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Lydiane with QuebecOrgone Interview


Recently, Lydiane with Quebecorgone was a guest on In Other News, a great opportunity to continue amplifying the voices of etheric warriors. I have a succor punch made by Lydiane.  At the time, I had moved to a new neighborhood and had some opportunities to put it to the test. The results were impressive. The… Read more »

Boosting tip


Here’s an idea worth trying out when dealing with attackers: Boost money. I was wondering how to deal with waking up after another nightly attack. And out of nowhere the eye and the pyramid on the one dollar bill appeared in my mind. So I boosted through the eye on… Read more »

Etheric Defense Mandate


Doc Batiibwe and I did some pretty exciting and risky gifting together in Uganda’s war zone, which I reported in my journal entries at the time (2003).  He was the first Black African to build an orgonite cloudbuster and was in close touch with several pioneers in the healing trade,… Read more »