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Super Cloudbuster Raffle!

Carol has created three super Cloudbusters to raffle. These aren’t just ordinary Cloudbusters! These are three-of-a-kind, special edition, signature series, copper-encased Cloudbusters. Carol has been planning these cloudbusters for several years, after finding a large copper tank that she had Don cut into three cloudbuster containers. Carol says: “We’ve worked… Read more »

Record harvests, cooling temperatures, balanced rainfall, around the globe, third straight year

“They say that genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains,” he remarked with a smile. “It’s a very bad definition, but it does apply to detective work.” Sherlock Holmes, from “A Study in Scarlet”, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1887       June 8, 2017 – 90-degree days… Read more »

Rejoice – We’ve Passed “Peak Technology”

“He took his scribbling pad on his knee and pushed back his chair so as to get as far away from the telescreen as possible. To keep your face expressionless was not difficult, and even your breathing could be controlled, with an effort: but you could not control the beating… Read more »

Smartphone-driven traffic fatalities, continued

In the last post, I showed how the plausible-deniability excuse “speeding” was formulaically used to defray the fact that Smartphones are driving drastic increases in traffic fatalities. In this post, we examine the plausible-deniability excuse of “driving less“, which is also being put forward down through time across a wide… Read more »

Smart-phone-driven traffic fatalities

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Below, you’ll see a wholly-controlled-and-coopted Media aver that “U.S. traffic death increase caused by speeding“, with multiple years’ worth of excuses put forth by fellow-Conspirators across a large geographic area in an attempt to prop up the charade.     June 7, 2014 – Wisconsin – Police Are Issuing Fewer Speeding… Read more »

Marine Life Booming, Burgeoning, Across the Globe, Third Straight Year

“You see but you do not observe. The distinction is clear. For example, you have frequently seen the steps which lead up from the hall to this room.” “Frequently.” “How often?” “Well, some hundreds of times.” “Then how many are there?” “How many? I don’t know.” “Quite so! You have… Read more »

Spiritual Technology

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This is a photo from 2012, showing young Billie Kibiator carrying more orgonite to distribute in notorious Nyamira District in Kenya, where he had already driven out a small army of cannibalistic sorcerers. I think it’s a good illustration for this little article 😉 I’ve been thinking about this in… Read more »

“I never guess. It is a shocking habit — destructive to the logical faculty.”

“I never guess. It is a shocking habit — destructive to the logical faculty.” Sherlock Holmes, from “The Sign of the Four”, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1890         November 17, 2016 – Divorce in U.S. Plunges to 35-Year Low – Bloomberg October 26, 2017 – Does… Read more »

From the Archive: Dark Masters’ Gobi/Africa Connection?

Pulled from the archive by Katherine W – thanks! Dark Masters’ Gobi/Africa Connection? _____________________________ February 2, 2010 Don Croft I got the following personal report from someone who has been reading our chat session reports. The psychics keep seeing the center of the corporate world order’s power in the Gobi… Read more »

From the Archive: Time Tunnels, Montauk & The Tavistock Rat Hole

Pulled from the archive by Katherine W – thanks! Time Tunnels, Montauk & The Tavistock Rat Hole _____________________________ March 23, 2009 Don Croft Lately, the psychics in the chats have been led to experiment with time tunnels. When they look at one of the corporate world order’s agendae they now… Read more »