Etheric Defense Mandate

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Doc Batiibwe and I did some pretty exciting and risky gifting together in Uganda’s war zone, which I reported in my journal entries at the time (2003).  He was the first Black African to build an orgonite cloudbuster and was in close touch with several pioneers in the healing trade, there and abroad.

Uganda might be the only country where the government is favorable toward the zapper trade and that’s mainly due to our Ugandan associates having handed zappers out to top government officials for their own use.  Nothing sells better than direct customer referral, after all.   As a hospital administrator who favors traditional and alternative medicine over pharmaceuticals, the Doc is in constant hot water with the UN’s  World Health Organization, which is the pharma cartel’s pimp and enforcer in that drug trade on the Dark Continent.  A couple of our Kenyan cohorts spent some jail time in Kenya for curing cholera with zappers during epidemics, there, for instance.

He has struggled to stay alive and well under this threat and I’m pleased to say that he has been successful to date.  He sent me the following, concise observation about being in the habit of defending ourselves, yesterday, and I hope all of our friends and readers who are also under the gun for improving our world will take it to heart in order to have a pleasant life under the circumstances:

This is a pastime fight for life.
It’s like having a shower everyday, eating good, detoxifying the body and mind and keeping your antennas up in the ether.
There is no other way.   

~Dr Paul Batiibwe, Uganda

Paul has participated in our proactive online, international chat sessions many times and, like so many Africans, he’s got a natal talent for discerning etheric ‘events.’   Laura Weise (‘Dooney’) who now leads these sessions and has helped many hundreds of targeted individuals turn the tables on the agency parasites/predators who bother untold thousands of kind souls, has, where she coaches people online while watching their energy.  Anyone can protect him/herself effectively and there’s no need to have psychic talent to do it, fortunately. I call her, ‘Coach.’

Dooney’s also the one who set up this blogsite after Chuck, our previous webmaster, was murdered last month and the Etheric Warriors forum website (which he had protected for 8 years) was destroyed.

~ Don