Languages of orgonite

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I have added the Swedish translation of how to make orgonite and a new Arabic translation to the Links & Information page and also to the Towerbuster tutorial page. Thank you to Tomas from for this material!

If anyone has orgonite instructions translated into another language please send it to me in PDF format, or send me the link where the translation can be downloaded.

~ Dooney 🙂

2 thoughts on “Languages of orgonite

  1. Edu

    I’m submitting a Portuguese translation and adaptation of the “Gifting Compendium”, written in 2005 by Don Croft.

    Estou submetendo uma tradução revisada do Compêndio de Gifting, de orgonite/orgonita, escrito em 2005 por Don Croft.

  2. Edu

    I think the translations should be highlighted in a “translations” button at the top portion of the site for easier access. Just my suggestion.


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