidently see and/or feel where the deadly orgone radiation existed in the sky, which is how Reich operated his original cloudbusters with enormous success. I’ve always preferred the low tech approach because it’s obviously more inclusive, so will inspire more people to do it.  Dirk in The Netherlands sent me a CD that has several of Reich’s paintings on it and it’s pretty obvious from those that he saw subtle energy  in colors, like Carol and some other psychics do naturally.  In those days one risked being anathematized if he/she admitted to having such a gift, of course.

Her experiment with invisibility is closely similar to what Carol and DB each developed in their own way.  He also used a Succor Punch, if I’m not mistaken, and Carol simply uses  hand gestures and mental focus–anyone can do that, which I say because I can do it .  DB once asked to be invisible to predators, for instance, and when it became too dangerous for him to drive on the highway, on account of the relatively high percentage of people in LA who are predators, he had to alter the parameters .  

The reason I encourage people to focus their reporting on orgonite fieldwork is because this other stuff only produces short term effects an the glamuor of it tends to distract people away from the more pressing need, which of course is to flip all of those millions of  damned death towers and weather weapons.  We sometimes use the fancy tricks and tech to confound surveillance, interact with grateful elementals and cetaceans, etc.; the gravy .  We haven’t needed specialty stuff for protection since 2004 when we figured out that the human heart is the best defensive weapon but I’m eager to see if the new Bilo Orgonite from East Africa will make it easier for us to confound our sleepless dirty-juju, corporate/occult assailants.  I encourage everyone to buy some and put it to work.

Posted March 23, 2017 by Don Croft

Here’s her next report:

Anonymous Flinger:
“Now that I was waking up I wanted everyone in the city to wake up, too. I was going to spend the summer of 2015 making TBs and gifting the more than 200 towers I counted on a map of my area. There was an election coming up in the fall of 2015 and I wanted everyone to be awake and able to think for themselves. That was a lot of towers but it was still April and I had all summer. I kept a dozen TBs in my car so I could leave a few gifts whenever I spotted a cell tower near a shopping center or found an electric tower that gave me a headache.

It was around this time that I noticed the right side of my nose was thicker than the left side. It wasn’t a swelling in the flesh. It felt like the bone was thicker. Having read about implants I tried pretty much everything I read. I imagined the electronics would short circuit and fry, the implant would melt away. I bought powerful disk magnets and I put a couple disks on each side of my nose. There was enough attraction to hold them in place for hours. This was convenient as it left my hands free to cut up aluminum cans, my new activity in the evenings.

Making my first cloudbuster/chembuster (CB) was quite an experience. By the time I finished pouring and the last layer was hardening it had started to drizzle. The resin got so hot the rain drops were steaming and I thought the plastic pail was going to melt. I used extra hardener because it was cold outside. I sat down and wrote out some notes to follow for next time. I want to make two CBs this year.

The first weekend of May I headed out to the family cottage with all my orgonite fixings to pour my second CB. I stopped along the way and put 3 gifts by the cell tower out there. A blue hole formed in the clouds. I could see it from the cottage. It was an encouraging sight. I discovered the shady corner of the deck was a perfect height for a table and this became my favourite spot to pour. I had the whole deck to spread things out. It went well. I was starting to feel like an expert. The blue hole in the clouds had increased and I had sylphs in the sky over my head. Blue sky and sylphs always make me happy. I set up the pipes on my first CB base to leave at the cottage while I let my second base harden and cool.

I forgot to mention in the other report where I experimented with copper pipes sitting on the points of cone shaped tower busters, when I was tying up the pipes I noticed 4 blue white flashes of light out of the corner of my eye. One was on one side and 3 in different spots on the other side of me. I had read that when the CB fills the area with POR, any invisible flying craft that use DOR for power need to leave the area or they may lose power, crash and become visible. They said the spark of light is when the engines fire up quickly. I had tried my best to telepathically send out a warning before I got started, but I have never done telepathy before. Also, I took a moment to speak in my mind or mutter under my breath to any spirits that inhabit my yard that what I was setting up should give them good energy and I wasn’t trying to harm them. I have read a lot of different stuff and I’m willing to give it a try. So many people say imagination is key. This time, when I moved those pipes to the CB base I did not see anymore blue white flashes of light.

