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Credo Muttwa’s Priceless Knowledge


I’ll get around to adding a link to his autobiobraphy¬† as soon as someone who is computerate is available to help me get past the NSA bridge trolls who manage to stand in the way of most of my puny internet efforts ūüėČ . Carlos will be here from Portugal… Read more »

Free!! Mrs O released from prison


Update 4/13/2018 Mrs Odondi was released today. It is with great joy and gratitude that we can announce that Mrs. O is finally free.¬† Thanks to everyone who supported this effort.¬† Details pending. Update: 4/4/2018 Mrs O not released despite promises Over the Easter Weekend, Mrs. Odondi’s fine was lowered… Read more »

Mrs Odondi’s Arrest in Kisumu


Mrs O took a box of orgonite to the post office, yesterday, to mail to Eliud, who is gifting on the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania. A secret police officer arrested her for that and she’s in jail, now. I’ve advised the kikundi that they’re likely being surveilled around the… Read more »

Chris: Orgonite in Zambia and Malawi


It‚Äôs my great concern and privilege to see our people in both Zambia and Malawi coming up after adapting to the use of our newly invented orgonite. In fact I was very happy to see the number of orgonite user coming up steadily; in Malawi I had a bigger number… Read more » launched


Announcing the website for the East Africans and their Bilo orgonite. Here you will view the different selections available. I have not set up direct ordering yet, but Dancan can be contacted through the website, and he uses Paypal. Thank you.

The current status of Kisumu in New areas


¬† The current status of the our areas in ¬†Kisumu and some of other new areas¬† are ¬†not all that stable in¬† the sense that all the dry areas which we had reclaimed previously by constant gifting have started to experience the same problems which¬† they had before. From late… Read more »

Bilo orgonite


The website I’m setting up for the kikundi was delayed a bit, but I’ve resumed the work. Meanwhile here is a listing of many of their Bilo orgonite products that they offer. Email: (The ones at $40 are the size of mini-towerbusters. Will send back etheric attacks very effectively,… Read more »

Helping the orphans


The orphans which had been within my care are facing some hardship at the moment. Last week when the school reopen on wednesy from the December holiday, they went to school but finally sent back home because of the school fees. I have bought all the required books but still… Read more »