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Early spring earth pipe gifting


This week I started the year’s gifting works, which is a continued effort of planting more earth pipes in the ground. I had an ongoing thread in the old forum, which was geared to inspire more earth pipe gifting. Granted, the hard evidence is scarce, but really there is so… Read more » launched


Announcing the website for the East Africans and their Bilo orgonite. Here you will view the different selections available. I have not set up direct ordering yet, but Dancan can be contacted through the website, and he uses Paypal. Thank you.

Bilo orgonite


The website I’m setting up for the kikundi was delayed a bit, but I’ve resumed the work. Meanwhile here is a listing of many of their Bilo orgonite products that they offer. Email: (The ones at $40 are the size of mini-towerbusters. Will send back etheric attacks very effectively,… Read more »

Boosting tip


Here’s an idea worth trying out when dealing with attackers: Boost money. I was wondering how to deal with waking up after another nightly attack. And out of nowhere the eye and the pyramid on the one dollar bill appeared in my mind. So I boosted through the eye on… Read more »

Billy (Mrs.O’s son) arrested


Posting this on behalf of Mrs.O (Atieno Odondi): Yesterday I got messageĀ  My son called Billy upon gifting on the towers in one of our towns called Voi. In fact he was picked by a plain cloth police official. They want of $320 In fact he is been charged so… Read more »

Boosting genocide


In the chat today (Edu’s chat), in an effort to help the kikundi we ended up boosting the Rwandan genocide. I feel a massive amount of energy and souls were released. I certainly feel better. These atrocities are no doubt big energy sources for the evil-doers, anyone who feel like… Read more »

Bilo orgonite for Lilian’s freedom


Sadly Lilian is still in jail. Please help her freedom by purchasing Bilo orgonite. From the pictures Dancan has sent me, I’ve been able to make some edits so it’ll be easier to select the different handpainted motives. Dancan is eventually going to help me with individual photos and the… Read more »