During one evening, about this time, while I was reading a book my reading glasses did not sit right on my face. I took them off and checked the frames but they looked straight and square. The nose pads where not bent out of shape. Putting them back on, yet again, the glasses were way over on the right. I felt my nose and the right side had become a really big lump. I looked in the mirror and the right side of my nose looked 1/4 inch thicker than the left side. This is ridiculous. Where are my magnets?

It was May the 4th, Monday night, when I had the most unbelievable experience. I had got to bed a bit late. It was 10:45ish, definitely after 10:30 but before 11pm. I was dozing, almost asleep, when suddenly there was a terrific pressure on the right side of my nose. I was coming out of the doze slowly and just about to move a hand to my face when it felt like something was ripped out of the side of my nose. The pressure was instantly relieved. Confusion and then indignation, I lept out of bed and turned on the light. I didn’t think I would see anybody or anything. I hoped I wouldn’t see anybody or anything. I was feeling really rattled and turned on a few more lights. I felt my nose and the big lump had gone down considerably. I looked in the mirror. There was no blood, no pain, and no mark that I could see, just the lump much smaller again. By morning the lump was completely gone.

I went and turned on my computer. I was typing this up before I forgot the details. I called my file “IDONTBELIEVEITBUT”. This file becomes quite long so I start a new one each year. Most of it is pretty tame, just my observatons.

One of the best observations I had with my CB at home in the city, was an evening in 2015 when I was trying to get some weeds pulled before it started to rain. This was probably late June or July after I gifted a haarp field and we were actually getting rain again. That report is coming. Anyway, I was watching the clouds to judge how long until the rain would start. I noticed the clouds just west of me were starting to rotate. There was no funnel just rotating clouds. I watched them for a couple minutes and as they moved closer to my CB the rotation just blew apart and stopped. I went back to pulling weeds. Once again I looked up and some clouds were rotating, came close and blew apart. OK I know what is west of me, I will gift it heavily. I wonder how they do it.

On several occasions at the lake I would see torrential rain whiting out the far shore 2 miles away and as the rain moved across the lake towards me it would be come lighter by the time it reached me. But not always. There were a couple torrential rainfalls with the (6 foot) CB standing sentinel. I can say that the lighting seems to keep its distance. Even in the city I hear the thunder far away and very little really close.

What did happen out at the lake was a beaver dropped a tree dead center on my CB. It was not a pretty sight. I made the CB base using 12 inch lengths of pipe so I just had to replace the long sections and make a new spacer for the top. I buy the 6 foot pipes so now I have a 7 foot tall CB instead of a 6 foot CB. Perhaps the beaver was trying to help me improve it. I have been able to cut up the bent pipes into 12 inch lengths so I can make several more CB bases.
Mid July, 2016 I had run an errand and was heading home. The car in front of me pulled over to take a picture. It was easy to see a well shaped funnel cloud coming in from the south east and heading towards the city. It looked like a tornado but they reported it never touched the ground. When I saw it the point was being blow back and looked more horizontal than vertical. It seemed to change direction and stayed outside of the city, skirting around my CB. I still need to look and see what needs gifting south east of me.

Here are a few more observations from my files:
Saturday Aug 27, 2016 after reading about slowing down a wind by setting a CB horizontal and pointing into the wind, I decided to see if I could slow down the south wind that was predicted to bring storms. I used a big plastic tub as a prop and set the CB on it, maybe a 30 degree angle up from horizontal, pointing south. Clouds turned to blue sky, and we never got the rain and thunder predicted for the evening. Driving with a friend while moving the last of my mom’s furniture he commented on what a lovely evening it was, and the ambiance was great. I figure, with the CB pointing into the wind, the wind would blow that orgone back over the CB and up through the city. We were driving straight into that orgone and it felt wonderful.

Sunday Aug 28, 2016 Next day the CB had been stood up again. There were south winds but storm clouds were moving in from the west so I pointed the CB at those clouds, west of me. This is after heavy gifting that area. After 30 minutes there was a hole in the clouds and I never got the overnight rain and thunder predicted.
November 16, 2016 – US tornadoes in 2016 fewest since record-keeping began in 1954. I am so pleased to be a tiny part of all the gifting that caused this headline.”

