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Chris: Orgonite in Zambia and Malawi


It’s my great concern and privilege to see our people in both Zambia and Malawi coming up after adapting to the use of our newly invented orgonite. In fact I was very happy to see the number of orgonite user coming up steadily; in Malawi I had a bigger number… Read more »

Helping the orphans


The orphans which had been within my care are facing some hardship at the moment. Last week when the school reopen on wednesy from the December holiday, they went to school but finally sent back home because of the school fees. I have bought all the required books but still… Read more »

Chris: The Gifting plan of 2018


  The last year had been a very tough year to the Kikundi and more so, on our determination to see our people and our areas to be secured. We had for sure undergone several arrests, eviction among other calamities like sickness which affected the lives of our comrades like… Read more »

Guch Southern Sudan: Gifting dry places


My major interested is to see our once devastated areas in our country southern Sudan to be  properly gifted for the climate change. In  fact for many years Southern Sudan  had been known as a very dry place whose economy is railing behind despite her    rich in oil production.  For … Read more »

Christine: Gifting in Juba Southern Sudan


  For a very long time I have been experiencing a lot of difficulties in my places of living just because of some frequent civil wars in our country. For now most of the areas around rive Nile where I had centered most of my days in gifting mission is… Read more »

Chris: Visiting Lake Victoria


Tomorrow i want to go back and visit some of our farmers around Lake Victoria. Since we embark on supplying them with the our good and less expensive  mbolea ( orgonite) , in fact  crop production  has gone so high and right now even  the famine which had been so… Read more »

Christine: Gifting in Juba


We are seeing greater improvement after out tiresome work in Juba Southern Sudan. W e are supplying the business men  with  the Buo orgonite. In  fact we are selling  to them, right now quite a number of shop owners are taking the bilo from  us for protection purpose. If  they… Read more »

Chris: Progress in the Lake Victoria


    It becomes amazing and perplexing to me to see the kind of frustration that our fishermen are facing in Lake Victoria in the hands of our neighboring police from Uganda due to scrambling of the control of Lake Victoria because of the increase of fish production.  Through my… Read more »