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Thanks for your patience while we get this website back up to speed. We’ve started adding pages with links, tutorials and videos and I hope to get my hands on a backup of the previous forum posts so that we can put those up in an archive. Public comment is allowed on posts (pending admin approval), but no abusive, derogatory or fear-mongering comments will be approved. Authorized posters may be willing to accept gifting reports and confirmations and other constructive news to post, as their time allows.  As the volume of posts increases, you can use the Category links on the right sidebar to look at all the posts in topics that interest you. Note that the Positive Changes That Are Occurring category has it’s own link on the top menu bar.

We’re back! Illegitimi non carborundum! (Don’t let the ba$+@rds get you down, as my dad used to say)

~ Dooney

3 thoughts on “Website Update

    1. Don Croft

      Susan, it’s impossible to corroborate such a claim about earth’s resonant frequency for confirmation or denial. Why do you assume that it’s correct? Zappers are not frequency devices, anyway; they work through electrocution–harmless (to the host) microcurrent. Any freq. serves to perform capacitance through the skin but we like 15Hz because it also provides a very mild euphoria, which we believes aids healing. There’s a boatload of popular misinformation about zappers, I’m sorry to say.

      1. Don Croft

        Coach Dooney is trying to school me in the dynamics of blogsites, as distinct from forums. I have the sense that this new format is going to be more appropriate for fostering the growth of this phenomenal, grassroot movement in the world but I’m not yet knowledgeable–a strange sort of cusp 😉
        Susan’s comment/question about zappers should have been answered on our zapper website, for instance–


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