More news about the forum’s servers

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We just heard from Chuck’s friend who had been hosting EW’s secure servers.  He said he couldn’t understand why they went down because his company, which Chuck helped to create 20+ years ago, specializes in keeping websites online and safe from hackers.  That was at least a good confirmation of our suspicion that Chuck was killed.

Here’s a photo of Chuck in my little Kitfox ultralight, preparing to drop some aerial earthpipes on a selected  underground target.  You can see a bunch of them in front of the little instrument panel.  I set a net underneath to hold them.   He and I developed this device 8 years ago by repeatedly modifying and dropping the prototypes from 500′ altitude near our home on Hackney Airfield, Athol, Idaho.  He was an incredible pilot, fun to watch.  I’ve always referred to him as ‘Captain Azti.’  Azti was his username on the forum.  It means, ‘magic’ in Basque.

3 thoughts on “More news about the forum’s servers

  1. dooney

    Thanks Carlos, we’re working hard to bring it back! I just realized that this picture of Chuck was taken at the little airport near where I live. Chuck came over with Don and Carol to celebrate my 50th birthday a few years ago, and Chuck volunteered to fly over a problem area and gift from the air. His effort on that day solved a major energy problem for us and we so appreciated it. It was a fun birthday for me to have generous and caring friends around me. We stayed up late drinking wine, telling stories and sharing techniques. Chuck was not only a computer whiz but he was pretty energy sensitive and was really interested in learning new techniques for using his energy. He will be missed.

  2. Cyclingflinger

    Could gift some very annoying monasteries in the flemish fields this week. Captain Azti you made it chief high above and clear for everyone below to follow! That’s the spirit of a true flying captain! May your journey go as well in the orgonised afterlife as you made us that easy in our present lives, you were “the true red baron”of the aviation aces! Cyclingflinger


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