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Non dejavu planet


Egret is lovely bird from the family of the Haron. Alas the anagram is to regret which is number 86, anyway it aso correspond to honey and to walk. That… Read more »

Sky photos memory


When the EW forum was traumatically destroyed and the life Chuck sacriiced, was June year, one year later in 2018 another EW orgonite gifter has been sacriiced. Text and and… Read more »

Mission in Migori


The works which we have done on the mountains has made all our places to recover because of the sufficient rainfall that we have now. All the crops  which  our … Read more »

Orgonite revenges


Tiger heart and Lion calf. It’s al good food to, this is the seasons of butterflies and egg plant. First about the term REVENGES, it has force and it is… Read more »

Please boost my country, Brasil.


Since last Monday (May 21th) a massive truck driver strike throughout the country has completely stopped the supply chain in Brasil. They block roads and prevent cargo transport, in protest… Read more »

74 years ago 05.25.1944


Resurface the word group and the word rebellion. I found and interesting history website, it is a group of researchers of fallen WWII airplanes in the area of Piaccenza Italy. … Read more »