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Italy’s Orgonite Forum


– I was really happy to find Andrea’s (Andrew’s) terrific forum because it’s work-oriented, like ours has always been, and that’s a rarity, especially in the unorganized orgonite movement. We’ve been corresponding quite a lot and I always enjoy his observations and insights. Thanks to the NSA’s we… Read more »

Mrs Odondi’s Arrest in Kisumu


Mrs O took a box of orgonite to the post office, yesterday, to mail to Eliud, who is gifting on the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania. A secret police officer arrested her for that and she’s in jail, now. I’ve advised the kikundi that they’re likely being surveilled around the… Read more »

Dooney’s Here


The Coach ( , who is also our webmaster & recreated EW last summer, is visiting us & schooled me some more on the dynamics of a blog site. She also made it possible for me to blog from my phone.  This post is a little test drive. I might… Read more »

FaCIAbook censorship incidents


Dirk wrote a beautiful article about how to recognize and counter psychic assaults on the Etheric Warriors faCIAbook blogsite and when Gare Clement attempted to post that article in another faCIAbook blogsite it was censored.   I think it’s a good idea to post about such incidents in this thread from… Read more »