Posted Marach 23, 2017 by Don Croft

Are you as impressed as I am? I’m hoping this will hold people’s feet to the fire who are only posting tallies of orgonite tossed and choosing not to post useful observations and impressions.  ~D

Anonymous Flinger:
“The weather was nice the first couple weekends in May 2015 so I took my bucket of orgonite making tools out to the family cottage and made 8 dozen TBs each weekend. I left them on the deck to weather.
By the May long weekend I had arranged 108 TBs in the seed of life design on the deck. I put it right under the overhead wire from the cottage to the boathouse. I can feel strong electromagnetic fields and this wire gives me a dull headache if I sit directly under it. I found standing and leaning over the 108 gave me a pleasant rush, with no achy pain in the head.
[A single TB under a high tension powerline is usually enough to turn that 60Hz weapon into a life force generator for about a quarter mile of its length. ~D]

I am not much of a fisherman so I offered 3 TBs to two family members who were heading out to fish. I told them orgonite in the water was supposed to improve fishing. I explained it would add life giving energy to the lake. I wanted them to drop them where ever they felt like but I suggested, as an experiment, they should drop one where they never catch fish so we could see if it would change the area. I warned them it might make the weeds grow thicker so to be careful where they dropped them.

Two hours later they came back for lunch all excited because they caught 20 fish between the two of them. On that lake I would have considered 10 fish something to be excited about. The fish were all too small to keep and they said they probably caught the same fish twice a few times, but that happens. After lunch they headed out for another few hours and when they got back said the numbers were up to 44 fish caught for the day and one was big enough to keep but it was only one so they let it go, too.

I would have thought it would take a few days for the water to saturate with orgone and the fishing to improve slowly. So either the fish instantly come to life with orgonite or there were water spirits thanking them for the orgonite by sending some small fish to their hooks. I am getting good at seeing sylphs in the sky, but I hadn’t thought about water spirits before.

I left some TBs on the deck and encouraged my family and friends to continue gifting the lake. By the end of the summer there were 14 TBs in the lake. The fishing was great. A nephew caught a 29 inch jack fish off the dock. It was so much bigger than usual I am sure I can say in 52 years such a large fish had never been caught by casting off our dock. A 34 inch jack fish was caught while trolling on the far side of the lake. They released it and in 2016 the same person caught a 36 inch jack fish in about the same place, and released it. In 2016 about 24 TBs were dropped in the lake.
With the orgonite in the lake I love sitting on the deck when there is a breeze coming off the water. It feels wonderful.

June 6 gifting a haarp field
The second time I became very angry in 2015 was when a violent wind storm blew the cover off my chimney. I came home from work and the top of my chimney was laying in the driveway. It was supposed to be a rain storm but there had been no rain just a violent wind. That spring we had several storms like this, violent winds and not enough rain to wet the sidewalk.

This spurred me to go do heavy gifting along what I believe is a haarp field outside the city. There was a road on one side and a stream about 1/4 mile away on the other side. The road had a lot of security on it although it was just an electric power station being built. For the last 2 years I would get an EMF headache when driving near the field on a highway about 1/2 mile away, so something was up and running at this unfinished site. I tried google maps but the image was old and just showed a blank gravelled yard a mile long. But it showed 2 sets of twin square water pools that I heard could be cooling pools for underground nuclear power.

I was too chicken to go up the road and try to put TBs in the ditch with security watching, so I decided to put my TBs into the stream of water to hide them. The best place to leave the car meant I had a 3 km walk. There was a tourist type of trail with placards explaining the flora and fauna along the trail. So I had my camera and pretended to be a tourist. I had packed my raincoat and wore rubber boots because there were heavy clouds that morning and it smelled like rain but as usual it was not raining. As I walked along, only a few drops fell here and there. After walking 1 km I walked under the first big power line and felt an EMF headache. So I tossed a TB under the power line tower.
I walked a little way farther and stopped to read a placard. This is when I heard a small plane behind me and turned around to look at it. It looked the size of a 2 seater Cessna. You don’t have to believe me but while watching the plane I saw funny looking lines, blue and dark grey concentric half cirles as if the plane shot a ray gun at me. I was so surprised I forgot I had my camera in my hand. I was alarmed. I had read about all the weird stuff that happens to people when they start gifting orgonite but I hadn’t read about this! Trying to calm down I turned back to the placard, then looked sideways at the big power lines and superimposed with the power lines I again saw alternating lines of blue and dark grey. Yikes! I am such a chicken I wanted to run back to the car. But that was just over 1 km away. It’s too far to run all that way.

