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How orgonite changed my life for the better

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This is from memory and is my story of how i poured up my 1st batch of 3oz TB’s and my 1st HHG and the drastic changes in our environment, attitudes, and living conditions. I originally saw Don and Carol’s website about orgonite roughly 9.5-10 years ago(I’m writing this on… Read more »

Some Historically Significant, Restored Postings

Several people have kindly and generously provided some newsworthy past reports from before the NSA murdered our beloved webmaster and destroyed our forum in July, 2017 but with the new blog setup they can’t start their own threads so I’m making this new thread and category to enable anyone to… Read more »

Voice Recording by Dr Reich, 1952

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Dirk in The Netherlands and I have a long-running discussion about Dr Reich and his work.  He sent me this link: Since the work that we’re all doing is mainly based on his accomplishments I have a deep curiosity about his life. Strangely, when Carol and I took our first… Read more »

Lilian from Uganda is Having Difficulty in Yemen

Let’s send her boosts for now but she’s been distributing orgonite, there, and aggressive hacking has prevented her from reaching the rest of the kikundi, who may not know that she’s abroad.   You can email her at I found out because Rita in Uganda, who is Dr Paul Batiibwe’s sister,… Read more »

I Feel So Relieved!

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Francisco Garcia Subirachs of, my ‘comrade in handcuffs,’ has finally escaped from the island of Menorca, where the corporate gestapo just about had a noose around his neck, and has relocated in Catalonia, his homeland.  For a long time, it has felt like our fortunes (Carol and I) are… Read more »

The Most Prolific Bicycle Gifter on the Planet?

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Charles in Belgium has been flipping death towers strategically for several years and has a very good sense for which ‘cultural’ sites also need orgonite in order to undermine the ancient corporate order some more.  I recently told him that I envy Europeans for having such a rich collection of… Read more »