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I spent a lot of time with Chuck (Azti) over the years and I really should write a proper eulogy for this quiet champion who prevented the NSA from destroying our forum for 8 years.  I’ll do that as soon as Dooney of finally gets this project past the NSA hackers who are evidently working in shifts to prevent the restoration of our global, online unorganized orgonite network.  Carol and I are with her, right now.   My other major concern is to help our African exemplars get their public profile back.  EW has lots of readers thoughout the dark continent and it’s been helping orgonite spread, there.

The key word is ‘unorganized,’ of course, and it may be that the forum was too centralized, so I’m entertaining the notion that a next step in the network’s evolution may be to have a number of interconnected blogsites around the world.  Even though most white people in the West have a queer, induced hatred of all religions I feel compelled to recommend the core religious scriptures as the only sources of genuine spiritual guidance for our species through history.  Muhammad said, ‘Men plot and God plots; and God is the best plotter.’  In that context, this overt assault on the growing orgonite movement by the NSA is ‘man’s plot’ and if I’m not mistaken, this is going to turn out to be a powerful promotion device for simple orgonite and after this little period of adjustment we’ll all be better off than before.

Along with the loss of our gifted webmaster and the subsequent destruction of the site (it took them over a week to accomplish that, presumably due to Chuck’s masterful use of encryption software) there’s apparently a new campaign of corporate/occult hoodoo going on because our zapper sales practically stopped after several months of growing sales.  I’m not too worried about that because they’ve been using this filthy magic against our livelyhood since August, 2011 and early in this year our sales started climbing in spite of it. Also, I had begun to get wholesale orders from MDs for the first time since this business started in 1996 and that’s a powerfully positive development: it means that MDs are no longer afraid to recommend them to their patients.

Don Croft


5 thoughts on “Not a Calamity?

  1. Don Croft Post author

    I guess it’s going to be a running eulogy because this complex and self-sacrificing friend of ours had a lot of facets. On the Sunday after we learned about his death I was in Dooney’s chatroom with some of the psychics and the empathetic physical sensations they felt confirmed, for them, that he’d been poisoned. I often ask Carol how he’s doing in the next world and he evidently adjusted pretty fast to having discarded the physical form and I got a note from Frode in Norway, who is quite sensitive to psi dynamics, and he told me that Chuck visited him a few days ago and was in excellent spirits, also that Chuck was helping his long-standing effort to undermine the reactive aggression of the Vril and CIA (you know–the present-day nazis) against him. I think Frode has put more earthpipes into the ground than any of us 😉
    In other correspondence about Chuck, a fellow in Florida who we’ve been corresponding with since 2000 told me that he had gotten to know Chuck since he moved to Florida three years ago and had gone gifting with him. He also mentioned that Chuck had predicted his murder.
    I think it’s okay to mention that before Chuck came to see us in Idaho, a month before he moved to Florida (he spent most of that month with us) he had been working for a company that was doing contract work for the CIA: sabotaging Iran’s government/military websites, which of course is what these $#!+rats did to our websites after they killed him.
    Since the sites went down a full week after his death, rather than immediately, I credit his encryption skill with the week it took them to destroy the sites. When I visited him in North Carolina, a year before his visit here, he schooled me a bit on encryption and apparently the NSA/CIA dung beetles had to put hundreds of their top saboteurs on the job. I think that gratified our late friend.
    During that short period of working for the enemy his health had declined and he felt miserable. His catharsis was to quit the company and ride his big BMW motorbike from Virginia to our house and when he showed up, Carol and I were shocked by his appearance–he looked quite unhealthy and exhausted, though he was clearly invigorated by the ride, especially through the Rockies the previous day. Within a week he was looking a lot better and within a couple of weeks he was looking like he used to and the way you may have seen him in recent photos. He credited Carol’s daily superfood smoothies. You probably know that he enjoyed the fellowship of taverns, especially when he took his fiddle, but during his month with us he never drank alcohol, nor appeared to feel the lack of it.
    Something that may support our mutual acquaintance’s claim that he predicted his own murder is that he carried a small arsenal whenever he traveled, including a collapsible assault rifle with 30-round magazine and lots of ammo.
    More to follow, of course…

  2. Frode

    It’s been an intense couple of days as Azti showed up to help me, him and his team of etheric pilots. I wasn’t sure I was going to share, but since Don mentioned it here, I will. The first visit was tinged with sadness but also strong feelings of real patriotism for America and its freedom from tyranny. Then he came back the next day with a lot of energy helping me deal with the US bullies (that has been attacking me constantly, especially after I started the radionics campaign on free energy technology). At this point I had already been dealing with US attackers for some time in self-defence. One thing why I know its him, he deals with etheric targets in the US in a way that only an American would have an innate cultural understanding of. I gave him and his team carte blanche to use all the orgonite in the world. 😉 Many nations involved.

