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Just a hunch, Friday 13 April airborne thing going on? Air France has a commercial girls dressed in white on swingers, ad seen before don’t remember what fatality happened then in history. This viedeo could be banned, no no no? No no they are only joking  

From the Archive: Dark Masters’ Gobi/Africa Connection?


Pulled from the archive by Katherine W – thanks! Dark Masters’ Gobi/Africa Connection? _____________________________ February 2, 2010 Don Croft I got the following personal report from someone who has been reading our chat session reports. The psychics keep seeing the center of the corporate world order’s power in the Gobi… Read more »

We used to post more psychic intel…


On July 3, 2002, we held our first ¬†online chat session because DB contacted Carol and I, frantic about what he perceived was a plan to detonate a dirty nuke near Chicago’s very crowded waterfront during the annual fireworks display. ¬† Carol also got a sense that this was in… Read more »