[An orgonite pendant in the vicinity of the heart protects someone from directed energy weaponry.  ~D]

Besides, still calming myself, if I went home now I would have to do that 1 km walk all over again. I’m here and I should get on with it. I was wearing my EMF shielding hat. I had a succour punch running in my shoulder bag of now 13 TBs which were between me and the plane. Perhaps all that orgonite would protect me from whatever it was. I should at least get that haarp field gifted before I go.

It had started to drizzle a bit so I put my raincoat on and headed farther down the trail. Now, I could hear helicopter noise. I looked and could not see the helicopter. The clouds were low, and the helicopter sounded low so where was it? Surely they fly by sight and cannot be flying in the clouds. I kept walking. At one point I heard two helicopters but I never saw them.

I had to walk another 2 km to get to where I was just past the haarp field and then I walked through tall grass, weeds and wild flowers down to the edge of the stream. I threw a TB in the water and started back following the stream, spacing out the TBs going in the water. After I threw 3 TBs in the stream the rain started, a good steady rain, a normal rain. I read orgonite can make it rain if the conditions are right. That made me feel successful. The rain soaked the grass and the grass soaked my jeans. I trudged on for a mile, the length of the field, threw all my TBs, then headed back to the path to finish the walk back to the car.

Passing this area the next day the sky was cloudy. Over the haarp field there was a long blue hole in the clouds. I continued to see a hole in this spot for the rest of the summer. I should have stopped and taken a picture.
I still hear friends say, remember a few years ago when we used to get those violent storms…

Posted April 2, 2017 by Don Croft

Anonymous Flinger:
“My previous report from 2015 left off with gifting the haarp field. That had started the rain. This was also a trip out to the cottage and I still had 8 TBs in the car and 8 rivers, streams and creeks that the highway would cross along the way. I have trouble throwing my TBs and I am not sure if I lost my ability to throw or if my TBs just don’t want to leave me. Many times I wind up for the throw and the TB goes at a complete right angle to where I wanted. When I try an underhand throw the TB goes straight up then lands at my feet. Geesh. So I have to walk as close as I can to where I want them to be. [I hone my highway toss by playing Angry Birds religiously.  ~Don]

The day turned into the kind when the rain settles in so there was no chance of seeing a blue hole open up. However, the skies where partly clear with puffy clouds and sylphs when I went home at the end of the weekend. Closer to the city the clouds changed. Heavy and grey, they covered the sky except for a long blue hole over the haarp field.
I would continue with this water gifting stopping at culverts and taking photos of some very picturesque streams through the forest. Streams I only noticed because I stopped to gift. I also discovered hundreds of yellow lady slipper flowers along the ditch of one highway. This wild flower is considered rare and is a protected flower in my area. I had never seen them in the wild before. When I got home I found one yellow lady slipper flower blooming in my lawn beside my vegetable garden. I mow that lawn each week so how did it grow up so suddenly? Two weeks later, a different highway had the bigger white and mauve lady slippers. Again, there were hundreds of them.

The rest of 2015 was pretty tame. Where other people report seeing birds flying in formation, I had 9 tiny sand flies flying in formation in front of my eyes while I was busy poking more metal in the Tower Busters I was making. I think some sylphs wanted my attention, my appreciation and the ball of love I always send them. It’s nice to know the sylphs are over my shoulder when I pour resin.

This was the weekend out at the cottage when a curious nephew and a couple of his friends asked me what I was doing. I explained about orgonite and why I started gifting. I was describing things unfamiliar to two of them, but the third guy was nodding and adding in his own comments. The two, with jaws hanging stared at their friend. I insisted that they each take 6 of my TBs to use around their homes. I could just imagine their fishing trip was going to be full of more questions. For me it was 18 TBs gifted the easy way. I spread several dozen around the city this way.
I went to the downtown area in the evenings. There are cell towers on many buildings so I walked up and down each street leaving TBs everywhere that I could find a good spot. My strategy was to wear old socks that creep down and need to be pulled up constantly. So bending over to pull up my socks I could slip a TB in a good hiding place. Some areas had benches surrounded by thick vegetation where I would sit and change the battery in my camera, leaving a gift behind.

