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Hallow our readers, we have experienced peace in  our areas of Kisumu and now we can do gifting. For the last two weeks we had been facing a lot of problem due to our trouble election result. In fact several our people sustained several injuries and in  fact the areas of Kisumu was highly affected  by that problem but now we can thank God because there is peace when the opposition leader resorted to go to court so as to challenge that tensed election.

Now we got an opportunity of reaching the areas  with the orgonite  gifting and we are very sure with  time the areas are going to heal up

Mrs O

2 thoughts on “Gifting in Kisumu

  1. Don Croft

    I feel very relieved, thanks Mrs O, and I’m glad that you weren’t harmed. I suspect that the violence and police/army brutality would have been much worse if not for the very large-scale orgonite work that had been done there over the past 14 years since you began in the area.

    The drastically lowered crime rate in Kisumu since then, the restoration of the fishing industry that followed the cleanup of the very polluted water of that area of Lake Victoria and the resumption of farming due to sufficient rainfall for many years stands as an eloquent testimony for your success, as we all know.

    In terms of the fishing revival, the most graphic testimonial of that successful effort is the thriving trade that happens on the tiny island of Migingo, which had been deserted before. The prosperity of that fishing base is so remarkable that Kenya and Uganda nearly went to war over its possession. That threat was likely dissipated due to the large number of orgonite pieces in the waters around the island 😉 and the few Ugandan and Kenyan soldiers who were then stationed on that rock were friendly toward each other. Nicholas visits there rather frequently and posts updates. Rain, generated by the orgonite, has been sufficient to start farming on adjacent, much larger but previously deserted Ugingo Island.

    Our readers may not know that in the early years of your effort there was another political upheaval in Kisumu during which many inhabitants were shot by soldiers. You were shot even though you had been carefully avoiding the area of violence but you thankfully recovered.

  2. Mrs. O Post author

    That is very true, through these political fracas our people had been affected in one way or the other and even now Chris’ father is now in the hospital because of the police brutal torture. In fact during the riot police broke into his house and upon seeing the orgonite put at a corner they mistakenly thought that those were harmful devices which could be use to halt an attack against the police. So in the process of brutal interrogation and beating up they injured him and now he is the hospital. In fact that was the same case which happened to Nicholas, who fell down when the police surge against him while doing gifting he also fell down and injured his leg.
    We are with Dancan in Kisumu and he is doing the gifting


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