    It’s hard to convey everything that happens in the etheric realm, it is quite overwhelming sometimes, but it seems we are entering a stage where the etheric side is able to help us more and more (thanks to the rising energy on the planet and all the hard work of orgonite gifting).

    Keep on flying, Captain Azti! Get those etheric targets, and we’ll do the same.

    1. Frode

      I would also like to confirm those sluggish feelings in regards to poisoning. I didn’t feel all too well here, been shivering and felt I needed to sleep in the middle of the daytime (which I did). I thought it was just me being tired because I’m healthy otherwise, I didn’t think it might be related to how he passed over and the lingering effects of that.

  3. Don Croft Post author

    Thanks, Frode. You would have really enjoyed getting to know Chuck, as several of us did in person. Tomorrow I’m going to share some more stories from him.

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Parasites typically excrete acidic poisons into the body in order to survive and to weaken the host (a strong host expels parasites). The survival aspect may have been discovered by an independent researcher, I think in Utah, many years ago. I forgot his name, sorry. He noted that all parasitic organisms depend for survival on maintaining a static field in their immediate environment that has a deficit of free electrons. This is the same way that toxic particles are suspended in the atmosphere to create brown smog. This type of static field is characterized by acidity; a properly alkaline state is characterized by an abundance of free electrons and slight alkalinity is a health attribute. All pharmaceuticals are acidic, by the way.

      A bit of lightning gets rid of smog in a few moments. Microcurrent, when it has passed through the skin, destroys parasites in the body and a photo on homepage shows freshly-killed intestinal worms that are disintegrating because they’ve presumably lost their skin-tension integrity due to a quick reversal of the charge of their static environment; a zapper gets five millionths of an amp into the body, which is evidently enough to do the job. I assume the same process happens to all parasites in the body but those are microscopic, so harder to visually track. Our customers typically see long strands of whitish mucus in their feces when they start using a zapper for the first time. Orgonite in the environment transmutes poisonous subtle energy into life force and it’s not hard to see how this undermines the parasitic, hiding order that rules our species and improves the health of the body politic.

      Zappers neutralize actual poisons pretty fast, in our experience, but when the sewer rats skillfully introduce various metal salts, including relatively harmless ones as well as toxic metals, it can destroy our health over time and as the body weakens, it becomes more susceptible to life-threatening invasions by parasites (worms, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.). We know the sewer rats introduce the toxic metals in vaccines, of course, also as food additives in most of the processed corporate products but some of us in the front row of this global movement have been more ‘personally’ subjected to it from time to time, which is why I think it’s important to send a hair sample to the Doc if one has become unhealthy in spite of good (non-corporate) diet and reasonable abstinence from poisonous habits. We have to be relatively healthy in order to do our environmental/social healing work but I bet that it frustrates the enemy, no end, that even in a miserable state we can do significant, irrecoverable damage to their ‘vital’ (read: destructive) infrastructure. Carol and I stopped the hurricane agenda soon after we were damaged by beryllium, for instance. Back then, I would have been incapable of carrying my paraglider to the top of steep mountains and flying down as I’ve been doing all summer, now, at age 68.

      In a properly colloidal form, most of these metals are nutrients so the body simply expels what it can’t use in the moment. In their more toxic form, as mineral salts, they’re stored by the body and will also quickly bind with other, essential minerals to create severe nutritional imbalances and organ failures over time–perhaps months. If one isn’t using a zapper this typically leads to cancer and other degenerative illnesses which involve aggressive, opportunistic parasites. It’s an incredibly skilled and subtle operation by the agency $#!+rats (who probably mistake ‘cunning’ for ‘wisdom’) and is apparently directed at countless thousands of individuals who on their watch lists since 2001. Of course, the corporate food industry and chemical cartel are doing this in an impersonal way (nazi-style) to entire populations since WWII but now they’re being exposed, finally, and the organic food industry is suddenly booming on account of it.

      Who doesn’t know about the poisoning of most of the municipal water supplies with fluoride since WWII, which is another, clearly Nazi, legacy? Many cities have banned it as a result of public outcry by now. It reminds me of how atmospheric nuclear tests were banned in the US after having been carried out (allegedly) in 17 states by that time. Reich pegged them as weather warfare aggression against Americans by ‘Amerika,’ early on. I’ve come to believe that the CIA is the over-evil front of the much worse NSA, by the way. In the not-distant future people are probably going to be as horrified by the overt takeover of the US in 2001 by zionist nazis as we’re now taught to be horrified by the takeover of Germany by their nazi forebears.


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