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Chris: The Gifting plan of 2018


  The last year had been a very tough year to the Kikundi and more so, on our determination to see our people and our areas to be secured. We had for sure undergone several arrests, eviction among other calamities like sickness which affected the lives of our comrades like… Read more »

Billy (Mrs.O’s son) arrested


Posting this on behalf of Mrs.O (Atieno Odondi): Yesterday I got message  My son called Billy upon gifting on the towers in one of our towns called Voi. In fact he was picked by a plain cloth police official. They want of $320 In fact he is been charged so… Read more »

Bilo orgonite for Lilian’s freedom


Sadly Lilian is still in jail. Please help her freedom by purchasing Bilo orgonite. From the pictures Dancan has sent me, I’ve been able to make some edits so it’ll be easier to select the different handpainted motives. Dancan is eventually going to help me with individual photos and the… Read more »



River Nile is the longest river in the world, having its sources from L. Victoria, which is the second biggest fresh water lake in the world, and pouring its waters in to the Mediterranean sea. It passes through Uganda, Southern Sudan, Sudan and finally Egypt. I have done a lot… Read more »

Lilian from Uganda is Having Difficulty in Yemen


Let’s send her boosts for now but she’s been distributing orgonite, there, and aggressive hacking has prevented her from reaching the rest of the kikundi, who may not know that she’s abroad.   You can email her at I found out because Rita in Uganda, who is Dr Paul Batiibwe’s sister,… Read more »

Chris: Gifting in Muhuru Bay and Migingo and Ugingo


Today me Dancan together with Nicholas we did a thorough gifting in Lake Victoria and more so on the Muhuru Bay towards Migingo Islands. For the purpose of political instability of both our countries Uganda and Kenya we thought it wise to gift along the borders. We managed to visit… Read more »

Dancan Adding purity to Nyamgongo Swamp in Butsotso


Nyamgongo swamp is found in Butsotso area within Kakamega county of Western Kenya. The swamp was dug by the Srilankans in aid of the local residents  to solve the problem of water shortage. It was launched in 1952 and completed in 1958. The swamp is the source of the people’s… Read more »

Please Buy Bilo Whenever our Comrades are Jailed


I think that one reason the enemy keep arresting our cohorts in East Africa is because they expect to win a sort of war of attrition against them.  This started in 2009, right after the Kikundi had their initial commercial success after five years of giving a vast number of… Read more »