Gifting the city was proceeding rather slowly. I wanted to do all the towers before an election so with one month left I stayed home from the cottage until it was done. My first effort saw only 19 TBs gifted and it took me all morning and half the afternoon. So I sat down at the computer and using google maps wrote out a logical route to follow the next morning complete with parking places, convenient bushes and ditches. This went better. By the time I finished, my strategy included: skipping the morning cup of coffee, leaving in the dark to start the first gifting at the crack of dawn when no one was around, doing industrial areas on Sunday, keeping an eye out to avoid cameras, and carrying more TBs than I intended to gift as I always found more towers than the map showed. With a good plan I could gift 50 TBs and be home before noon. This got the job done before the election.

[We assume tower maps online are for the convenience of the civilian techs who service them and have no clue what these weapons are used for.  A lot of the worst death towers and especially weather weapons are not on maps or even registered with the gov’t, presumably because the sewer rat agency techs know where they are.  Some of those have signs, warning not to turn off the car’s engine, haha.   One has to get out and see them to find them but a good, methodical route like our friend created enables us to do that.  We had to use a map to do all the weapons in Atlanta because of the tortuous street plan.  ~Don]

“I wanted to distribute more TBs in the rivers around the city and I decided to gift beside the bridges. I had done quite a few of them when I was gifting towers, but there were more to do. It started out as one of those cloudy, grey days when you never get to see the sun. Well, let’s see what happens. At some bridges I could park very close and at others I had to follow a walking trail. Under many bridges, the concrete supports were filled with colorful graffiti.
Under the 3rd bridge, a fellow was putting his rolled up sleeping bag and suitcase in a shopping cart and heading out for the day. He probably thought I was weird as I walked up to the edge of the river, threw in my gift, then walked back the way I came.

After 5 TBs I had a blue hole in the clouds. Driving to the 6th bridge the hole was growing bigger, egging me on. By the 7th bridge, I think the hole was following me. 8th bridge, yes it is following me, onto the 9th bridge.
At the 10th bridge, it was muddy at the water’s edge. I added my foot prints to some wild geese and duck foot prints. 11th bridge I found asparagus and horseradish growing wild. That left one last bridge which was on the way home. Unfortunately, the clouds had shifted and closed the hole, but throughout the day there were a few sunny breaks. All in all, a good day of gifting.”

Posted April 24, 2017 by Don Croft

[Georg Ritschl had flipped all of the death towers in and around Johannesburg not long after he started doing this work in 2002 but the sky remained white instead of blue, which was intensely frustrating to him. He got the idea to put some orgonite and a Succor Punch and that immediately cleared a big blue hole.  He’s sold a LOT of these over the years.  Whiteouts are commonly caused by weather weaponry and are a very thin cloud layer that can cover a vast region.  Cumulus clouds form below it and drop rain as nature intended so I suspect that the whiteouts are mainly psychological weapons, like the seeded clouds formed by chemtrail jets are, now.
A couple of years later, Stev Baron and friends in Toronto had not only flipped all the weaponry in that metro area but systematically put orgonite in every square block as well–over 20,000 pieces–but the whiteouts remained and caused them no end of frustration.  DB suggested dropping some orgonite in the sea in the Maritime Provinces and when someone who lived in Labrador did that the persistent whiteouts over Toronto disappeared.
Didier on Reunion Island, off the coast of Africa, has just sent me a series of videos that showed some remarkable sky effects from a simple rotating TB, powered by little  solar panels.
There are actually three sequential YouTube segments that show the progression but he hasn’t yet put them together with a report. I asked him to do so. It made me want to get back into vortex creation with rotating geometric/orgonite devices. Trevor Constable started his career by simply rotating geometric devices on the deck of a moving ship to cause rainstorms. It’s amazing what one can do on a grand scale with scant resources, as we all know
My point is that there are lots of ways to get rid of the whiteouts and when we see them occasionally there’s no need to feel alarmed or that we’ve somehow failed in our fieldwork.  It’s also important to know that there is always more than one way to solve a problem in the atmosphere.  ~Don]

Anonymous Flinger:
“For the 2016 gifting season I worked at gifting all the big electric power stations around the city and where the big power lines cross highways. Most power stations were close enough to a road that I could leave TBs in ditches. My best strategy was to carry a garbage bag so I would look like I was picking up litter as I left a trail of Tower Busters behind.
[Carol and I have always preferred tossing orgonite from a moving vehicle to avoid detection.  We rarely have to get out of the car and we even more rarely have to bury orgonite. ~D]

