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You may have seen my previous update about EW and World Without Parasites being hacked. Our webmaster Chuck Tellechea passed away and a few days later both sites went down. Part of this attack is a concerted effort to sabatoge Don and Carol’s business. We’ve been working to get both sites back up and this is the second version of the new EW.

World Without Parasites is now up at www.worldwithoutparasites.com, so Don’s zappers and all of Carol’s excellent orgonite and pendants can be purchased there or at www.crystalinsights.net.

We’re evolving this site from a forum to a multi-author blog site that will link to other blogs of a similar nature. The look and content of this site will continue to change as I have time to work on formatting. Thanks for your patience while we figure all of this out.

Dooney 🙂

2 thoughts on “EW Update

  1. Don Croft

    We’d be dead in the water without Coach Dooney, who has turned a calamity into a boon by creating this website. I’m away from home for a week in the Cascades, Mountains, learning from The Masters how to catch and stay in thermals with my paraglider. The NSA $#!+birds took the opportunity to hack my access to my email account since I left on Sunday (it’s Tuesday afternoon, now). They prevented me from posting here, too, yesterday.
    As orgonite gains recognition among our species the Old Parasite (NSA is one of their favorite saboteur/assassination bureaus) are getting more overt in their suppression efforts but at least we can report it, here. This website is devoted to reaching and empowering the accountable people–you know: the one in a million who make history in a positive way 8-).

  2. Edward

    Im glad they have finally backed off and gave you some breathing room. shoot me an email when you get back home and have time to do it. They have really been hitting my finances hard lately, this is the worst i have ever seen it. Im guessing its the only effective thing they can do to hurt me now since my wife is finally starting to listen about how to protect herself. I was strung out pretty bad trying to keep her space clear and using all my energy to protect her. Now she is starting to take responsibility for it herself and i have been real careful not to eat anything that makes my condition worst. i am feeling much much better now that i have detoxed some.

    It’s really blowing my mind at how many ritual sights im finding being used against me. I don’t want to name them here or in email because i don’t want them to have a heads up and just get a new sight to use.

    Glad to see you are able to post again. God Bless!


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