Is Jeff Miller the Only One on the Planet?

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I feel deeply honored that Jeff is re-posting his Positive Changes reports after the NSA assassinated our webmaster and destroyed our forum, last month. He’s probably the only living human being who is documenting the fact that just about everything in the world is getting better. It’s clean, raw compiled data from the public record and is contrary to the incessant rantings to the contrary of the media, academia, no-account politicians and bureaucrats.

In this Ether War that the Old Parasite have been waging against our species throughout history Jeff’s ongoing compilation of evidence of positive changes is a potent strategic weapon. We entered this war almost accidentally by sharing some new etheric healing devices on the internet in 2001. Orgonite is the strategic weapon that ordinary people around the world (like Carol and I) are using to undermine and transmute the death-energy matrix that had been painstakingly woven throughout the world, over centuries and perhaps millenia, by The Old Parasite, which is my term for the corporate/occult world order.

Parasites are essentially weak, so they have to rely on hiding in order to do their work. Jeff’s monumental research work exposes the parasite like nothing else has done, in my opinion. In 1996 I started a business that I casually called, ‘World Without Parasites,’ but my main focus was the parasites inside bodies, which our zappers destroy with harmless (to the host) microcurrent. I soon found orgonite and recognized its potential for disagling the two legged parasites that live to excrete their spiritual (etheric) poison into the body politic and then I found Carol, who had the insight and skill to see the powerful and empowering dynamics of orgonite.

Before that, the Old Parasite was losing control of the course of history, I believe that is because humanity had started to wake up and be accountable for the first time in our history. I think this is why the enemy’s stated goal of reducing humanity to a half a million souls before the year 2000 utterly failed, for instance,

But it wasn’t until enough people around the world took responsibility for disabling the untold millions of then-new death towers in 2002 that the condition of our planet began to improve in a measurable way. It started slow in those early years but is building momentum, now. and Jeff is documenting it for the record. I think he’s earned an admirable and unique place in history and we’re ALL making history, now ;-).

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