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From the Archive: Gifting Mt. Greylock & Bald Mountain

Posted by HappyButterfly March 11, 2017 Hello, we recently ended a break we took from gifting. In that year we experienced heavy drought and lack of rainfall. In January Nena and I hiked up Mount Greylock, the tallest mountain in the western area of Massachusetts. It was a very insightful… Read more »

Guest Posting glitch

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EW was down yesterday due to our web host being unhappy with the guest posting form I used. I don’t know why they chose to just shut the site down without notification, but there you have it. They also took down World Without Parasites even though the form didn’t affect… Read more »

From the Archive: Haarpicane Sandy

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Another one from Katherine….thanks! *************************************** For new people who don’t know all the work that’s been done already and how to use orgonite to fight these things. 🙂 _______________________________________________ Marco 10/29/2012 Hey All, Hurricane Sandy is fast bearing down on the NJ/NY area – in fact, at this point, it… Read more »

From The Archive: Going after A.I.

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Thanks to reader Katherine W. for pulling this thread from the old EW forum and sending it to me for posting (long post): Going After Google/NSA’s A.I. Golems | Specific Targets | Forum Don 9/20/2015 There have been a lot of movies and TV shows about artificial intelligence, lately–have you… Read more »

Can Cloud Busters defeat hurricanes, tornadoes and wild fires?

This is a question from alert reader D.S.: Dear Dooney, I have read your website and that of Don and Carol Crofts. All of you have used the Cloud Buster orgonite devices to deal with not only chem trails but also heavy weather. How effective are these devices in combating… Read more »

What’s the importance of crystals in orgonite?

Posted 12-5-13 by Don Croft There’s a boatload of disinformation and misinformation about the function of crystals in our orgonite.  Most of that seems to be designed to cause the less discerning to assume that simple orgonite is no good.  This effectively stops them from making and tossing orgonite in… Read more »

You can help EW!

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This is a general call for posts to get EW re-populated with information about orgonite. My efforts to retrieve a recent backup are not working (no surprise there) but Francisco is working on getting data from a backup from last year. You’ll be happy to know that with our new… Read more »