Orgonite in Kochia Homa Bay County

Our gifting  in Kochia  Homa Bay  county  had been   good  despite  the  heavy rainfall  which  has  resulted to severe  flood  and  lose  of  property among  other  resources. Despite  the   havoc caused  by the  flood  we  can  at the  same time realized  a good  success in  the  sense  that  the  crops  in areas  with  good  terrains  will  prosper. Areas with a continuous flood which plant rice will also succeed. All  these  brings  to my knowledge  that  the  whole areas  of  Kochia  in  Homa  Bay County will  do well.

Tomorrow  I will  proceed with my  mission to Awach river which  also  had  been a water  source within that  area. In fact if  we  can  gift  this moving water well the  water  will  finally  help us  in transporting  the  orgonite  even  to the un-reached  places and thus  make  the  work easier  and  sufficient.



1 thought on “Orgonite in Kochia Homa Bay County

  1. Jeff Miller

    Hi, Winnie – your post, just like another from one of your compatriots a week or so ago, is pressing the “orgonite causes flooding” meme. “has resulted to severe flood and lose of property”…”havoc caused by the flood”

    I called attention to it there and I’m calling attention to it here.

    I’m sure it was completely unintentional in your case, as it was in your compatriot’s.

    Across the globe, rainfall levels are becoming bountiful once again, and we’re seeing revived ecosystems, booming agricultural production, and general vitality. Sometimes, flooding occurs, as it has throughout history. In controlled press accounts about bountiful rainfall, the negative is always stressed, and I didn’t want anyone to confuse your post or your compatriots as taking the same tack.


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