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I promised more stories about Capt Azti so here goes:

He was born in Cuba and was still a baby when the CIA installed Castro as head of state. His dad was a pilot in the Cuban Air Force at the time and was quite a hotshot. I wish I remembered the details of how he got his family of four out of Cuba but suffice it to say that he did it while under close surveillance. One thing he did was to befriend his watchers with frequent favors and small gifts.

He then went to work flying cargo to the anti-Castro fighters in the mountains. In order to avoid being shot down he flew over the rooftops of Havana on the way back to Florida. The CIA was running the opposition as well as the ‘revolution,’ of course. That’s why there was never effective opposition against Castro. After Castro was installed the resistance in the same mountains where he had been safe were wiped out pretty fast. Then the CIA moved ‘the resistance’ to Central America in preparation for the Bay of Pigs ersatz invasion, in which Chuck’s dad also unwittingly took part.
He told Chuck that immediately after the failure at the Bay of Pigs, the CIA ordered the execution of all of the surviving resistance fighters but that the CIA agents who were with them in the field refused to follow that order. Needless to say, the CIA agents of today, in a similar situation, would probably carry out that order with great pleasure and enthusiasm. I don’t think it’s possible for a person of conscience to be hired in that capacity by the sewer rat agencies of the world, now. In the early 1960s, though, a lot of these folks were actual patriots.

To illustrate how skilled his dad was as a pilot, he told me that as he was leaving Cuba in his unarmed cargo plane one day a Cuban Hawker Hurricane, which was one of the last propeller-driven fighter planes made, tried to shoot him down. He knew the fighter pilot and the Hurricane well enough that he figured he could trick him into losing control so he dove down to sea level (the seas were high that day) and made a steep turn, close to the surface. The powerful fighter had to bank at a much steeper angle in order to get on his tail and a wingtip caught a wave, so he crashed.

Chuck had a pilot license when he was fourteen and was an outstanding pilot. I think his family lived on a private airfield at the time and Chuck was allowed to fly his dad’s souped-up Piper Cub whenever he wanted. He went through flight school and soon became the youngest airline captain for Eastern Airlines. After that, he was the co-pilot for the Rolling Stones’ big tour jet for a couple of years, then he became the pilot for the Saudi Ambassador’s Boeing 707, which was fitted out to his specifications. He did that for 17 years, then did odd aviation jobs, including piloting a cargo jet out of Bogota, Colombia.

The servers for the previous forum and our primary business website are still in the facility of a business that he helped establish 20 years ago, after he left aviation and got into the internet business. The owner of the business, who was also his friend, has been unable to get through the encryption so we had to start over, which is to say that Laura Weise of has been re-building the forum as a blogsite, from scratch. She did find a way to access the published info, fortunately. The tutorials and links on the old forum are invaluable to this effort because most of the other ‘sources’ are corrupt, mystifying and/or misleading and the accountable people (the ones who ‘do something about it’), who are our little target audience, come to know that.

Chuck became a Buddhist after reaching a low point in his life, a few years before we met him in 2009 and he associated with an American sect of one of the (clean) Tibetan branches. Some years before, some American Buddhists, including the head of a monastery in Arkansas, had done some strategic orgonite field work. The fellow in Arkansas put orgonite all around MalWart’s headquarters in Benton, for instance. Some Tibetan monks in Northern California welcomed orgonite in their sanctuary and were already doing regular, aggressive magic rituals to undermine the new American nazi regime that established itself after they blew up the World Trade Center. We had just started our weekly forum chat sessions at the time (July 3, 2002) in which DB was involved. I think that actual Buddhists are quick to point out that they’re in no way affiliated with British Intelligence’s ersatz Hindu/Buddhist mind control protocols, which are collectively known as Theosophy; the New Age Movement. New Agers flee from accountability and real conscience but people who follow actual religions are propelled toward accountability when they exercise their consciences. Chuck felt deeply and personally responsible for this international forum’s survival.

When Chuck was with us, here, for several weeks three years ago we had an opportunity to see his family photos and they were terrific illustrations for the stories he told us. There was a world-famous American stunt pilot, Len Povey, who became the head of the Cuban Air Force in the pre-Castro years and Chuck’s dad was a close friend of his. ‘The Cuban Eight’ maneuver was one of Povey’s creations. You might have seen that aerobatic maneuver at air shows and it’s one of the most difficult to master.

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  1. Edward

    This is a good story and bio on chuck, we hope to here more stories about him. It sounds like he led an interesting and full life and really cared about this movement.


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