Please boost Mathew!


Please boost Mathew! Mathew was kidnapped by the REGINA GENERAL HOSPITAL PHY WARD last friday. He had gone to the PASQUA HOSPITAL with a soar leg, THEY lied telling that it was a possible blood clot that needed testing on and instead THEY transferred Him to the PSYCHIATRIC WARD! DOCTOR EISA is the one responsible for this along with HIS BOSSES.

Have no doubt this has been done in a desperate attempt .to delay the pouring of a fresh drum. Mathew has always been a great help for many years to free My time up for pouring. Please boost Mathew and DOCTOR EISA and SUPERIORS.  The sooner that Mathew can be released out if the clutches of these SERIAL KILLERS the sooner We can get on with what is to be done to improve everything for everyOne except THEM, have a feeling we’re about to cross a new threshold in Gifting 😉

6 thoughts on “Please boost Mathew!

  1. Don Croft

    Thanks for letting us know, Gare. So this is the third time this month that the sewer rat agencies have tried to stop you:

    1) Their attempt to deny your right to do business
    2) Matthew’s travail in China
    3) His incarceration in the psych gulag.

    My first attempt to post this was hacked. I’m relieved to see that you successfully posted, though.

  2. Gare Clement Post author

    Thank You Don, Frode and everyOne who reads EthericWarriors.
    This boosting request was posted lastnight before bed and I received a call from DOCTOR EISA at 10 am this morning saying Mathew will be released asap ;-).

    Mathew has been in good spirits all day which just goes to show the power of boosting. THEY could not wait to be rid of Mathew soon as I called for boosting assistance :-). Please send Mathew a boost whenever You think of Him, boosting is so powerful!

    Thank You All 🙂

  3. Don Croft

    We started doing this ‘remote’ group work on July 3, 2002 and have had a phenomenal success rate over the years.

    Thanks for the quick feedback, Gare, because we gauge our success on observable results. The science aspect is something that the Church of Settled Science stridently denies, which to me is sort of like denying gravity or the color, blue. 😎

    I don’t feel a need to know how it all works but many of us have tremendous confidence in it, based on consistent results over the years.

  4. silvio nocerino

    Gare, maybe the pharma cartel is involved in this situation too, they lose argeant wherever there are the benefits of healtier environment due to orgonite. I would be interested what medicines they have given or planned to give to Matthews. The issues of malefic antennas is also present.

    Best wishes for your gifting, perhaps knowing you overgifting.



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