Hacker Pests–they’re all over me, today–stay tuned

[I managed to post the header, yesterday, but was unable to put any text in the ms–I wrote the following this afternoon, after my thermalling paraglider lesson in the Cascades. ~D]

This usually happens whenever I’m away from home but they’ve backed off a bit, today. Tomorrow I’ll probably be able to do email, again. The most annoying thing that these NSA bridge trolls do is to ‘use’ my credit card when I’m traveling so that I have to get a new card after a week of waiting. That’s why I carry two credit cards; I think even those sewer rats are afraid to do something as overt as molest both cards at the same time 😉 . I don’t carry a lot of cash when I travel because cops confiscate it when one is arrested and I’ve been driving without a license for 13 years, so I feel like I’m entering a war zone every time I get into the car. I got pulled over by cops in Brooklyn a year ago, just a block from my daughter, Nora’s, place but they let me go after an hour or so. My little orgonite cloudbuster on the roof rack was pointing at them the whole time, by the way.

Right after the NSA killed Chuck and destroyed our websites they also buggered my main credit card, again. As these miscreants get more overt Carol and I have to take care to look as well as we can into their secret etheric (planning) workings so that we can hopefully prevent or sidestep another overt government-agency attack on our livelihood, which I think is their preferred Final Solution for people like us–the ones who make the world better. Their latest metal-poisoning assault on Carol and I failed, I’m happy to say (thanks, again, Doc von Peters!)

Dooney’s been admonishing me to blog in addition to writing long posts. She understands how this stuff works but I’m a little slow on the uptake–I’ll get it, soon.

3 thoughts on “Hacker Pests–they’re all over me, today–stay tuned

  1. Don Croft Post author

    This is day three of my week-long paraglider safari with 25 chums (I call us a ‘buzzard flock’) and I’m finally able to do my email without interference. I tried and failed this morning but after a pretty terrific and eventful flight from notorious Chelan Butte I’m at a campground on the other side of the Columbia River and am getting NO interference. I guess the cretinous little NSA bridge trolls finally wore themselves out, for now 😉

    1. Don Croft Post author

      It’s Friday (day five of the flying clinic) and I’m not getting any hacking, today. Yesterday seems to be the last of it and on that day they were only hacking my access to the FaCIAbook chatgroup that this group is using to arrange our affairs each morning.

      it occurred to me, today, that the worst hacking of my career, this week, may have been intended to cause me to get rattled enough to crash my paraglider 😉 but today I finally started to get a feel for how to find thermals, hook into them and stay aloft. I was up for an hour and a half, today.

      My favorite part of the sport is soaring like a buzzard in close proximity of several other pilots, which happened a LOT, today. There’s a spiritual aspect to the sport that seems to fill a need in me and the NSA benighted baby eaters, although their actions against each of us are generally counterproductive, no doubt figured that out before I did.

      Next time I travel I’ll bring two computers so that (if these miscreants aggressively hack me, again) I can determine whether they’re molesting just my computer or are working farther up the line of access.

  2. Frode

    I’ve been doing some serious radionics works since yesterday to really diminish the influence of the enemy in this country (Norway). At some point a passenger plane showed up in my vision, basically the front of the plane. Really dark, totally black windows. I felt the operators foiled a terror plot here in Scandinavia, and the windows symbolized that intent. Didn’t think much of it until today when I saw the parliament elections in this country is in fact on 11. sept (9/11), so that made wonder. Figured it is good to post about it in the public record.
    (I see there has been a terror attack in Spain, so they are crazy and desperate these days).


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