On one excursion in the spring I had blackbirds flying ahead of me and landing on the tall cattails in the ditch. So I would drive forward to that spot for my next gift. In the end I gifted 7 TBs where I had only intended to do 5.
[Animals are often a terrific ‘interface’ with our own intuitive processes when we do this fieldwork–seems to work well for all of us, regardless of our psi potential. ~D]

This same day I left TBs in the ditch near another power station, but it was further back from the road. It looked about half a mile away. There had been recent news of thieves stealing huge spools of copper wire from power stations so I figured they would be on the lookout for suspicious behavior. This made me keep my distance. I did not feel comfortable driving up to the station gate. I would ponder this gifting problem for many months.

I went back to the haarp field because its blue hole was waning. I was able to spread 18 TBs in the ditch on the other side from last year’s gifting as security had lightened up. The blue hole over the haarp field became bigger again. I enjoy driving to work in the early morning when the sun is rising because no matter how cloudy it is, the sun manages to peep out as it rises over the haarp field.

One day I was re-reading instructions for making different orgonite devices and I read that a HHG may have a range of 5 miles. I only needed a range of one and a half miles. I could make some HHGs to finish gifting a couple large power stations.  [I overstated the range of an HHg in that early comment, which at the time seemed accurate, perhaps due to special circumstances,  but has proven to be exaggerated. I wish I knew how to delete that . ~D]

I found some large plastic funnels on amazon for a cheap price and ordered 3. Then I ordered one tin funnel in case the plastic ones became warped from the heat of the resin. I also went through my stones as I had bought quartz crystals that would work in HHGs. My first 4 coils where made by hand from house wiring scraps.  They were rather lumpy. I glued the coils to the crystals and made a sticky mess. I used 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of junk mail to fold into a cone shape to line the funnels. Pouring the HHGs on a windy day was challenging but it got done.

Somehow, my HHGs just didn’t feel good enough and although I gifted a few more power stations with TBs in ditches I held off going back to place my HHGs. Eventually, I thought to use water displacement to measure their size in a 4 cup measure and found out my HHGs were only 8 ounces. The instructions said to make them 12 ounces. So I poured some water in the funnel spout then 12 ounces of water and memorized the water level on the funnel. By this time I had acquired a coil winder form and bought a small spool of copper wire. With better materials, I developed the skill of winding coils on crystals without needing glue. I put the 12 ounce mark on the inside of my paper cones so I knew how far to pour. I made 8 HHGs that were a good 12 ounces of orgonite. This time I felt satisfied. I painted all of my HHGs black.

Watching the sky as my gifting progressed that summer, the best response from TBs was over a small power station, which was situated between 2 very larger power stations. For many weeks after gifting it, every storm or cloudy day had broken clouds or a blue hole. This showed me the small power station had enough orgonite but the 2 larger power stations needed more.

It wasn’t until a Sunday morning in November that I drove around on gravel back roads to leave 4 HHGs all within 2 miles of that big power station and another 9 TBs under the big power lines running off it. With over 2 years of analyzing clouds I had noticed a lot of haarped clouds seemed to start over this power station. After the 4 HHGs were placed, the city was completely cloud free for 10 days. Blue skies always make me happy.

On my next trip I went back to the power station the blackbirds had helped gift because I found out from a friend that up a small road, and hiding behind the small station, was a power station 5 times the size that also had a radar ball in the middle of it. I placed 2 HHGs, each within half a mile, on either side of this station and started gifting TBs under power lines. I only gifted 6 TBs before I was challenged. I had my camera in my hand. The sun had been rising and I had snapped a cool photo of the sun rising up between 2 matching electric towers off in the distance. Those guys in their company truck were not impressed. Perhaps a camera was not an innocent reason to be out on a gravel road that ran between two power stations. If I had found a friend to throw TBs out the car window I would have been finished before they put their coffee cups down and noticed me. Oh well, something left to do there. But I have been noticing blue holes over this monster power station, so those HHGs are doing good.”

Posted April 24, 2017 by Don Croft

Anonymous Flinger:
“The Summer of 2016 I became aware of the orgonite howitzer device. I considered buying one from the Orgonize Africa web site, but after exchange and import duties it would be over $1000 in my currency. So, I thought about making one and asked a plumber I know if he could get me a large diameter copper pipe. He said the cheapest pipe he could get would be recycled from a renovation job. So I waited.

