Evidence of orgonite effects
Orgonite  Water

[You can see Orgonite does something with it's effect on plants and water, as collected here.  For more evidence go to Laozu's page (he is energy sensitive) and read his observations, eg of a cloudbuster, and also his HEAVEN AND EARTH journeys opening up earth vortices.]

[2010 Feb EW] Busting Signal Jamming With Orgonite

Plants [See: Orgonite & gardening/farming]
[2009 Aug] Mid Season Early Results Of Carrot Harvest
Orgonite seed test

Cesco Little Secret Coil
Orgonite Boiling Water....

[March 2005] Harmonic Protector & Terminator testimonial
Orgonite Empirical Research at a Private Military Academy 

[2010 EW] Orgonite Gets Dumped Into Giant Marsh  The water became a cool blue color with NO SLIME! Amazing transformation, I asked many fisherman what's going on with water quality. A lot of them said it's the first time in forever the  lake did not have slime and scum. They were dumbfounded.

[2010 April] Orgonite Gets Dumped Into Giant Marsh

[EW 2008] Ice Plugs From The Pipes Of A CB
[EW jan 2006] Frozen charged water 2 by Cesco
Orgonite Boiling Water....
HHg freezer water confirmation
Ice cube Stalagmite  Aug. 15, 2004

Demon Busting----louis onder
[Aug 2005] Cloudbusters and healing black energy/ley lines

Earth lines
[Aug 2005] Cloudbusters and healing black energy/ley lines

Drought busting
[EW 2009 Aug] The Greening of the Sahara

First weather confirmations
[March 2005 EW] Proof of Successful Drought Busting

Death Towers
[2009 Aug EW] Orgonite V EMF  A retired German man living in Santiago had bought the device so he could make a formal complaint to the telecomunications authority because his wife was very sensitive to the towers and was getting progresively sicker and weaker. He had a very complete log of the radiation spaning about 5 months. Since the towers were busted, his wife regained strength and could be in her balcony without feeling sick and without the need for a copper mesh to shield her from the radiation. He also reported that wild birds came back to the garden, which had left almost completely after the tower´s instalation. He was alot more exited about his wife feeling better and the birds return than from the decreased intesity of the EM field that he measured.

[March 2005] Cell Phone & orgonite Experience
Psychic Attacks Through Mind Towers--Highlander
University Lab Test Confirms Orgone Generators Absorb Microwave Radiation
Empirical confirmations are essential! Here's a good example
[Orgonite psychotronic shelter March 2005] Guess what!!??? I do believe, good news!! --- Robert Dawn

Cbswork talks about HHgs
Reports from Users of the Don Croft Cloudbuster & HHGs

Recent additions
[EW jan 2006] Frozen charged water 2 by Cesco


Frozen water from inside cloudbuster pipes.

Orgonite asparagus