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Spiritual Technology

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This is a photo from 2012, showing young Billie Kibiator carrying more orgonite to distribute in notorious Nyamira District in Kenya, where he had already driven out a small army of cannibalistic sorcerers. I think it’s a good illustration for this little article 😉 I’ve been thinking about this in… Read more »

Boosting genocide

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In the chat today (Edu’s chat), in an effort to help the kikundi we ended up boosting the Rwandan genocide. I feel a massive amount of energy and souls were released. I certainly feel better. These atrocities are no doubt big energy sources for the evil-doers, anyone who feel like… Read more »

From the Archive: Typical kind of murder attempt on Carol

———————————– Don Croft Sun 30 Apr, 2006 Don Croft–official ‘Enemy of the State’ ———————————– I made the grade a few weeks ago, apparently. For the past five years the feds have tried to murder Carol and I more times than we care to count and for a couple of those… Read more »

Lillian in Jail

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Right now Lillian is still in Jail in Yemen due to the fine that she encountered for failing to alert or report  to the police the lose of her documents in Yemen. They wanted $1500 and Lillian’s family have raised $600 so we still need $900 for Lillian to come… Read more »