While I waited I tried to figure out what to use as a mold for the orgonite base. I went back to the web site for another look and found that with the brexit vote lowering the British Pound, the conversion to my dollars made the price 22% cheaper. This was within my budget so I ordered one. It arrived in September. It can run on either a 9 volt battery, or on the house electricity with an adapter. Mostly, I use the house electricity. I use a battery when I set it up far away from electric power.

I don’t like orgonite devices being named after weapons of war. But I guess the name howitzer is a good one because using this device makes me feel very powerful. I prefer to call mine howie, or I refer to it as a pumper. I think of it pumping good energy into the environment.

Straight out of the box, without the full pipe extension, I plugged in my howie and angled it through a window at some clouds in the south east. Orgone energy goes through glass easily. I left it running while I started supper and 20 minutes later took a look and had blue sky with no clouds. So I changed the angle and pointed at a cloud bank moving in from the south west. I checked it a while later and the clouds had diminished considerably. I put on the pipe extension and left it running pointing south west through the window.

I played with the howie during the fall, taking it with me when I went out to the cottage. My gas mileage seemed to be better when I carried that huge hunk of orgonite in the car. I like how howie blasts a blue hole on a cloudy day, or at least rips the clouds up a bit so the sun can peep through.

Most of the winter howie lived in my basement, plugged in with the power cord wrapped around a column of orgonite to help clean up the dirty electricity. I read about this somewhere, and thought I should try out the idea. I can never have too much orgonite in my house. As winter was ending and temperatures where warming up, I got in the habit of setting howie up outside when I got home from work if there was no precipitation predicted. I let it run all evening. One evening I forgot to bring howie in and the next morning, boy, did it ever feel nice out that morning.

Saturday March 4th 2017, there was a strong wind with a rain/sleet/snow storm approaching. In the spring when our snow is melting we don’t need extra precipitation or we get floods, so I decided to see what I could do about that storm. I leaned howie on the hood of my car, similar to how I set up my CB on an angle to calm down strong winds. My strategy was to point into the wind and use the wind to blow the POR energy over the whole city to calm down the storm and turn it into a gentle rain if any. I set this up about 11 am.

I kept an eye on the sky all afternoon so I could bring in howie when it started to rain. When I was on the computer after supper I checked the radar to see how soon the rain might start. What I saw on the radar image was amazing. There was a huge semi-circle around the city with no rain. The storm was staying a good 100 miles away and going around the city in a huge arc. Was that me? Did my howie do that? I kept checking the radar and the semi-circle barrier stayed intact. I brought Howie in at 10:30 pm. Then at 11 pm the radar showed a spotty bit of rain filling in the circle.

I consider this orgonite device as a another step in the development of the succour punch to the power wand to the orgonite howitzer. The succour punch and power wand can be used as devices to empower your intentions to the universe. When I set up howie that morning I probably talked to it and explained how I wanted to gentle the storm and keep the city safe from flooding.

-off topic-
Have you ever had a sudden strong pain on the side of your head that is facing the window. Just jump up and move to another room quickly. Or go to the bathroom if you’re at work. It might be nothing, but … I find picking up a TB and placing it over the spot makes the pain go away, almost like it’s neutralizing whatever just soaked in. It just happened to me as I was proofreading this report, this evening about 8:30, April 21, 2017. This is the same window my howie is currently shooting through. I have never felt an energy wallop to the side of my head before. Usually I get a small stabbing pain that feels more like a needle going into my head. One time when I didn’t have a TB handy I held my Harmonic Protector over the spot to soothe the pain.”

[When energy weaponry is aimed at a house you can measure strong voltage on the windowpanes on that side of the house. Orgonite on the body transmutes the energy within one’s own energy field and orgonite in the house & hopefully around the property protects you, too.  The worst we’ve suffered from getting hit from even three directions this way is insomnia but grounding (to the ground; not to the third-hole ground outlet on the wall) solves that problem.  I suspect the insomnia is the result of simple static buildup on the body.  Busting the local death towers removes most of the threat and their smaller, less powerful portable weaponry in the ubiquitous unmarked vans is less problematic and is short range, so you can actually go out and confront these jerks , as we’ve done from time to time.  ~Don]

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