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Lydiane with QuebecOrgone Interview


Recently, Lydiane with Quebecorgone was a guest on In Other News, a great opportunity to continue amplifying the voices of etheric warriors. I have a succor punch made by Lydiane.  At the time, I had moved to a new neighborhood and had some opportunities to put it to the test. The results were impressive. The… Read more »

Matthew Clement Lost in China


For new readers: Gare Clement is one of the most prolific orgonite flingers on the planet and has worked extensively on two continents, starting in 2001. Yesterday, he told me that his son, Matthew, hasn’t been heard from since he entered China and was  waiting for a connecting flight in… Read more »

Free!! Mrs O released from prison


Update 4/13/2018 Mrs Odondi was released today. It is with great joy and gratitude that we can announce that Mrs. O is finally free.  Thanks to everyone who supported this effort.  Details pending. Update: 4/4/2018 Mrs O not released despite promises Over the Easter Weekend, Mrs. Odondi’s fine was lowered… Read more »

FaCIAbook censorship incidents


Dirk wrote a beautiful article about how to recognize and counter psychic assaults on the Etheric Warriors faCIAbook blogsite and when Gare Clement attempted to post that article in another faCIAbook blogsite it was censored.   I think it’s a good idea to post about such incidents in this thread from… Read more »

Our First Chopper Visit Since 2003!


Carol, Dooney & our local friends, Lynn and Deralee, recently spent a weekend building three customized orgonite cloudbusters in our hangar.  A few years ago, when Carol and I were getting metal from a recycler, she saw a 10″ diameter copper tube and got pretty excited about using it for… Read more »