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Gifting Duk Padiet in Jonglei, Southern Sudan by Christine

Duk is a county in Jonglei State, Southern Sudan, and was divided into three counties, Duk Padiet, Duk Payuel and Duk Panyang.The people living around this place are very poor and most of them are dependent on subsistence agriculture. They keep indigenous cattle for milk, meet and blood. They also… Read more »

Ibrahim jailed

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Right now our Ethiopian pioneer named Ibrahim is now serving in Ethiopian jail for gifting around, but we still swear that no amount of intimidation and threats  will make us decamp or let go our ambition of serving our people and the environment through gifting. In fact Ibrahim was arrested… Read more »


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Kadem is a region within that is seriously experiencing drought climatic condition. The area is hot and dry and rainfall had been rare. The people around this place are mostly peasant farmers. They grow crops for food and keep indigenous cattle for meat and milk. They also use bulls to… Read more »



                                                               Kenya as a country has suffered a lot of setbacks especially when it comes to the electioneering periods. This has been a problem generated by the neocolonialism in African countries. After independence, the then African leaders who purported to have struggled for the same, took over leadership and instead… Read more »