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The gifting of the capital city of Brasília


by Edu, former EW Forum poster It all starts with a prayer. Please god place me were it needs. Them out of the blue came the opportunity to travel to Brasília, our country capital for watching the presidential inauguration with most expenses paid. Divinity really empowers those who are willingly… Read more »

Flying Dolphin 2002


Rick Moors of Santa Monica was probably the first to put orgonite in the sea in Los Angeles and the immediate confirmation was pretty astonishing. The original report on a CIA-‘sponsored’ orgonite forum (there were three of those in succession before we wised up and set up our own forum… Read more »

More Dolphin/Orgonite stories


From the archives… Posted October 14, 2016 by Don Croft [Doug in NZ has been kindly helping me batter down some NSA hacker barriers by CCing and forwarding emails between me and some other targeted individuals and when I had asked him whether he was the fellow on the South… Read more »

New report from Montreal


Another report from the archives. Lydiane is at ~ Dooney Posted on December 30, 2016 by Lydiane Hello hello hello world and all of it! Yes even whoever is after me right now. Typical, typical little schemy scummy sewer rats. Two days ago I went for a ”visit” at… Read more »

Reports from an anonymous flinger


WARNING:  THIS IS A VERY LONG POST!! 🙂 Thanks to a kind reader I found some posts from the EW forum on so I copied a couple of gifting reports to get us started. This is a long series of posts from this spring that really illustrate a wonderful… Read more »