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Miles Mathis Tutorial ;-)


I’ve been recommending Miles Mathis’ research papers to most of the people I correspond with because, like Jeff Miller and Gregg Hallett, he’s writing about an important and timely subject almost entirely alone, for now. For example, Jeff’s the only  living soul who is collecting published evidence  to show that… Read more »

Chris: Orgonite in Zambia and Malawi


It’s my great concern and privilege to see our people in both Zambia and Malawi coming up after adapting to the use of our newly invented orgonite. In fact I was very happy to see the number of orgonite user coming up steadily; in Malawi I had a bigger number… Read more »

Super CB Raffle Cancelled


Carol has decided to cancel the Super CB raffle due to lack of interest. Although some tickets have sold, there haven’t been enough sold to cover Carol’s costs. Perhaps this was an idea before it’s time, or perhaps they are meant for another purpose that is yet to be revealed…. Read more »

Helping the orphans


The orphans which had been within my care are facing some hardship at the moment. Last week when the school reopen on wednesy from the December holiday, they went to school but finally sent back home because of the school fees. I have bought all the required books but still… Read more »